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While doing a livestream video on Friday, former Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) appears to have suffered a stroke or some other medical emergency, sparking a lot of concern from social media users across the spectrum.

Social media instantly expressed shock and concern for the beloved libertarian, who is probably one of the most sincerely honest voices in American politics.

A livestream video shows Ron Paul having a stroke.  Paul is an American author, physician, retired politician, and presidential candidate who served as the US Representative for Texas’s 22nd Congressional District from 1976 to 1977 and again from 1979 to 1985, and for Texas’s 14th congressional district from 1997 to 2013.

Ron Paul is seen suffering from what appeared like a critical medical emergency.  The media has yet to receive any form of confirmation concerning the Congressman’s status from the former congressman’s staff. Notably, his son, Rand Paul, is currently serving as the junior Senator from Kentucky. The incident was brought to the media’s attention as a result of a vast number of tweets being posted concerning Ron Paul’s condition. There is no confirmation yet on Paul’s condition from his staff.

It happened just after 12 pm ET on Friday when Paul, 85, was talking about the economy on his YouTube channel. His speech became slurred and you can see he was visibly fighting to speak. He appeared that he knew something was wrong, but he didn’t realize just what it was. The live video was cut and suddenly ended.

Paul has recently stepped up his message that we have to get our fiscal house in order, before a coming financial calamity hits.


Paul was continually reelected because his record was one that showed he said what he meant and he meant what he said.  He was a libertarian who believe in fiscal responsibility and our Constitutional republic.  Paul has always been skeptical of the federal government and its fiscal policies no matter which party was in charge.

The Texas congressman wrote a book titled, “End the Fed” where he talked about getting off the Federal Reserve system and going back to the gold standard.  He always spoke of how dangerous the Federal Reserve system is and how it breeds debt, because it allows our politicians to create money out of thin air, which causes inflation and takes away your spending power.

Paul also fought against the so-called military-industrial complex, the war on drugs, and the ongoing war on terror.  In short, Ron Paul was a hawk on fiscal responsibility through government, and he would point out where potential problems would arise because politicians made bad decisions fiscally.

After his 2008 presidential bid, Paul announced in July 2011 that he would not seek another term in Congress and focus instead on his 2012 bid for the White House. After performing strongly once again, Paul refused to endorse the Republican nominations of John McCain and Mitt Romney during their respective 2008 and 2012 campaigns, and on May 14, 2012, Paul announced that he would not run in anymore presidential primaries but that he would nonetheless compete for delegates in states where the primary elections had already been held.

Paul’s ardent supporters helped him win the second highest tallies for delegates during both the 2008 and 2012 Republican National Conventions, behind McCain and Romney respectively.  In January 2013, Paul retired from Congress, although he continued to speak at colleges and work on his “Liberty Report” program.



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