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America can add yet another name to the list of disgraced federal law enforcement officers. Our once trusted FBI has come under intense scrutiny in the last six to seven years. In an agency that requires the utmost in political non-bias, the FBI has been weaponized for political gain.

Every rogue agent has kowtowed to the progressive left. It all seemed to gain momentum the moment Donald Trump announced his intention to run for President of the United States. The dirty tricks and underhanded manipulations haven’t stopped.

Corruption at the very top of the Department of Justice has walked in unison with the crooked agenda of the FBI. While the Russia collusion hoax was the earliest effort to target a specific political figure, whitewashing the Hillary Clinton email investigation was another scam.

Hillary really should be “locked up.” But she’s not. The vast majority of FBI agents are dedicated public servants. They keep Americans safe, and perform their dangerous job responsibilities without political bias. However, the upper crust has been tainted with liberal favoritism.

The highest levels of law enforcement in the U.S., the FBI and the DOJ, do not apply an even standard of justice. There’s a standard for investigating Democrats and then another for conservative Republicans. It’s disgusting. But worst of all, it is eating away at our democracy.

The FBI and DOJ manipulated the legal system to spy on then-candidate Trump and eventually on President Trump in the White House. The FBI concocted a collusion hoax that triggered the bogus two-year Mueller investigation. It was a sham from the very beginning.

But the FBI and DOJ haven’t backed off the former president, even after he was cheated out of a second term. A recent raid of his Mar-a-Lago residence has spurred immense controversy across the country. The more that is revealed, the more suspect the raid becomes.

Recently, one top-ranking member of the FBI was escorted off the premises. FBI agent Tim Thibault is a central figure in every single attack on President Trump. First, Thibault has long been reported to have ties to the Clintons and Obamas. Thibault is far from unbiased.

His strong political bias is unacceptable for an FBI agent. But it’s not so much where his allegiance lies, but what he does in the name of the allegiance. FBI agent Tim Thibault is the key cog in the recent document investigation against President Trump.

Thibault is also the agent who was in charge of investigating voter fraud during the 2020 election. Ever wonder why that investigation never seemed to gain any traction, despite mounds of evidence that Joe Biden cheated? Look no further than Agent Thibault.

Whistleblowers have been coming forward in waves recently. Iowa Republican Senator Chuck Grassley is a key figure in helping to expose FBI fraud. It’s alleged that Thibault concealed his partisan bias from both FBI Director Christopher Wray and Attorney General Merrick Garland.

It probably wouldn’t have mattered much, since both of these men appear to be biased themselves. However, Thibault was able to trigger an investigation of President Trump. Thibault’s investigation ended up launching a predawn raid of the former president’s home.

When the affidavit that triggered the raid was released, it showed that the warrant relied heavily on information from news articles. One piece came from CBS Miami. It was entitled “Moving Trucks Spotted at Mar-a-Lago.” Talk about a loaded news headline.

There was also mention of a Breitbart News story where a former advisor to President Trump, Kash Patel, talked about classified documents the FBI had already obtained. Conveniently, Thibault was removed from his FBI position and reassigned immediately prior to the raid.

This has been a trademark response by the upper levels of the FBI when they’re uncovered. Peter Strozk was one of the first to fall. President Trump fired disgraced FBI Director James Comey. But the new revelations about how manipulative Tim Thibault was are astounding.

This corrupt federal official may have buried any evidence of Joe Biden’s cheating to win the 2020 presidential election. Thibault also triggered an unwarranted and potentially illegal raid of a former U.S. President’s home. An escort off FBI property is too good for Agent Thibault.

He needs to hear the sound of slamming federal prison doors, but from the inmate side. The FBI is a critical part of our democracy. Political bias can’t be permitted. It will erode at the foundation of country. The corruption must be stopped and those responsible held accountable.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • How do you know the majority of FBI agents are upright? If they were, they would have had self-reforming going on. We would have had thousands of whistleblowers over the last 50 years. Never happened.

    • Agreed, but you have to realize that over the decades of corruption in the FBI any whistleblower would have been in trouble. There were no whistleblower protections back then. You also need other whistleblowers to join you so it would make it difficult for the enemy to do anything to you. A single whistleblower could have been dealt with be reassigning him to some desk job in Antarctica until he decides it’s not worth it and resigns. So having backup from other whistleblowers makes it much easier knowing that your not alone. Lets hope that many more come forward now that courage is starting to show.

      • If 3 or more people come forward with information regarding the corrupt those who stand accused should suspended while an investigation is undertaken. Congress needs to take back it’s authority over all agencies , they have literally created mini dictatorships with all the agencies they have created.

  • Pretty good article until “The FBI is a critical part of our democracy” – Say what? – Just how did our democracy survive before 1908? There was no FBI before that, – And since the end of WWII the FIB(sic) has done nothing but take credit for the work of honest hard working Policemen , and using paid rats and manufactured evidence to frame people. None of them would make a pimple on a policeman’s ass.

    The new congress needs to take all funding and equipment including the crime lab and LEADS record system and give it to the Federal Marshals who can add people and take over everything the FIB does execpt frame people.

    Then fire every one even distantly connected to the FIB from Wray down to the janitors in the field offices.

    We do not need the FIB. It’s done nothing but harm since J Edgar doing things like investigating the Kingsmen for dirty words in Louie Louie. That by the way is a 100% true story. In 1963,the FIB actually tried to “get something” on the Seattle rock band “The Kingsmen” During a 31 month investigation they had dozens of agents on it and talked to hundreds of people and played the record backward or froward and all speeds hundreds of times,,,,,and found nothing. in typical FIB fashion, though, they talked to everyone but the guy who could have told them what the words were.= They never talked to Jack Ely,,,,,,Lead Sing of the Kingsmen. The guy who actually sang the words thy were looking for. – Good thing there were over a million copies all over the country or I am sure they would have tried to frame Ely. ,,,, Typical FIB story and they are still at it today.

    Stick that with the Russian hoax, and everything else today and you still think they do not need to be defended and abolished? They got to go, Bubba.

    • 10 stars. The fib as you call them have engaged in atrocities for decades now, including murdering men, women and children.

  • I believe the Criminals within the DOJ and FBI have salted the boxes taken from President Trump’s home with False documents to Frame a REAL President !
    We The People can no longer put any trust in our Alphabet Agencies for they do not work for the USA because they ALL have been made into Political Weapons !
    I say ” F J B and his entire administration … may they all Rot In Hell ! “

  • But poor little Timmy was just following orders from his FBI Director, who himself was following the orders attached to his funding from Congress.  In fact, it was his “political bias” against Trump that qualified him for the job.  Democrats always recruit from the bottom of the barrel.

  • The guy is a complete traitor.
    Either a firing squad or LIFE in prison is warranted!!!
    That goes for everyone involved in all the bogus hoaxes and impeachment shams of the TRUE PRESIDENT, Donald J. Trump
    Until that happens our country is not safe!!!

    • I Agee with you he is a chinses spy and is working with Communist party to destroy America he must be removed by any means

  • Dracula isn’t really evil reported Satan. He is a snazzy dresser, attends the opera, loves virgins, and gives the cross the esteem it merits.

    Our FBI worships Dracula and has elevated Satan to his deserved place in their universe. Who can’t respect any organization that taught Antifa and BLM all they practice.



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