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A Black President Trump supporter was shot dead just hours after he gave a pro Trump interview.

He was shot execution style right in front of his business in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Bernell Trammell could very well be a victim of the violence fomented by elected Democratic leaders in congress who daily accuse the president of everything from the heartbreak of psoriasis to the agony of de feet.

If you doubt me, name just one Democrat who has criticized the violence coming from the left.

Instead they have cheered them on and insist that they be called “peaceful protesters.”

Regardless of how many businesses are looted and burned to the ground, Democrats have been standing firmly by their side.

Trammell has long been known for his publishing company as well as his support for this president.

Police say they have no motive but I suspect it was because he violated the BWC law. Breathing while conservative.

Or it could be an entire series of coincidences, like anyone set to testify against the Clintons.


The reported:

Bernell Trammell, a well-known Black supporter of Donald Trump who was a community fixture known for his publishing company and long conversations on religion and politics, often delivered from street corners while holding pro Trump and other signs, was shot to death in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Trammell, 60, was gunned down on July 23 near the very spot where he gave a video interview a few hours before explaining why he supported Trump. Milwaukee police are seeking what they described as “unknown suspects.”

The motive is not clear, including whether the slaying was tied into Trammell’s political beliefs or Trump support.

Some news outlets gave the victim’s name as Bernell Tremmell, but he goes by Trammell on social media.



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