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I frequently find myself writing about something and then mentioning that this is another time I’ve looked into something like this. I guess it’s just because I’m enjoy always learning about obscure things like this.

I have a strong desire to learn more about consciousness, the afterlife, and the human condition. Some have said that our brains are the source of our consciousness and that they are what define who we are.

Jacob Phillips, however, seems to disprove this. Phillips was born without a brain. His head was filled with fluid at birth due to hydrocephalus. He had no brain whatsoever, just a partially developed skull.

At his birth, the doctors said that he wouldn’t live for even one hour. This is a terrible thing for a parent to hear. Fast forward 44 years and Jacob is still here with us. This man is a walking miracle.

“I remember my grandmother telling me once that she told the doctor I wasn’t going to die. She looked him in the eye and said, ‘You don’t know what my God can do!’” Phillips said.

Grandma was right. God did amazing things in the life of Jacob Phillips. Phillips actually ended up growing a brain.

This man was healed of something that was supposed to have been life-ending. You can’t live without a brain, right? Don’t tell Jacob Phillips that because he won’t believe you.

One of the nurses who was there when Jacob was born shared a message with Jacob years later, “I remember the baby without a brain.

His head was shaped like a peanut. He had hydrocephalus. We transferred him to Ochsner’s Hospital in New Orleans. The Lord healed that child. The neurosurgeon called him a vegetable that day; I was infuriated!

The baby’s head was so filled with fluid, doctors didn’t know if surgery would help. I think Jacob [Phillips] was 3 when his mom brought him back to see me. I wept that day! I am so thankful the Lord let me see His power.”


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • A moment of prayer for all the liberals, politicians, and globalists, that were born with hydrocephalus and never grew a brain.

  • So many today ask “How come God doesn’t perform miracles like He did for the Jews thousands of years ago?” Those people simply do not see His miracles all around us.

    Lord God, have mercy on those who cannot see that all things are possible with you. Please open the eyes of all the world that they may see your power and might!

  • Sometimes the big guy likes to test us! Sometimes he has a sense of humor! This sounds like one of the times he rewarded true faith! Call it what you like. The doctor sure didn’t fix him. But I am sure the doc is tired of hearing I TOLD YOU SO!

  • When I read the headline, I thought this would be a report on Biden’s longtime lack of cognitive ability. However when I read that this child actually grew a brain, post birth, I realized it couldn’t be slo joe.
    This story proves that the Lord works in mysterious ways. Had the mother listened to the all knowing doctors, opting for a “medically necessary” abortion, this person would never had the chance he deserved.
    As for Biden; is it too late for a late term abortion???

  • My wife and I had a child born like this. Unfortunately she didn’t have a brain pan full of liquids. She lived about an hour and 13 minutes. This was 38 years ago. Being members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints we were married and sealed in the Washington, DC. We will see our daughter, Rebecca, again after we pass on.
    As the Grandmothers said–see what our God can do!



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