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Once more, we find ourselves discussing the events that took place in Maricopa County, Arizona in November 2020. We all know what happened, but proving it beyond a reasonable doubt when it comes to evidence that is still available and has not been destroyed has been challenging.

We live in a time when we can effectively hide our technology footprints.

Following the audit that took place in Maricopa County last year, there was a lot that was discovered, but none of it was enough to prove undoubtedly that there was fraud. Fraud can only be proven when you can prove malicious acts by a party. If they can chalk it up to coincidence and make it so that there is at least one plausible explanation, then you can’t definitively say it was fraud.

Now, a new report has revealed some key information that would prove the election was fraudulent. Public records requests were used by Verity Vote to find that more than 20,000 ballots were improperly counted in Maricopa County’s 2020 elections.

The presidential election in Arizona in 2020 was decided by less than 10,000 votes.

Verity Vote discovered that Maricopa County received and tallied tens of thousands of ballots after the election day deadline after submitting several records requests and waiting months for responses.

The Arizona Attorney General’s interim report on election fraud made no mention of this finding. So far, the Attorney General Mark Brnovich has talked a big game as though he were going to do something about the election, but he hasn’t actually done anything besides talk.

Arizona Law requires that all ballots be received by the county no later than 7pm on Election Day in order for them to be counted and valid1. However, review of Maricopa County 2020 General Election records shows that more than 20,000 ballots were transported from the United States Postal Service (USPS) after that deadline.

Verity Vote obtained delivery receipts from the county that show USPS ballots were re ceived on November 4, 5 and 6. Any ballots not rejected are accepted by default and tabulated into the election results. Arizona law is clear that it is not an issue of the ballot postmark but the receipt of the ballot by the county prior to 7pm on Election Day.

Will anything ever be done about this? It doesn’t look like it.


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  • “Will anything ever be done about it? It doesn’t look like it.” Ballots received after the required date is a small thing compared to what is revealed in the documentary “2000 Mules.” They’ve been taking away our free speech, our votes, our right to bear arms, our medical autonomy. Will anything ever be done about it?

    • That’s my question too. What is going to be done about it? and when? This country cannot survive two more years of Biden and friends.

    • “Ballots received after the required date is a” big thing in Pennsylvania where a Clinton operative attorney is breaking Pennsylvania law to steal the win for a RINO over Oz, who had the lead. Atty Elias said he’ll find a way around the law. He shouldn’t get away with this and neither should the traitors in Maricopa County. Maybe instead of asking will anything be done about it, we the people should demand it. Without pressure from us, of course no one will do anything about it, no matter how many times they get away with it.

    • And “They” now have opportunities to alter our Supreme Court… to create a “rubber stamp” for their communist agenda.

      Bye, bye, Constitutional Republic.

  • We the people received sex without a kiss and I am getting mad about no one taking charge about the election . With all the “smart” people in office why is this not resolved by now with the evidence presented thus far . Prizzie Bidet was not elected and how is he still in the white house . along with Kameltoe Paris .

      • Build several gallows in front of the S☭OTUS, ☭ongress, DO☭, ☭IA, FBI, DHS and the White Ho☭se! Then start using it!

    • Like I said, plausibility denial is the Democrats’ Orwellian strategy. We need a counter strategy of plausible intent. And we the people need to demand it be resolved. Without pressure from us, they won’t do it on their own. Criminal activity is in the Democrats’ handbook. The less we do to stop them, the better they get at it. And thank you for your service, sir! I mean that.

  • As long as the CommunistcRATS, retain ALL control. America WILL BE FORCED, to pay THEIR TOLL! Is everyone happy, with our nation today? We can ALL just expect it, to get worse by the day. This was ALL started, with a compromised election, to take TOTAL control, of our once GREAT NATION!!!

  • The USA has hundreds of thousands of laws and regulations and most of them go unenforced. We don’t enforce our immigration laws, drug laws, environmental laws and most of Title 18 the federal criminal code. We are a lawless violent country and it’s only getting worse under the Progressive Left Socialist Democrat Party.

  • Maybe if someone just went on a killing spree in the whitehouse things would change for the better !!!! DEATH TO ALL LIBERAL DEMOCRATS !!! F**K JOE BIDEN !!!!

    • I’ve been wanting to say that for so long but was afraid the Commie DoJ would come knocking on my door. Where are all the crazy gunmen when we need them?

