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Brian Stelter hates conservatives. The words that come out of his arrogant mouth prove this. Disagreeing with or even abhorring a particular political ideology is Stelter’s constitutional right. Furthermore, he works for the blatantly liberal biased king of fake news, CNN.

Hating the opposition party and adhering to the corrupt mainstream media narrative is his job. If job performance were the only judge of Stelter’s personal worth, he’d have to be considered good at his job. But he’s not.

Brian Stelter twists and exaggerates reality as much as any cable news pundit. He’s a masterful liar. However, sometimes common sense and correctness win. Stelter and his CNN cronies are always trying to paint FOX News as the bad guy.

That’s always the liberal strategy. First, you have nothing but a host of abysmal political figures you’re trying to support, each with equally atrocious policies. But you have to find something to fill 24 hours of garbage time on your flailing network.

So, in an attempt to deflect how completely out of touch with reality you are, you target the single source of news that consistently tells the truth. However, sometimes these deceitful strategies turn back around and bite you in the backside.

This is what happened to CNN’s prized “Eunuch.” Stelter brought a pair of researchers from the University of California, Berkeley on a recent show. Logically, Stelter and his CNN staff assumed these two talking heads would just roll over and chant like obedient little liberals.

Well, to Stelter’s surprise, they didn’t. Both of the Cal Berkeley researchers agreed with Stelter that FOX News coverage leans conservative. But they didn’t stop the critique there. They also bemoaned CNN as the radical polar opposite. This was not what Stelter was expecting.

He anticipated that his couple of choir boys would sing the tune his loony liberal mind chants incessantly. FOX News is the bad guy, and we are not. But the two Cal Berkeley experts did not. In fact, their opinions knocked Stelter and his liberal CNN buffoons for a loop.

Again, these were two clearly liberal-leaning college-based minds, who CNN’s Humpty Dumpty called experts. They further clarified their analysis. “I would argue that Fox News has two sides of the network; one side being journalism/news, and the other being political opinion.”

One researcher explained this reference in detail. “The opinion guys at Fox are not billed as journalists. In fact, many of them would be insulted if they were. On the flip side, most on-air people with a show at CNN, who are billed as news anchors, come off like they are spewing their own personal, politically-biased opinions.”

The look on Stelter’s plump face told the whole story. It’s a wonder he didn’t turn fire engine red with anger. Two liberal college researchers, who we’re certain Stelter assumed were going to bash FOX News, blew up in his face. Oddly enough, this happens repeatedly with Stelter.

FOX News’ Tucker Carlson must have rolled on the floor in laughter watching this segment. Carlson refers to Stelter as the “Eunuch, Ana Navarro, a Ubiquitous Windbag.” That pretty much sums up one of former CNN President Jeff Zucker’s old stable of coffee boys.

Brian Stelter and the vast majority of CNN liberal puppets are a waste of air time. This is becoming more apparent with each drop in the network’s viewer ratings. They are not journalists. They’re sounding boards for the radically progressive, liberal wing of our government.

Most people understand that in the U.S., this is permissible. CNN has the right to broadcast whatever they want, using whomever they choose as anchors. However, stop telling America that you’re an unbiased news agency. You are not. Funny, CNN’s own hired experts called it like it is.

The king of fake news is nothing but a collection of windbag liberal buffoons masquerading as journalists. It’s just so refreshing to watch them bust themselves. Thanks, Eunuch. You should be crowned the “king of news comedy” because you’re a joke.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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