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It’s understandable that William Barr may not have been able to talk openly about Hunter Biden’s laptop investigation. But he could have done something about it. President Trump may have misspoken when he asked Barr about the case.

However, the former president had every right to be angry. Hunter Biden’s laptop contained information that was critical to U.S. national security. It provided proof of a connection between the Biden family and “pay for play” schemes.

It drew direct conclusions about Joe Biden’s unnaturally sympathetic stance towards China. The laptop could have had a profound effect on the minds of voters. But it was buried. The corrupt mainstream and big tech collectively worked to bury the story.

By the time the American public knew about it, the election was over. In Barr’s recent book, “One Damn Thing After Another”, the former Attorney General reflected on a heated exchange the two men had just prior to the election.

President Trump telephoned Barr shortly after Newsmax broke its story about the laptop. The president wanted to know what was going on. He appreciated that the information that was being reported was huge. The laptop had factual proof.

It clearly showed that the Biden family, through their crooked son Hunter, made millions off of illegal business dealings while Biden was vice-president. But William Barr knew he couldn’t compromise the investigation by discussing it.

Evidently, according to Barr’s book, the exchange was heated. It probably wasn’t too unlike a few of the more contentious conversations between former President Richard Nixon and his Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger.

In fact, both men probably uttered the words “Dammit, Mr. President”. But Barr discussed another mistaken notion about the conversation. Barr insisted that the biggest problem President Trump had was with the notion that the laptop was “Russian disinformation”.

The former Attorney General called this a “bogus statement” made by Joe Biden. The crooked mainstream media played up the idea, even reportedly having so-called experts proclaim such. It was a lie, and the President knew it was a lie.

The two men were both in attendance at President Trump’s “watch party”. No one is sure how thoroughly they have mended any broken fences. However, President Trump had a right to be angry.

Hunter Biden is an opportunistic crook. He has pilfered money from government bureaucrats and wealthy oligarchs around the world. His father, “the big guy”, is just as corrupt. But nothing’s been done.

Why haven’t we heard more about a laptop that ties the current U.S. President to corrupt business schemes? With the way Joe Biden’s approval rating are destroying the Democrat’s chances in November, maybe we soon will. That is, if Republicans do their job.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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