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Liberals and the mainstream media want to continually downplay evidence of voter fraud during the 2020 presidential election. Even with no factual proof to support their contention that the election was authentic, this tiresome narrative keeps revolving in circles.

However, the amount of evidence exposing outright cheating and corruption continues to swell. Another illustration of this widespread cheating has emerged in a new video. The Montgomery County, Pennsylvania Republican Committee released these startling images of cheaters.

One video showed more than 100 different people dropping multiple ballots into ballot boxes. These bizarre events happened within a few short hours. Logically, there are more, maybe many more, suspiciously similar drops.

Another video clip shows a person stuffing at least six ballots all at once. Millions of Americans believe Joe Biden had to cheat to defeat President Trump. They’re correct. Biden did cheat. The farther we get from Tuesday, November 3, 2020, the clearer this fact becomes.

The left has put up one roadblock after another to try to hide the truth. However, vigilante conservative groups and Republican lawmakers will not give up. New evidence seems to surface virtually every day.

Much of it is conclusive visual evidence, such as the videos from Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. There have been hundreds of similar illustrations of blatant cheating. It proves one obvious fact about why drop boxes are always a rallying cry by the liberal left.

Every time a piece of legislation surfaces that protects the integrity of these vote-drop locations, they scream discrimination, racism, or some other bogus claim. Why are they so concerned with this single aspect of voting?

There is a reason they want unbridled access to unsupervised ballot boxes. It’s the same reason liberals keep screaming that a request for voter authentication is voter suppression. If ballot boxes had legal safeguards in place to prevent fraud, liberals could not cheat.

If an ID is required to vote, both online and in-person, it will help to dramatically reduce the ability to cheat in an election. These two principles are essential to safeguarding the integrity of elections. But liberals do not want them. The answer is actually quite clear.

Laws and policies that prevent voter fraud restrict liberals’ ability to cheat. Their policies do not work. The candidates that run, especially in heavily conservative regions, have little or no chance of winning. They must cheat. Liberals will not be able to win in any other way.

That’s why they want to eliminate voter ID requirements and fill the landscape with unsupervised ballot boxes. It’ll allow them to cheat even more. Democrats will never lose if we allow this to happen. Thankfully, many lawmakers see through their charade.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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