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During a foot pursuit last month, a young man was shot 60 times by the police.

Obviously, 60 times is way too many, but he was also unarmed, which is another factor in the controversy surrounding this.

To be completely honest, everyone of these officers who fired shots need to go to jail for the man’s murder. I’ve seen the bodycam footage from several policemen, and I still believe that there was never a need for 60 shots.

The community of Akron, OH is livid over this and have now put a bounty on the heads of police officers and say that they want to police their own communities.

It’s a shame that they can’t learn from the past. Liberals like this are wholly unable to police their own communities. We’ve seen this time and time again. If they could police their own communities, we would already see it in many places like Chicago.

I can promise you that they are too quick to resort to violence. All that would happen with them policing their own communities is that they would be the ones killing people instead of the police.

Have they forgotten how CHAZ/CHOP turned out in 2020 when they were policing themselves? Several people were killed by others inside the zone and then they wouldn’t let ambulances come in to save them. Instead, twerking on the side of the ambulance was in order.

The black community and liberals all have the idea that police basically just want to go hunting for black people, when that is absolutely not the case at all. They all seem to ignore the fact, and yes I said fact, that more black people commit crimes than any other group. They are so quick to jump to the conclusion that they did nothing wrong and that they were just targeted for being black when that is not the case.

Are there some police out there who actually do target black people? It’s possible, but it’s such a small sliver of the total number of police officers.

I can tell you about two examples of people that I used to work with assuming that the police pulled them over because they were black. First of all, in both instances, they admitted that they were speeding. One of them was at night so I HIGHLY doubt that the officer knew that the driver was black, but that’s what she said anyway.

In the other situation, she thought she was targeted because she was black since she wasn’t speeding much. Her logic was that she was only going 5 miles over the limit. I asked her about it and she said, “Yeah, well they give you 5…” I said wait, who gives you five? She was really doing 10 over the limit because she was claiming that “they give you 5”. In other words, if the speed limit is 55, they give you 5 and so the real speed limit is 60. So, if she was doing 65, by her logic she was only doing 5 over, not 10.

That’s liberal logic for you.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Now that sounds like the typical Liberal way to incite more shootings, killings, riots, arson, and assaults! Look for ANTIFA and the BLM to arrive shortly and set things ablaze! Of course the Liberals will fail to understand when they start shooting police, police will shoot back and they won’t be taking any crap from the Blacks they catch breaking laws!

  • What are you talking about??? He had a gun that he left in car. How would the cops know that? He shot back at them from the car while trying to outrun them in a chase. He was guilty and got what you get when you shoot at cops and try to get away.

  • THUG lives DO NOT MATTER ! Makes no difference what race … if you shoot at the police they can and will shoot back ! It does not take a genius to figure that out !
    The police are NOT GUILTY … they were defending themselves and had no clue that the Criminal left the gun in the car when he ran ! All I can say is BOO FREAKIN HOO !

  • America is now filled with too many stupid people…her better years are behind her…glad I have no grand children to live in this mess….

  • BLM is a marxist organization, this is how they raise money….from sympathic people…Every person they defend was a druggie, dealing in drugs, selling drugs, or reacting to drugs. George Floyd’s autopsy showed THC, Meth and enough fentanyl in his system to kill three people. He had been in prison 9 times, the last time for four years when he and two of his buddies broke into the home of a woman and threatened her. Susan R on their board was a member of the Weather Underground, sentenced to 56 years in prison when caught with explosives; they had bombed the pentagon, capitol and a NY police station. Bill Clinton let her out in 16 years BLM bought mansions in Toronto, CA and the Caribbean.

    • Floyd didn’t just “threaten” her. He jammed a loaded gun in her 7-month pregnant belly, and pistol-whipped her, before him & his gang buglarized her home. She’s lucky they didn’t rape her.

  • I say, let them police themselves; in a matter of a few weeks the majority of them will be dead. We just need to make sure that whites are warned abut entering these rat nests!

    • Rattlerjake trouble is they don’t stay in their ghetto and once there is nothing left to destroy they spread out into good neighborhoods. That is why we have such huge ghetto’s in every major city in the U.S.

      • You’re only half right. When they spread out into good neighborhoods they are shot by good citizens and nothing comes of it because there are no dirt bags in those neighborhoods to throw a fit. The ghettos are large in major US cities because all of these rats gravitate towards these lawless areas and just like with baboons who invade the territory of another baboon troop, they kill the invaders or the invaders kill them. When blacks kill blacks in these hoods, you never hear about it. I believe that the reason that these blacks hate for cops to kill blacks in these crime ridden leftist hellholes is because they don’t like the competition – let them kill each other.

  • Anyone who puts a bounty on a police officer should be charged with felony assault. This is a threat to kill a police officer and should not be tolerated!

  • They BLOCK Ambulances, well, then DON’T send anymore and NO Police anymore, just let them Help EACH OTHER TO GET 6 FEET UNDER- EASY FIX………….STOP caring about them, they are NOT worth it, apparently……

  • American’s who happen to have black skin are killing black people at an unprecedented rate. Why aren’t black’s placing bounties on the people responsible for these murders?

