It’s time to take this power to kill away from Joe Biden before he starts a war that we’re not going to be able to win because of his incompetence.

Can you even imagine if President Trump has issued two drone strikes and killed more than a dozen children combined? They would have him out of office so fast it would make your head spin.

But since Joe Biden is the Democrat’s messiah, they just look the other way while he gets away with it.

According to The Daily Wire,

In a shocking admission Friday, the Pentagon confirmed that a drone strike in Afghanistan, meant to target members of ISIS-K who planned a deadly attack on the United States military in the waning days of the Afghanistan War, killed 10 civilians in a “tragic mistake.”

“The Pentagon acknowledged on Friday that a U.S. drone strike in Afghanistan on Aug. 29 that officials said was necessary to prevent an attack on American troops was a tragic mistake that killed 10 civilians, including seven children, an American military official familiar with the investigation,” told the New York Times.

Oh, but it gets worse.

They were apparently targeting some explosives. But as it turned out, do you know what they were actually targeting? “most likely water bottles” and that the “white Toyota sedan struck by the drone’s Hellfire missile posed no threat at all”.

This is murder. Plain and simple and if this came from the orders of Joe Biden, he needs to be outed IMMEDIATELY. This man is dangerous and is going to send us into a war that we don’t want to be in. That or he’s going to provoke an attack from someone else who is tired of our crap. Frankly, we deserve it. Democrats…YOU did this. This is your fault. We warned you about Joe Biden.


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