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If I’m being perfectly honest with you all, I really didn’t see something like this coming. It was just never on my radar.

But as hard to believe as it is, things with Jeffrey Epstein’s cronies potentially just got worse.

In addition to all that is going on already with the Jeffrey Epstein saga with Ghislaine Maxwell and Prince Andrew, there are new allegations regarding Prince Andrew and Maxwell.

According to not one, but two sources, Ghislaine Maxwell and Prince Andrew were may have actually been in an intimate relationship for some time.

Former palace cop Paul Page said in a new documentary that Maxwell became a regular visitor from 2001, the year Andrew and his sex accuser, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, were photographed in Maxwell’s London home.

“From the way she was allowed to enter and exit the palace at will, we realized — suspected — that she may have had an intimate relationship with Prince Andrew,” Page said.

“A colleague of mine remembered her coming in four times in one day. She kept coming in and out, in and out,” he told the doc, “Ghislaine, Prince Andrew and the Pedophile,” set to air on Britain’s ITV in full on Tuesday.

A banker friend of Maxwell’s who socialized with the now-disgraced group shared the sentiment.

“I got the sense that Prince Andrew and Ghislaine had probably been girlfriend and boyfriend in the past,” Euan Rellie told the documentary, according to the Telegraph.

“They had an easy warmth around each other,” he said.

If this is true, this could explain a lot including why he has been so protected in all of this. Of course, his royalty plays a role in it all as the Royal Family does not want their name tainted, even though it sort of has been already because of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, but now for him to be that close with Ghislaine would really suggest that he would at least know about her dealings if nothing else, yet kept quiet about it for all these years.

New York Post


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