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The “Not F-cking Around Coalition,” (NFAC) an armed Black Militia group marched through Louisville on Saturday and one member acci  dentally shot himself and the leader known as  “Grandmaster Jay,” said that his group will burn down Louisville if the officers who killed Breonna Taylor aren’t arrested for her death.

Grandmaster Jay has not been arrested yet for making terrorist threats and depending on the size of the mayor’s and the DA’s cojones may never charge him. It remains to be seen if city officials will bow to the Black militant group and arrest the officers involved. Will they call their bluff? And if it isn’t a bluff?

The reason that the country is seeing so many riots is that Democratic mayors and governors lack the backbone to stop them. Innocent citizens are being beaten and even killed as businesses are burned to the ground.

Will Louisville become another Portland? Well, the mayor is Democrat Greg Fischer and the governor is Democrat Andy Beshear, so the odds appear to favor NFAC. But, remember that Republicans dominate the state, Trump won all but two counties including the one that contains Louisville.


One NFAC member accidentally fired his gun, injuring himself and one other person who were taken to the hospital. One was shot in the leg and the other in the hand. This does not bode well for Grandmaster Jay. If his members are as handy with matches as they are with guns, they will all end up with first degree burns.

In four weeks we should have all the answers to our many questions unless the city acts right away to the threats being made. Consider what is happening in New York City, Seattle and Portland and you will see you cannot depend on the threat being a bluff.


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