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Just a little while ago, I received a notification on my phone from Fox News that said that Biden’s FBI did indeed find some classified documents at President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate following the raid that took place on Monday.

When it was revealed that President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence was the location of confidential materials discovered by Biden’s FBI during the raid that happened last week, I got a notice on my phone.

Democrats are thrilled, but we don’t yet know the specifics of the discovery. We will learn a lot more about the case once we get the specifics of what the documents were.

According to one of the rumors, some of the documents had to do with nuclear weapons. I have no idea if that is true, but that would surprise me. I just can’t make sense of why it would be important for President Trump to have those sorts of documents. He’s a smart man though so if he did have them, maybe there was a good reason for it.

According to the New York Post,

The FBI recovered 11 sets of classified documents — including some marked top secret and only meant to be available in special government facilities — from former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate following its raid earlier this week, according to a new report.

The Wall Street Journal, citing a leaked inventory of what was taken from the Palm Beach resort, reported that agents removed around 20 boxes as well as a handwritten note, binders of photos, and Trump’s clemency grant to his longtime adviser Roger Stone.

Among the classified materials collected were four sets of top secret documents, three sets of secret documents and three of confidential documents, according to the three-page list. Top Secret is the highest level of classification the US government can give information, followed by secret and confidential.

So, what comes to mind when you hear this news? I thought of two things instantly. The first one is that this is going to prevent him from being elected in 2024, it might even stop him from running in 2024 altogether.

The second thing I thought about was Hillary Clinton. She was found to have not only possessed classified documents, but tried to destroy them after she was caught. If she can get away with it, maybe he can, too. The only thing that’s different is that the government was on her side and they’re against President Trump.

One thing to remember is that in order for someone to get in trouble for this, they have to prove that someone intentionally removed the documents from the White House knowing that they were classified.


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  • The classification authority was President Trump. He coordinated with government intelligence agencies to determine which documents should be declassified and then did so. FBI is rife with crooks.

    • Robert Müeller, Jim Comey, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Rob Rosenstein, and Andrew McCabe have ushered in the new level of competency, integrity, honesty, transparency and trust to the FBI. Have they lost Hunter’s laptop yet?

    • Since the 8 years of bo’s treason & violating 78 U.S. Laws, along with defying the U.S. Constitution proves that there is insurrection with dem’s conspiring to be dictators ! There is no doubt dem’s vote fraud treason put biden, bo illegal 3rd term into power !

  • BUT , how do we know that the FBI did not PLANT documents in what they took since they bypassed Trump’s attorney for one thing and second , If such documents were found Trump could have declassified them before Jan 20th. making them perfectly legal for him to possess . The FBI had been there just a few weeks prior to this raid.
    Something smells fishy with this whole deal against President Trump.
    The Bush’s, the Clinton’s, and Obama all took documents home too , and Hillary was never a President so as such her keeping classified Documents on a non .GOV server were illegal and she was never served a warrant.

    • Agreed, where is the chain of custody? The FVI screwed the pooch when they would not allow Trumps attorney to accompany them.
      On another note, as President Trump had authority to declassify any document he wished.

    • Only because she was warned in time to set the specified bldg afire before the FBI got ther, with the fire trucks just ahead of them!

  • Trump and ALL Presidents have the right to declassify whatever they want and remove the documents. Trump declassified all the documents his STAFF packed up. If there were documents he did not declassify I can guarantee they were planted. This is all they need to stop Trump from being able to run in 2024 and they could care less if what Trump did was completely legal or not. No one cared about Hillary sending classified documents to a server in her bathroom. The problem is the dumbed down Americans that do not understand the law when it comes to Presidents authorization to take documents when they leave the White House.

    • Keeping PRESIDENT Trump from running (and winning) in 2024 with this BS won’t wash. The “law” the NWO Marxists is unconstitutional. Only the constitution makes the requirements for holding any office and there is no mention of possesion of documents in the constitution.

      Without an amendment the have crap in a brown paper bag.

