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The radical progressive left is always looking for a way to get into the American public’s pocketbooks. They’d reach into our wallets and take out every last dollar if they could. The left hides behind a “tax the rich” scheme that will ultimately tax everyone.

In fact, rich liberal donors will be gifted with sneaky little tax loopholes so they can hang onto their fortunes. Everyday working-class Americans will not be so fortunate. The current left-controlled federal government keeps claiming that it lowers taxes for middle-income Americans.

If that were the case, which it’s not, there’d be only one problem. Leftist economic policies have triggered the worst year of inflation in decades. Inflation eats away at wages faster than anything. By purposefully triggering inflation, Democrats are waging a tax war on the middle class.

But that’s not the only plan by the progressive left to undermine the financial stability of average Americans. Radical Democrats across the country think Americans should pay for something that happened more than a century and a half ago.

Far-left Democrats think Americans should pay the ancestors of slaves what are called “reparations.” Immediately, a number of questions come to mind. How will the government determine who qualifies? This would require a form of genetic tracing.

Many will remember how that theory worked out in 1930s Germany. An outspoken actor and comedian recently voiced another issue. Faizon Love did an interview for YouTube’s Vlad TV. Love trashed the idea of reparations. He thinks they’re beyond stupid.

Love said, “F*** that. That’s another trick, man. You know why? Because that money’s gonna go right back to Cadillac and right back to motherf***ing Benz.” The black celebrity thinks he has a better idea than handing out a bunch of free money.

Love believes that a tax exemption for black people would be far more appropriate. As an example, he points out that the federal income tax was created to fund the Civil War. What better way to sort of “pay for the sins of our forefathers” than issuing a racially biased tax break?

But how will tax-and-spend liberals view this suggestion? If the far left had its way, it’d tax every American into bankruptcy. It seems rather unlikely that progressive leftists would give a huge tax break to any ethnic minority in America.

I’ll admit…this idea is unique and interesting. But what do you think? Should blacks in America be tax-exempt?

Photo Credit: YouTube/djvlad


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • has everybody gone crazy? Why should black people be exempt from paying taxes and white people have to make up for the difference. Enslaved Africans were brought to America as early as the 1500s. That is 700 years ago and it is insane to even discuss it.
    Democrats keep coming up with the most devilish plans to bankrupt America. They keep screaming “pay them, pay them”, but it does not come out of their pockets. I sure hope we will see a change in government real soon, because Democrats will destroy this country beyond repair. That seems to be their mission.

    • This is why People of ALL Colors , Races and Native Origin need to get off their Lazy BUTTS and Vote a New Party in to Congress not the some Tom , Dick & Harry’s. The DEMORATS well Kill and Destroy everything that America stands For !

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  • The moderater does not know wtf he’s taking about, the country/gov funded it self off of Terriffs/ inport tax foreign countries on there commerce/products into the US.
    It wasn’t till we bought into the big scam the fed res (Which is not a gov entity its privately owned) then we came up with the IRS witch is another non gov entity. If one reads adn disects IRS law only people in dc and on federal land are bound to pay federal taxes. We have all been scamed on the belief we must pay a federal tax.
    Reperations for slavery is a bottomless pit. Why? blacks were not the first and only slaves in the US. Long before blacks were sold by there own people in Africa, it was the Irish that were the labor slaves of the US. Slaves have existed since begining of time. Not saying its a good thing but its been around forever

    • True! Peoples of every race ethnicity, etc, have been both the slaves & the slave owners at varying times. Reparations are not possible, for those long dead, & no one else is owed them.

  • Let’s have a tax exemption for those of us whose family arrived in America in the early 1900s. While I loathe slavery, I also am against prejudicial selection of my pocketbook for those that can study and get a good career position and serve their country too.

    I’ve done all of this besides staying out of prison by behaving according to statutes. Everybody has an equal opportunity to do the same thing. That’s justice for all.

  • We should all be tax-exempt. When American Indians on reservations were in many things, people had jobs and pride, even on the little the feds allowed. Declare every slum, regardless of race, a free-trade zone, and see companies piling up eager to build there, to hire local folks. Conservatives would love to do this, and were blocked by liberals. niio



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