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The jury is now in. John Durham is just another Deep State POS. Fox Business News’ Maria Bartiromo is reporting that Durham’s report will not be handed over until after the election.

If Biden wins the election, everyone walks scot-free. This is not about fairness. This is about cover-up.

But if you look back. No information negative to Trump was withheld just prior to the 2016 election. In 2018, Mueller had determined that neither Trump nor anyone in his campaign colluded with Russia. Yet, he withheld that information until after the 2018 election. No, this is about making sure Democrats don’t pay for their crimes.

Our only hope now is if President Trump wins reelection. If he doesn’t, James Comey, John Brennan and James Clapper will avoid prison. And Trump’s reelection only works if Barr fires Durham and replaces right after the election.

Otherwise, he will find another way to cover for their crimes. But if Biden wins, everyone gets fired and all evidence will conveniently disappear.

According to Bartiromo, a debate has begun within the Department of Justice as the timing of John Durham’s criminal investigation conclusion. Sources say at this point it would appear politically motivated. The Democrats didn’t care in 2016 or 2018. They were plenty politically motivated. However, that was when the tables were turned.

From realclearpolitics

FOX News Channel host Maria Bartiromo said that her sources are now saying that they no longer expect U.S. Attorney John Durham to release a report on possible wrongdoing in the intelligence community during the 2016 election before the 2020 election.

“It is unlikely that we will get a John Durham interim report or any indictments before the election. Now, just 37 days away, a debate has begun within the Department of Justice, as the timing of John Durham’s criminal investigation conclusions. I’m being told by sources it is now too close to the election and could be seen as politically motivated,” Bartiromo said on “Sunday Morning Futures.”

She maintains that the investigation is “significant” and again insists that the Clinton Foundation is under investigation.

“Again, I believe based on my conversations with sources it is unlikely you’ll hear any conclusions by John Durham by Nov. 3,” she repeated.


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