  • how do we know what the commy fbi found since there was no one to verify what was taken or what was planted. No one should accept anything that the scum bag fbi says or does. I hope that everyone has djt as a write in in 2024. Our only hope for the USA.

  • In another words they planted classified documents in Trumps boxes. I would not believe a word of any FBI employee at this time. They have lied to the public about the legality of them collecting evidence before.

    • I think you’ve answered that. There is a new level of competency, integrity, honesty, transparency and trust to the FBI.

  • If no one was allowed in while the FBI was doing their search,…how do we know if these documents weren’t planted or were never there to begin with and they are simply claiming they confiscated them. Why now, after almost 2 yrs? There is a mid term coming up. Nuclear codes? Surly they are changed with every new incumbent. I wonder, did they find a couple of war heads hidden under his bed?

    • The nuke codes are immediately changed any time they may be compromised. Each new POTUS for sure, but any other time deemed appropriate too.

      • Half a century ago when was in the Air Force, top secret codes – nuke and otherwise were changed every hour and the code books were replaced on regular basis.

  • if they found anything it was because they brought it with them! Just like when they hid the Hunter laptop! And promoted the fake Steel file! And ignored Hillary’s server. ALL PHONEY ! Now they say Trust us! And America say’s BS! Looks more like they are trying to start a civil war! And they are so corrupt thy will wonder why the entire country comes after them! They will scream! WHAT ABOUT THE LAW????? The very thing they have ignored for decades ! But now think you should forgive them!

  • Total BULLSHIIIIIT. If they …the goon squads, actually thought Trump had classified docs, they would have gone after him well over a year ago. These idiots must think all Americans are both stupid and gullible.

  • You mean the Gestapo … er FBI …. planted classified documents at Trump’s estate. Since they made certain that nobody could watch them, they could do anything they chose.

  • This is so horrible yet we still can’t seem to get the correct end to Hillary Clinton and all that she did wrong and the emails as well as the illegal funding and corrupt foundation and charity that she seems to funnel money into yet they can find stuff on Trump . Really seems like the democrats have a get out of jail free card.

  • Funnyhow that i, when everythingTrumps took out was already DECLASSIFIED! Can we say “planted evidence”?

  • So what, idiots? All ex-Presidents can maintain classified information. Many even have a skiff to properly store classified information. It was stored inside a locked room at Mar-e-Lago. That lock, together with the 24/7/365 Secret Service presence was deemed adequate the last time the Feds visited.

  • The FIB(sic) “Found” them,,,,or “Planted” them? The make the old KGB and Stassi look like amateurs when it comes to framing people.

    We are talking about a bureaucracy with zero point no credibility here.

  • of course they found stuff, they had it all with them before they got there. how stupid do these assholes think people are?

    • They believe everyone that’s going to or have voted for Trump, is very stupid, but forget the fact that they are the ones, that’s just put on a clown show, for the world to see!

  • They wasn’t looking for classified documents, they were looking for anything that President Trump had that could be used against the Democrats in power, their biggest mistake, they keep thinking President Trump is as stupid as themselves, I would stake my life on the fact, he’s got this evidence stored in a safe deposit box outside of the USA, he will release it a bit at a time, to let the public see the truth, to how they have been sold out, even if the fix is into stop running again, people forget he’s the master of closing the deal, he will get the evidence published outside of the USA, the internet is a wonderful thing, there’s millions of podcasters out there, big-tec would have to close their platforms down, as they cannot stop it getting out, if they did close their platforms down, the people would know there must be something really bad against them, so President Trump once again as win win situation, he can’t lose. Even if a JFK happened, this would be all the proof the patriots would need to rise up. That’s the real reason they want your weapons and control of your money. The more frightened they become, the more desperate they become the more mistakes they make, as we have seen with this raid, as already they realise it’s one hell of a mistake, when you see both Directors of the FBI and DOJ, have stating to point their fingers at each other, then you get Biden saying he wasn’t informed before hand, but he may have forgotten he was told!

