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Joe Biden is about to get his comeuppance. With more than 30,000 federal law enforcement officers and agents on the side of freedom in this fight for liberty against oppression from Washington’s dictatorship regime – things are going nowhere fast!

The recent mandate requiring all federal employees and employees working at companies with more than 100 co-workers to be vaccinated is being met with widespread resistance by those who understand how tyrannical it really is.

President Larry Cosme of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association, opposed the order and claimed it would undermine voluntary compliance. Cosme explained, “The COVID-19 pandemic is a rapidly evolving and emotional trying situation. In the face of so many uncertainties, our federal government should trust its employees to make their own medical decision under consultation with their doctor, not mandate by their employer. Vaccination should be promoted through education and encouragement – not coercion.”

Cosme continued, “This executive order villainizes employees for reasonable concerns and hesitancies and inserts the federal government into individual medical decisions. People should not be made to feel uncomfortable for making a reasonable medical choice.”

This is just the number of federal agents that came forward with this within the first 24 hours. Imagine how many Americans are not going to comply with the Biden regime’s demands once all is said and done.

My hope is that this goes all the way to the Supreme Court, which I imagine that it will, so that they can make a ruling that will set the precedent for what an administration is allowed to do going forward.

That being said, this may be a silver lining but I’m sure it will come at a cost. There are going to be some companies that are going to want to go with this right away and start forcing their employees to get vaccinated. Hopefully, we get this resolved sooner rather than later.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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