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An FBI raid of a former president’s home is unprecedented. But the Biden administration’s all-out assault on President Trump didn’t stop with President Trump. The radical left-wing-compromised Department of Justice is attacking everyone close to the former president.

Over the last decade, dramatically intensified during the 2016 presidential election, the liberal left has weaponized federal law enforcement against conservatives. It is the worst exploitation of the FBI and DOJ in the history of our country.

If allowed to continue, the corruption within these vital agencies will transform the United States into a single-party rule. This is the radical left’s plan. It has been their plan since they began twisting the minds of our children using a corrupted liberal education model.

The indoctrination of American minds has bled into our colleges and universities. The mainstream media have been taken over by this radical leftist ideology. There is only one roadblock facing left’s scheme to take full control of America; proud and patriotic conservatives.

With President Trump as the face of patriotism, millions of Americans are pushing back against this radical agenda. However, with the full powers of the federal government at their disposal, the battle to “Save America” will be a monumentally challenging struggle.

For the sake of our democracy, this is a fight that Americans cannot afford to lose. The assault on President Trump has now branched out towards anyone close to the former president. In an interview on The Charlie Kirk Show, Steve Bannon made a bombshell announcement.

Bannon shocked listeners with the revelation that some 35 of President Trump’s allies had their homes raided by the FBI. The segment is titled: MAGA Under Siege. Again, this is an unprecedented abuse of federal law enforcement powers in the history of our nation.

Bannon told Kirk, “And there’s another grand jury coming together on January 6.” The Washington Post reported it. Bannon said 35 senior members of MAGA Republicans, supporters of Donald Trump, were raided.

Bannon went on to announce that “all these people have lawyers. The jack-booted Gestapo has to show up at their door and make a big display of this.” Attorney Harmeet Dhillon confirmed Bannon’s report. The FBI is now being used as a “paramilitary arm of the Democratic Party.”

The DOJ is contaminated with a horde of highly partisan political hacks. This is a hit job, not only on President Trump but every conservative American. Are conservatives unified enough to withstand this challenge to our democracy? We’d better be!


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • I am a Latino DEMOCRAT but JB is a TRAITOR and the FBI are not American at heart….they are pissing on the Constitution….VIVA TRUMP

  • If the midterm’s don’t solve the problem I guess things will get physical. That’s all that’s left since government is Hellbent on subjigating us. This happened before and history has a way of repeating itself. Read the “Declaration of Independence”all the way through and you’ll see we’re in exactly the same places as back then with a now dictator replacing a then king.

  • Don’t fall for it!!! The DOJ/FBI is pushing the envelope of tyranny for one reason. They are attempting to provoke a violent response from Trump supporters so they will have an excuse to “interfere” in the 2022 midterms.

  • Part of the problem causing the Nazilike use of Federal law enforcement to harass conservatives is that so many real Americans do not believe that these Leftists would actually do that. They are too distracted by reality tv and other mindless distractions that causes them to not pay attention to what`s happening in real life. We will soon wake up and realize that we have been taken over by Biden`s buddies in Communist China.

  • I said this in 20 18 all Trump is doing is holding back the complete take over of this Nation by the leftist agenda and if he would by chance win another election we could clean the swamp out but since the Mail-In vote was mandated using a false claim, I knew then that we would lose because that was put in place to rig the votes and it worked, Americans at that time were to stupid to see that, it didn’t matter if If If JB stayed in his bunker we would still lose, and now we are faced with another election that will determine the future of this Nation that is if there is one, many things that’s working against our Constitutional Freedom is Marshall Law being declared which is the worsts false flag, second undermining the election with millions of illegals voting and cross voting, so 2 things must happen since there is no protection for our voting rights No NO Mail-In Voting and No No ID-Voting every voter must be a registered voter from the district they live in matching a legal ID card proving they live in that district and voting booths must be in place as before the false pandemic to close those booths there’s a fight ahead so heads up America it is going to get worst just use common sense in your votes you not the crowd your with 1 vote 1 person.

  • The FBI better take cover if they enter the State of Texas, the State of Texas has the power to tell the FBI to go F*** themselves and can and will be Arrested under our States Constitution.
    Also I read where the traitorous Rino Lindsey Graham is trying to sabotage the midterm election against the Republicans. Graham needs to be taken out A/S/A/P.!

  • The Gestapo FBI and DOJ along with the Democrats have Proven that they are Anti American Domestic Terrorists and need to be taken down

  • Be careful what you wish for!

    I once saw a poster that said “there will be no rules of engagement when they start a civil war”. Southerners do not consider the “War of Northern Aggression” a civil war. A civil war is defined as two parties trying to take over a government. We were trying to establish our OWN government and country.

    There have actually been rules of engagement for centuries. (IE. you don’t shoot innocent civilians. This is also why the Geneva Convention requires a uniform, chain of command, and open bearing of arms.)

    Any type of fighting in this country will destroy our unity. No Blue and/or Gray uniforms. Rather neighborhood against neighborhood, native vs immigrant, foreign invader vs native, etc. Not sure how the illegals will fare as there will be no welfare state to support them, but rather the same sorry situation they left in their own native country. Might go the other way! Leave here to go back to where things are a bit more normal. Also no American largess to help their country.

    Finally a foreign invasion by other countries armed forces to take what they can and conquer what they can as the world descends into another DARK AGE.



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