  • Here we go. Another nothingburger is much ado about nothing. What I see is spin which is there only to damage Trump. The worst part is that the media are complicit in this charade and are invested in his demise. What a country. The bad are ignored and the good are punished or harassed. I will never wonder again why we get all these criminals get elected. This is because honest people would never make it and Donald trump is example 1. Term limits are the answer.

  • What about the hundreds of thousands of documents that Biden has hidden in an unsecured non government location that every government agency has known about for years? No raid on Biden? What kind of highly classified documents are in that location? What’s Biden hiding? Why are all the government agencies allowing Biden to get away with storing a massive trove of highly classified documents? Not just a dozen unclassified papers that President Trump would have been happy to hand over but hundreds of thousands of unknown papers isn’t breaking the law!?!?

    They are trying to use the very laws against President Trump that should put Biden away until his old pervert butt dies in disgrace.

    Or what about the drunk Pelosi? The freak that destroyed President Trump’s speech on National Television in front of the world. I would think it’s clear she “Destroyed important Government Documents in front of the world and her actions make her liable to the same charges they are trying to hit President Trump with! No raid on Pelosi? No prison? No removal from her position? But removing President Trump is the only reason for this scam raid on the true President of the United States…

  • I would feel a lot safer if the “nuclear” docs were with with Trump, rather than with Biden (who cannot even dress himself—look at video where Jill has to help him put on a jacket).

  • How do we know these documents weren’t planted? They wouldn’t let Trump’s lawyer watch them. The FBI lied about the Steele Dossier. How do we know they’re not lying about this????
    I don’t believe it. This is just another attempt to get rid of Trump. They don’t want us to be able to vote for him ever again. This is an assault on the American people!!

  • Hillary Clinton got away with more than any one that i have ever heard of with the situation that she was in Bengazi cover-up and the fact she shredded documents and got rid of emails that had been classified . more than what it should have taken to put the bitch away . Yet she is still able to walk around and run for office or what ever she wants. BUT THEN SHE IS A DEMOCRAT. They have done everything they can think of to impeach Trump and waste money and time on the most horrible things to try to get him out of office and now to try to keep him form running again . It is time to put an end to this and leave the man alone . GO AFTER THE REAL CRIMINALS . Stop putting off the real story. Biden is a sick man has no business being in office and his son is a criminal just like he is and they are trying to throw everyone off by all the other bull crap . wake up people you are being duped

  • If Trump has Declassified all the documents in his possession, “no matter where”, how is it they now have become “Clasified”?

    Only the president can Classify and/or Declassify!

    I trust the voting majority will make the correct decision in November!

  • After going through the documents for weeks and not finding them I can only say the FBI brought them with them! That is why they refused the lawyer from watching and ordering the cameras turned off! This was at best a plant! Funny all of America knows that is exactly what it was! And funny they have zero proof by their own actions to prove they didn’t do exactly that! I think they are trying to start a civil war! And they just might get it! They can’t shoot Trump like they did with Kennedy it would become open season on all Democrats in the entire country! And if they start another war the military might not go! But send them instead. America would love to see Joe and his gay military leaders dropped on the front line of their war! Then we could see true Democratic leadership in action! PS! Be the shortest war in history! They would surrender before they left

    • You nailed it, and any intellengent person would agree with you. I am so sick of them attacking President Trump, and do nothing to the real criminal’s. Clinton’s, Obama’s, Pelosi and all her cohort’s Hunter Biden, his dad Joe Biden including other members of the Biden family. It is so disgusting.

  • I don’t believe any thing they say about Trump any longer. I wouldn’t put it pass them to plant the items and say they found them at his residence. That is why they didn’t want Trump or anyone to be at his home while they trespassed on his property. This was way to sneaky to be ligit. I pray a Republican will win in Nov, and 2024, then drain the filthy swamp that is in our Government today.
    They are afraid of President Trump, because he can’t be bought off. They did nothing to the Clinton’s, or Obamba’s and they were the biggest crook’s ever. What about Hunter Biden and his Dad,Joe Biden and Uncle, Nothing as usual!!

    Always it is Trump, that they focus on, If you are not dumb and blind, you will see what millions of American’s already know and feel.



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