I think that over the years, I’ve learned to recognize that some polls are more accurate than others when it comes to predicting the winner of an event, such as an election.

There are certainly some polls that are biased, but I’ll tell you some that are not, those are the oddsmakers involved in gambling.

They have no bias because they are out to make money, not convince people that someone is doing better than others. If they don’t get their numbers right, they stand to lose a lot of money.

One of the polls that we frequently wonder about is what is to come in the next presidential election. As it stands right now, who do the oddsmakers believe will win the next election? Here’s what they are saying:

The Daily Wire reported,

“Biden’s crushed approval ratings and worsening betting odds are causing Democrats to wonder if he is the right figure to take on Trump in 2024,” said Joe Short of Gambling.com. “According to the Wall Street Journal, Democrats expect him to go for a second term at the age of 82, but they’re not sure he should.”

“To make matters even worse for Biden, he is now third favorite to win the 2024 US Presidential election, behind both Trump (3/1) and Florida’s Republican governor Ron DeSantis (4/1),” he said. Biden is sitting around 6/1 comparatively.

Short said that Biden initially appeared willing to cede power to his Vice President Kamala Harris after just one term, but she’s not faring to well to bookies, either. She has “floated way out to 12/1 with bet365 to be the next U.S. president. Evidently punters and U.K. bookmakers are looking no further than Biden when it comes to Democratic names in 2024.”

Joe Biden is almost guaranteed to lose the White House if you ask me. There is no way that he’ll keep his job.

As it stands though, it’s far too early for these to be very accurate. Once we get into 2024, I think we’ll be able to see what we can really expect.


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  • So, in effect, can it be fair to state that it’s really Obama through his proxy puppetmastering is the one who has actually lost the White House that he nor Biden should have ever gotten away with in the first place?

  • That may be a bad bet! As we saw the corruption backed by government in the last election! And the corrupt courts pretending they can’t see anything! Even with more and more proof coming out that is not refutable as it is the government very own video of voter fraud! Not to mention that the courts ignored changing of the rules without congress! Hardly a fair court and not one I would want to stand in front of! I would watch for large Democratic bets! as they got away with it once already. And only a few brainwashed suckers believe the guy that hid in his basement and couldn’t draw a crowd won anything! He can’t even draw a crow today! And he is supposed to be the president

    • “as they got away with it once already”????? How quickly you forget about the twice before with the illegal alien muslime usurper; and no telling how many other elections were rigged considering how pathetically stoooopid and gullible the majority of people are.

      [https ://www .youtube .com/watch?v=xvUzrC6x-bw] (***remove the spaces in the link) – The Occult Art of Law

  • When did we start nominating terrorists for President and for the Supreme Court? Looks like we need an attorney to do a full background check on Brown for Supreme Court and then impeach her. Gavin Newsom’s dead. Either that is a clone or an actor. There is a video on Newsome’s tribunal and execution. The horrible way he rules California should be a BIG red flag on him. What a joke for the Dem’s to replace Joe Biden who is also dead (since 2019) because there is a joke as POTUS now. I don’t think there really is going to be an election in 2024 anyway due to Trump returning. The military re inaugurated Trump on March 20, 2020 so Trump is still President. Biden is president of a foreign land called Washington DC. DC is a terrorist organization with the old fashioned Mafia thrown in.

    • I’m so tired of hearing about all of this clone/actor crap. Where is the proof? I’ve heard that Hil-LIAR-y is a clone, the pope is a clone, that they found underground tunnels from the Vatican to “Africa”, that Trump still has control of Airforce One, that tribunals have been held in Guantanamo and many of them have been executed, that Trump is really in charge, etc. BLAH, BLAH, BLAH! I want to see irrefutable proof. Stop repeating this garbage until you can prove it.

      I believe in Geocentrism, not Heliocentrism because there is irrefutable proof that the spinning ball earth is a lie, I don’t believe in evolution because as a biologist I have yet to see one proof that substantiates it, besides the fact that even Darwin didn’t believe it. I don’t believe Bin Laden was killed by SEALS and dumped in the ocean, because there is no ONE shred of physical evidence that proves it, I KNOW that the entire plandemic is a fraud – fake virus, fake test, fake vaccine – etc.

  • Biden will most likely either be dead or in an Alzheimer’s ward by fall of 2024. He gets worse every week. Even the lame media can’t prop him up forever!

  • My pet hamster is way, way smarter than Kamala Harris. The Communist Party would be better off sticking with demented Joe Biden in 2024 and hope that child abuser, Nancy Pelosi, and her fellow travelers can easily steal the election like they did in 2020.

  • Don’t put stock in any polls. Hopefully Lying Corrupt Quid Pro KING Joe will expire by the time he’s 82. I suppose he always wanted to be buried in Arlington. He doesn’t deserve it. A great president Corrupt Quid Pro is not.

  • This’s what FJB DESERVES, Hang the sonofabitch with a new rope on a fresh grown tree right out on the south lawn. I keep asking the Question, YA’LL SEEN ENOUGH YET ? THE WHOLE GLOBAL CABAL, demoncRATs and RINOS, ALL SATAN’S DEMON SPAWN MINIONS DESERVE DIRT NAPS. YA’LL KNOW WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE, GIT R DUN! NCSWIC, WWG1WGA, P.A.N.I.C. LET’S GO BRANDON, FJB AND ALL SATAN’S DEMON SPAWN MINIONS. I’m not a BOT. I’m a American Veteran, Trucker and GreatGrandpa. President Trump’s still my President. Yahweh, save our poor souls, Amen



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