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It’s becoming increasingly common for people who plan to run for public office, especially the U.S. presidency, to write a book. Despite being excruciating reads, these awful books are complete with promotional book tours. The primary goal of the author is to garner public notoriety from the book tour.

Reading the dust cover on some of these pitiful literary works proves this theory true. But that doesn’t stop these “wannabe writers” from stuffing America’s bookshelves with unreadable drivel. While he has announced yet another run for the White House, you can add Bernie Sanders’ name to this list.

But the audacity of Sanders is almost funny. You see, Bernie Sanders is a self-proclaimed socialist. In laymen’s terms, Sanders is kind of like a communist. Socialism is a cute way to hide the real intentions of these clowns. But it appears “Bolshevik Bernie” isn’t even good at hiding his nefarious designs for America.

Despite saying that he is supposedly “evening the playing field for all,” aka socialism, Sanders is practicing capitalism to sell a new book and presumably take another stab at the White House. Bernie thinks so much of himself that he believes people will pay upwards of $100 just to attend his self-promoting circus.

Sanders’ sale of tickets for up to $95 to an anti-capitalism book promotion gig isn’t really that surprising. Bernie Sanders is a card-carrying member of the radical progressive left. Like the rest of these far-left Democrats, regardless of their specific ideological cause, they’re hypocrites. Liberal politicians talk about America’s racial problems while spewing racial hatred.

Anti-law and order progressives shout to “defund the police” while paying thousands to hired bodyguards to make sure they’re safe. Climate change crazies, like John Kerry, tell everyone to “bite the bullet” and “go green” while he flies all over the globe in a fossil fuel-guzzling private jet. Flat and simple, just like Bolshevik Bernie selling $95 tickets to his book promotion, they’re all hypocrites.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • The commie clown would have to pay me more than he has to listen to him spew his hatred. I suggest he pack up and get out of here and GO to any one of the commie countries around the world.

  • It’s staggering how blind the young and , by their standards , intelligent liberals are to the hypocrisy of their Social/Capitalist figureheads . They want income equality for all yet they don’t dare question Bernie about his income inequality for himself . Never mind the rest of the political swamp .

  • WHY does Bernie the Bum always look Angry and about to Have a Fit of Distemper? He has never really worked a day in his life until he became Mayor of some Mickey Mouse Town somewhere in New England? It has been reported that he was around 40 years old then and was living in a some Dump with a dirt floor! After he entered Politics and married a woman with questionable Integrity he became a Multimillionaire! WTF? Does anyone ever wonder what kind of people voted for this Commie Pinko Incompetent Malcontent??? Inquiring Minds Want to Know.

    • Good questions, lets investigate all of the bums that have become millionaires after becoming a politician. Never will happen though since they run the DOJ, FBI and the slime of all slimes, AG Garland.



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