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The January 6 commission is nothing more than a sham. It’s a targeted assault on President Donald Trump. These so-called investigations and inquiries are the liberal left’s way of trying to stop President Trump from running for public office ever again. He is a threat to them.

If President Trump runs again in 2024, the left realizes that cheating will be harder the second time around. So, they’ve concocted another false narrative to smear the popular president. The notion that President Trump was in any way responsible for January 6 is a hoax.

The January 6 spectacle is nothing more than a “Russia Collusion Hoax 2.0”. Ever since Donald Trump announced his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination, Democrats have seen President Trump as a threat. A key part of his political platform was to “drain the swamp”.

Democrats knew that if elected, Donald Trump was a threat to their corrupt D.C. strategy to shaft America and the American people. The left’s onslaught of bogus attacks has been unrelenting. January 6 is their latest attempt to destroy President Trump.

Now, even judges appointed by liberals are abetting this latest political scam. The highest priority for this January 6 sham is to pin a phony criminal charge on President Trump. The commission keeps spewing lies about potential crimes such as obstruction of justice.

Like the entire focus of the commission, these accusations are fictitious. But a Clinton appointed judge is bolstering the false narrative. U.S. District Judge David Carter is presiding over a lawsuit by John Eastman, an attorney who represented President Trump.

Like millions of Americans, Eastman believes the 2020 presidential election was fraudulently stolen. Eastman also believes the January 6 commission is a sham. To block the unnecessary and unconstitutional exploitation of private presidential communications, Eastman filed a lawsuit.

In Los Angeles circuit court, the liberal left is trying to use a politically motivated judge to undermine democracy. Judges must remain politically unbiased. The notion of a judge voicing an opinion about guilt or innocence, prior to hearing a shred of evidence, is unconscionable.

Nevertheless, this is another example of the double standard used by the liberal left. Judge David Carter should be immediately removed from this case. His opinions clearly signal his judicial bias. He cannot be trusted to render a fair verdict based on the facts.

The liberal left is filled with Marxist ideologues. They know the American people do not want any part of their Marxist, socialist ideas. They have no choice but to cheat in elections and then manipulate public policy in an attempt to destroy the fabric of American values.

When challenged, they use politically corrupt court officials. This is how the radical progressive movement operates. It’s an unscrupulous scheme that began with Bill Clinton. It’s driven by a politically corrupt justice system, including the FBI and the Department of Justice. America needs to wake up before it’s too late.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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