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The COVID-19 global pandemic caused immense hardship. Millions of people died across the globe. Lives were devastated. Economies came to a screeching halt. Communities were torn apart. It was a tragedy.

However, there were a number of consequences caused by the virus. The greedy and power-hungry are to blame for these consequences. Ignorant, power drunk politicians imposed unnecessary restrictions.

We now know that most did little to nothing to prevent the spread. The damage these poor decisions have caused will fester for decades. There have been other unconscionable things that have festered because of the pandemic.

One is the massive profits that the already massively wealthy Big Pharma companies have made. Big Pharma was entrusted with developing a vaccine to potentially save lives. In some respects, they accomplished this.

However, in trademark big pharmaceutical fashion, these greedy corporate crooks have bilked society out of billions. Big Pharma has more lobbyists in Washington, D.C., than there are politicians in both Houses of Congress.

They are one of the most manipulative political actors in America. They were hard at work when the idea of federal mandates for their medicine was proposed. Of course, they would. Every mandate that Big Pharma could pressure into existence would be worth billions more in profits.

It was a corrupt scheme from the beginning. This scheme began to unravel when it became apparent the vaccines did not work as proclaimed. They helped in some manner, but they did not prevent a vaccinated person from getting COVID-19.

Furthermore, these vaccines did not prevent the spread as touted. In fact, the vaccines did little good except reduce the symptoms of COVID cases. But Big Pharma still pushed for vaccine mandates, despite strong evidence they were either unnecessary or unproductive.

Joe Biden’s administration is clearly beholden to the Big Pharma lobby. There is no other explanation for his insistence on vaccine mandates. Biden continued to push for mandates across virtually every spectrum of American life.

He did not back down, even when his tyrannical directives were struck down as unconstitutional. Part of this push to force everyone to get vaccinated also involved vaccine passports. Vaccine passports, a form of medical privacy, may have been the biggest violation of personal freedom.

This push for mandatory proof of vaccination was forced on all sorts of freedoms. The harshest required you to reveal a medical procedure before you could even enter a restaurant. Another heavy push was targeted towards Americans’ ability to travel freely.

Vaccine passports are required to board an airplane. While the seriousness of the COVID-19 pandemic dropped precipitously when the Omicron emerged, this same push to reveal vaccine records continues.

Now there is a coalition of big tech and health agencies pushing for a digital vaccine passport. Again, this is an invasion of privacy. It is a method of control and manipulation. However, millions have turned into sheep during the pandemic.

They do whatever they’re told. It’s no surprise, that corrupt companies, such as Microsoft and Oracle, are heavily supporting these new ways to “track citizens”. How convenient for them. This is another development stemming from a pandemic that rocked the world.

However, it has nothing to do with public health. This is an invasive push to digitally track and monitor the movements of millions of people. They’re calling them “SMART Health Cards”. Of course, this manipulative step is most prevalent in Democrat-run states. However, the notion is spilling over into some red states as well.


Why is this even happening? Especially with a pandemic that’s gradually fading into memory? We know why, but the answer has nothing to do with public health.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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