  • While Senile, pedophile, criminal Joe Biden is wanting to destroy the 2nd amendment so law abiding citizens can’t protect themselves and their families they allow the Domestic Terrorists BLM and Antifa to go on a path of destruction and murder. Why not turn the tables and place a bounty on BLM and Antifa and see how they like it.

  • Daniel is a FAUX conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur WHEN IT COMES TO VIEWING VIDEO EVIDENCE OF JUSTIABLE USE OF FORCE. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and SPEWS OUT FAKE NEWS. HIS OPINONS ARE ROOTED IN IGNORANCE AND STUPIDITY. There fixed it for you.
    The FuCkInG perp shot at police. It is reported that when police shootings are investigated only about 20% of police rounds hit their intended target. Now if police officers have 15 rounds in the mags of their side arm, and in heat of returning fire multiple officers return fire, if all of their rounds hit the perp (which as stated prior is unlikely) how do you come to the conclusion that 60 hits are too many? Every cop on scene who heard and seen said POS firing at them, has to respond to end the threat. Daniel should offer no opinion on issues he is ignorant of.

  • Why are they ALWAYS MURD*RING EVIL Black Democrat Cockroaches?
    & always FULL OF HATE & EVIL ? In the genes or Democrat poisoned ?

    Always these Insane Dem Drones & every one of them is a HAT* Filled RACIST
    Rich Democrats love to use them all & then DISCARD them like trash when done

    They are Used Abused & Then Discarded while being too simple minded to realize it
    Enough Said

  • Almost forgot
    ALL LIVES MATTER ALL COLORS TOO Conceited BLM Monsters & Criminals think they are better then the DECENT LAW ABIDING CITIZENS
    We all matter THE SAME
    Criminals always think that way to justify their Sick Crimes & HATRE*D
    Committing Murderous filthy crimes & behaving like THUGS because most of the BLM Orrganization are THUGS & CRIM*NALS
    Get a life & MOVE ON or LEAVE America

  • For about fifty years, Blacks have promoted an aura of them as being someone to fear…
    Black Panthers, Black Power, nationwide criminal gangs of Blacks like the Bloods and Crips, where if you wear the wrong color of clothing or the wrong shoes, you can get yourself killed, even if you are an innocent person and not a member of any gang.
    Now we have a racist movement where ONLY “Black Lives Matter”
    They dress and groom in gang styles.
    Blacks comprise only 13% of the population, yet commit 50% of the murders in the USA. Chicago has suffered a Black on Black murder statistic of over 3,100 in the year 2016 alone. Blacks living up to the Ghetto stereotypes have become the norm.
    Now Blacks have become the ‘victims’ of the fears from the general population, that they have generated about themselves… they now claim that they are being shot and killed by Cops, whether innocent or guilty of committing a crime.
    Rioting, burning, and looting in Democrat Strongholds have resulted.

    Whites comprise 63% of the US population, but commit 28% of the crimes every year. Blacks kill many more law enforcement officers every year than do Whites, yet while law enforcement confronts more crimes committed by Blacks every year, than they do crimes committed by Whites, law enforcement officers kill fewer unarmed Blacks every year than they do unarmed Whites, yet law enforcement officers’ lives are endangered and feared for much more in confrontations with Blacks, than confrontations with Whites. So, who is it really that law enforcement officers are more likely to kill, blacks or Whites?

  • One question Daniel: If the young man still had the gun in his hand and turned to shoot- which officer was it okay to kill that night? He shot at them from a moving vehicle and instead of stopping the vehicle and going to the ground with his hands visible, he ran. When he turned toward them they had no idea if he had the gun or not. So keep saying how wrong those officers were to try to protect their own lives in that horrible situation. Keep stirring the pot.
    We need young men and women to obey law enforcement. If you feel you are being unjustly stopped, then make a report afterwards. You stay alive that way. The reports we hear about are not men and women who obey laws, or respect authority.

  • I hope this video will help prevent this from happening again!

    Chris Rock – How not to get your ass kicked by the police!
    24,839,942 views Feb 2, 2007

    youtube. com/watch?v=uj0mtxXEGE8

  • 60 shoots too many? 8 officers get out of their cars, are they supposed to have a meeting to see who is going to shoot the perp when the perp already shot at them from his car? Let’s say each officer fired 10 shots….probably 10 to 20 seconds to do that. It would take that long for the perp to show there was no longer a threat. Keep in mind, the officers tried to taser him, but it failed. Let’s wait for the facts to come out before saying the officers should go to jail and die. Looks to me like they did their jobs as trained.
    And, once again, if the perp had followed the orders of the officers, he would be alive and well. Everyone is so quick to find fault with the officers and make the perp a saint! Very wrong, very wrong!!

  • CRY ME A RIVER and if you put a bounty on them, expect the Boomerang to hang mid air and come back to you for our bounties

  • CRY ME A RIVER and if you put a bounty on them, expect the Boomerang to hang mid air and come back to you for our bounties



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