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The Christian world, especially Catholics worldwide, received very disparaging news. Newsmax has released a story that indicates Pope Francis is dying. Pope Francis is not regarded as one of the more popular Popes in the Catholic Church’s history.

Reporter John Gizzi broke the story. Gizzi said that during discussions with one of the most powerful Vatican Cardinals, he was informed that a Conclave is being prepared. A Papal Conclave is an assembly that launches the process for electing a new Pope.

The College of Cardinals elected Pope Francis in 2013. Ironically, Pope Francis replaced Pope Benedict XVI for much the same reason, potentially deteriorating health concerns. At 94-years-of-age, Pope Benedict XVI is still alive.

During his tenure as the Head of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis has voiced exceedingly unpopular stances on what are usually deemed political affairs. He is a vocal advocate insisting that climate change is a man-made global crisis.

Just days away from his 85th birthday, Pope Francis has an odd disdain for free-market societies and especially capitalism. Throughout is nearly eight years as the Pope, Francis has often made odd comments about such highly politicized matters.

In October 2021, Pope Francis met with the liberal pro-abortion, albeit Catholic president, Joe Biden. While the two men met to discuss worldly affairs, protestors against mandated COVID vaccines assembled outside the Vatican.

Nothing was lost on the total irony behind a “pro-COVID vaccine meeting” with a world leader who advocates for killing unborn children. This hypocritical stance on medical freedom of choice should not have been lost on the leader of the predominant Christian church in the world.

The same Catholic Church that purports to be pro-life supports a vaccine that is manufactured using the remains of aborted children. This same church hierarchy contends that God controls the world climate, but man is responsible for messing it up.

According to Biden’s White House team, the two men never discussed abortion. Odd, seeing how such remains one of the most discussed topics in Joe Biden’s America. There was also no mention of any talks about the open border policy being leveled by Biden.

Barely over a month after the 75-minute Papal meeting, had Joe Biden proclaimed an assault on every single pro-life law in the United States. We’re not sure exactly what the Pope could have meant when he supposedly called Joe Biden a “good Catholic”.

However, no one has come forward to dispute the assertion. While the 75-minute session was extraordinarily long compared to previous visits between Popes and presidents, there’s a rumor it was unusually lengthy because Biden had a rather embarrassing accident.

Unannounced potty cleanups notwithstanding, there seemed to be a number of odd topics discussed. One that’s especially worth mention is the U.S. Conference of Bishops deciding to admonish politicians who support abortion. Such a decision would confirm advocating for abortion as a sin.

Consequently, supporting such would make it a violation of church law to take Holy Communion at Mass. However, Pope Francis insisted that Joe Biden should continue receiving communion. This seemed odd in light of Biden’s direction violation of the church edict on abortion.

Maybe it’s time the Catholic Church hierarchy should consider restricting Pope Francis’s ability to receive or administer the Holy Sacrament. It seems a difficult stretch to expect parishioners to abide by church doctrine when its own leaders fail to.

Photo Credit: Catholic Church England and Wales


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