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Perhaps the biggest federal court case to take place in the last decade is happening right now, yet the media is mostly silent about it.

Well, don’t worry, because we’re not going to be silent about it. We’re going to make sure that you know are as informed on what’s going on as you should be.

The court case I’m referring to is that of Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein’s former lover and mastermind in sexually exploiting children for old perverted men.

Maxwell is charged with sex trafficking and could face some serious time, up to 80 years in prison, which would be the rest of her life for the 59-year-old.

During the trial, Jeffrey Epstein’s former pilot, Larry Visoski, testified that many powerful politicians and celebrities flew on Epstein’s Lolita Express.

According to NBC News,

But Epstein’s flights became the focus of intense media scrutiny after it was discovered that former President Bill Clinton, Britain’s Prince Andrew, lawyer Alan Dershowitz and a host of other celebrities took trips on his planes…

Asked about the well-known names who flew on Epstein’s planes, Visoski mentioned Prince Andrew and also listed former astronaut and Ohio Sen. John Glenn, actors Kevin Spacey and Chris Tucker, violinist Itzhak Perlman. He said Donald Trump was a repeat flier before he became president.

“There was more than once, I believe,” Visoski said. “I certainly remember President Trump but not anyone else associated with him.”

We actually know the names of many of the people who visited the island and therefore, we know who was likely on the plane.

Based on my own research, here is who I’ve seen was reported as being on the flight log. I don’t think that this is a complete list, but it is long.

(Compiled list of names from Epstein’s Island flight logs from the first 200 pages of 2000+.)

● Huma Abedin
● Laura Silsby
● Rachel Chandler
● Jeffrey Epstein
● Ghislaine Maxwell
● John Podesta
● Michael Podesta
● James Alefantis
● Anthony Wiener
● Leslie Wexner (Limited Inc Chairman)
● Herbert Strauss
● Isidor Strauss
● Martin A. Nowak
● Steven Spielberg
● Edgar Bronfman Sr. (Seagram Chairman)
● Charles Bronfman (Seagram Co)
● Michael Steinhardt (former hedge-fund manager)
● Sara Bronfman
● Clare Bronfman
● Niles Lehman (Professor at Portland State University)
● Seth Roger
● Ruth Ginsberg
● Alison Mack
● Robert Maxwell
● Wendi Murdoch
● Jonathan Cheban
● Naomi Campbell
● Maximilian Chow
● Val Kilmer
● Marina Abramovic

I wish this trial was being televised, but it’s going to make for a great story once it’s all said and done.

There are many more people than this that have been to the island who may or may not have flown on the plane. This is going to be huge if the media will just cover it.


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