  • If I recall, the Post Office was in disarray. Why they ever put DeJoy in charge is to create a big mess in the Postal Service is something you can’t pin on the voters.You don’t know if the ballots were for trump or Biden. It is time to accept the fact that The Big Lie is just that, A BIG LIE.

  • is it not time they ball got off their asses and put the 2020 election to rights we are tired of these crooks leaving this fraudulent election and doing nothing !!!

  • I’ve said what needs to be done by the constitution several times, but until there is a leader to push you sheeple this country is done and it’ll be Venezuela! That means you have to want to risk all, I know my family is but until the rest of you whiners need to be ready to stand tall when asked! I will never obey unconstitutional laws and fight to the death to keep mine! You?

  • Attorney General Mark Brnovich should be fired, if he can’t do his job, a real Patriot of our Nation can and apparently it is not he. Get it done and recall the tally if it is incorrected either way and get this damn issue gone, along with your trash collector, AGMB

  • The RINO party needs to be replaced with a new party called the conservative party. As it stands now we only have only one political party and it is the democrat/RINO party. Conservatives have no voice in our government.

  • This isn’t a ” Bombshell ” ., I and a bunch of other people knew there was voter fraud happening in every State that ” stopped ” counting votes on election night when President Trump was ahead and then suddenly wasn’t ahead when they ” started ” counting votes in the morning. Start and stop are in quotes because we know they didn’t stop but dumped in a bunch of votes for biden and then kept a ratio enough for him to win. It was mathematically proven in 2020.
    The only ” Bombshell ” would be if The Anti-American Communists that call themselves Democrats are held accountable for their crimes. The Democrats are destroying The United States with their policies and actions.
    The United States was taken over on election day 2020 by a Deep State/Democrat Coup that started in 2015. If you haven’t realized that by now, you are either willfully ignorant or haven’t been paying attention.

  • First of all, if AZ elects Brnovich as Senator , then we will assume the state has been lost miscreants and illegal aliens. This guy should not be elected to a position for dog catcher or any other elected position. He lacks integrity, courage and most of all, someone is paying him off to ignore the massive 2020 election fraud. He is a fraud and needs to be tossed in the toilet like the piece of shit he is. Secondly, it appears that we need a billionaire to fund and organize 4 or 5 million citizens or more, to storm the corrupt kingdom of D.C. for a real insurrection before the Biden/Obama regime destroys America beyond repair. Our Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution specifically call for removal of a tyrannical U.S. government should one evolve. Our founders didn’t just suggest removal of despots, they expected us to do so. Well, my fellow citizens, a tyranny has evolved. The question is, “What billionaire or billionaires will step forward to save our country.

    • The Democrat Criminals in DC called Jan 6th an insurrection … wait till they see the next trip that US Patriot Citizens make to DC … they will be well armed and have plenty of Rope to Hang the Bastards !

  • Back in the day the whole state’s administration would all be hanged. This merrygoround of BS would never have taken place. Things like plausible deniability and impunity were nothing more than wishful thinking by those looking to screw American citizens. The monumental 2020 election fraud in AZ. was ripe with intention, malice and greed. Everyone knows it and the evidence is clear. All we need now is a rope and a tree….

  • ” F J B ” he was not elected to anything … he was handed our White House on a Platter of FRAUD ! It was Biden himself that bragged about the FRAUD just a few days before the 2020 Election ! Here are his exact words …
    “We have put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”
    – Joe Biden, October 24, 2020

  • Plausibility denial is the Democrats’ Orwellian strategy. We need a counter strategy of plausible intent.

  • The Democrat Criminals in DC called Jan 6th an insurrection … wait till they see the next trip that US Patriot Citizens make to DC … they will be well armed and have plenty of Rope to Hang the Bastards !

  • Not surprising the post office was late delivering the mail, I just got a card for an appointment 28 days after the scheduled time. But the big issue is they were counted.

  • There should be a march in Dc that would make Jan 6 look like a spring festival….people should come from everywhere to say WE HAVE had ENOUGH from this power hungry socialist, ILLEGAL admin…..

  • I feel that Az. Att. General is involved in this cover up. It makes one wonder how much Zuckerberg money he received?
    I am sick of all of the lying and cheating that has gone on, and it won’t surprise me if the Demonrat party completely falls apart.



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