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In third-world dictatorships, ruling tyrants control the law enforcement agencies and the legal system. Everything is corrupted to attain and maintain power. In a democracy, justice must be blind to political ideology. If not, the country will collapse.

The founding fathers of the United States set up a series of checks and balances to prevent this from happening. They knew what the consequences of a political seizing control of the nation’s legal framework would be. It would undermine democracy and destroy the nation.

If the proud and patriotic creators of the U.S. Constitution could see what is happening in the country today, they’d roll over in their graves. Everything the founding fathers sought to preserve is being eroded by corruption and deceit.

To promote their crooked plan to transform the United States into a single-party socialist country, the left has hijacked the U.S. judicial system. Left-wing radicals have infiltrated both the FBI and the U.S. Department of Justice.

The corruption is rampant. President Trump attempted to warn the American people dozens upon dozens of times. His first order of business when he moved into the White House was to drain the swamp.

He made noble strides, but the deep state swamp pushed back with a vengeance. If President Trump could have rightfully secured a second term in office, he could have continued the swamp clean-up job. The corrupt D.C. elite couldn’t allow it to happen.

They had to rig the 2020 election. Democrats used a stooge as their candidate. Joe Biden would be easily manipulated. He’s a feckless old man, but still a D.C. insider. He was the crooked left’s perfect candidate.

But the left didn’t plan for Biden’s corrupt career as a politician to become public. Biden’s handlers didn’t plan for Joe’s buffoon of a son, Hunter Biden, to leave an incriminating laptop computer behind at a repair shop.

On that computer is enough information to sink the whole scheme. But since the powers that control the radical progressive left were in charge of the judicial process, the fix was in. All they needed to do was make sure the minions inside the DOJ and the FBI followed the plan.

The first part of the plan was to deny that the laptop and the information on it even existed. High-ranking former U.S. intelligence officials denounced it as “Russian propaganda.” It was not. All 51 intelligence officials lied. The laptop was real, and the information on it was damning.

The FBI had the laptop in its possession. They knew what was on it and the consequences of allowing the American people to know what was on it. Therefore, the FBI orchestrated the biggest political scandal since Watergate.

They colluded with the mainstream media and big tech to bury the story. It worked. The scheme worked long enough to get Joe Biden into the White House. The left now had full control over both houses of Congress and the Oval Office.

They could orchestrate investigations, namely by refusing to investigate the crooked Biden family business scams. However, this strategy began to leak like a boat with a screen door on the bottom. Eventually, even the mainstream media couldn’t deny that the laptop was real.

The FBI and DOJ had to rethink their scheme. Not only did everyone know the laptop was real, but some information was getting out about what was on it. If the American people saw the level of corruption, they’d be enraged.

The DOJ could no longer bury the laptop. They now had to hide the damning information it contained. Dedicated watchdog groups have not given up the fight. It’s now been revealed that the DOJ has in its possession over 400 pages of documents proving Biden family corruption.

At one point, the DOJ acknowledged “potentially relevant” documents existed. But according to a report by the Daily Mail, now the DOJ says it neither confirms nor denies the existence of such documents.

This is all-too convenient as Justice Department prosecutor David Weiss is currently considering a criminal case against Hunter Biden. The potential allegations include money laundering, illegal foreign lobbying, and tax crimes.

These 400 pages aren’t the only documents of interest. According to Business Insider, the National Archives and Records Administration is preparing to release hundreds of Obama White House internal documents.

These reportedly contain damning information about Hunter Biden’s relationship with controversial Ukrainian gas company Burisma when his father was vice president. The Biden administration is working feverishly to block the release of these documents.

A Republican-held House of Representatives must compel them to be handed over. The Justice Department is using a decades-old precedent from 1975. This involves records of a secret CIA salvage ship built to recover a Soviet Union submarine.

It’s called the “Glomar response.” It’s used by the DOJ to avoid releasing information that might compromise U.S. national security. But this is a bogus excuse in the investigation surrounding the crooked Biden family. It’s the opposite.

Not being forced by the Freedom of Information Act to produce these documents is a threat to national security. The Biden family is corrupt. Their business scams have compromised national security. Concealing this information is the threat, and they know it.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • This is why these people should not be allowed to hold office more than 8 years . the longer they are in office the more corrupt they become. It is also a good reason to stop the inflated income they get for sleeping and doing nothing . It is also a good reason to check and make sure that the FBI, as well as the CIA is doing the job they are in to do and not get involved with politicians so things can go the way it appears that is happening at this time. It is also an important thing to make sure that chain of command is followed. We as the people of this country need answers and anyone involved needs to be held accountable for actions or lack of actions in this case. Biden and his family have totally used his power to do some pretty awful things and have profited from information and such that should not been allowed . Just others in congress and other officials of the government that have made money off insider information . The fact is if anyone involved in such activities should loose their position as well as never be allowed to hold office or position again . We have let this go on long beyond its time . Time to take action and make people stand accountable for what they have done .

    • I cannot argue with the article nor your response to it. I just have to say it all makes since in the crazy couple of decades of absolute BS coming from Washington DC. They more they do the more they get away with, the further their reach into the insane criminal world they get. This is one reason I stand against Pelosi’s attempt to hide her J6 activities behind locked doors for 50 years. She is in the Legislative Branch, and cannot claim Executive Privilege which is reserved for the Executive Branch.

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    • Sooo … The head of the DOJ is Biden’s “lacky” Merrick Garland. No wonder why the Dems wanted him to be a Supreme Court Justice.

  • I’m paid $185 per hour to complete the task using an Apple laptop. I absolutely didn’t think it was conceivable, but my dependable buddy convinced me to give this straightforward chance a go after she made $26,368 in just 4 weeks working on it. Visit the following page to find out additional


  • Too many sheeple dont know what is going on with the govt. everything is good as long as they get free stuff and can care less about anyone else!!!!

    • Wow, you got that right! Meanwhile, a lot of people do watch The View, CNN, MSNBC, Hollywood Celebrities who think they know something, and the Late Night TV idiots.

  • Is the country lost forever? Is there any circumstance of any elected official, powerful enough to ever change this? My worry is that it will not be possible. As 20 republicans today fight for strong leadership in the congress, we have all democrats and most republicans calling the 20 congressional members terrorists. We are in deep trouble in the deep state.

  • Like this article points out we are living in a third world dictatorship. None of these corrupt bureaucrats will ever serve a day in jail for their coupe.

    • I think back to the 2022 midterm elections when the Dems professed that Democracy was on the ballot. I didn’t really get it back then, but the Dems were right, and when the Senate majority didn’t flip … America, and Americans, LOST. Accordingly, and for the remainder of Biden’s term, Dictator Joe will govern by Executive Order. [ I didn’t think that EO’s were ways that Presidents could make up their own laws … but maybe I was wrong.]

  • No surprises here. The Bidens are as corrupt as Capone and his crime family. the problem is they are in charge and have the FBI, CIA, and department of justice covering their tracks. Obama not much better. These people hate a free America. They prefer socialism and even communism especially if they remain in charge. Much of the financing is provided by former Nazi Collaborator George Soros,
    and some others that remain in the shadows.



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