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On Friday, comedian and bitter Trump hater Bill Maher, criticized former CNN White House correspondent Jessica Yellin after she appeared to blow off recent violence and riots that have gone on in Democrat-run cities and states all across the country since the death of George Floyd’s at the hands of Minneapolis police.

Yellin, who wrote the novel “Savage News” and founded #NewsNotNoise on Instagram, was making an appearance on Maher’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” along with another guest, Peter Hamby, who is the host of “Good Luck America” on Snapchat, and he is a contributing writer for Vanity Fair.  Three liberals in one segment.

During her appearance, Yellin told the host that the violence happening across the country, that we all see every day, was only concentrated in a small area in Portland, Oregon.

“I’m not down with this ‘Property’s on the table as something we can just take because things are not right,’” Maher said about what’s going on in the protests and looting that are still being labeled as peaceful protests.

Yellin responded, “Where is the mass destruction of property happening right now?”

Maher replied, “Do you watch the news?” 

Fox News’ “Fox & friends” talked about it.


Maybe Yellin watches CNN, her old network, which has reporters on scene during riots standing in front of a burning building with a chyron at the bottom of the screen saying, “Mostly Peaceful.”  CNN and MSNBC an the like aren’t showing their viewers the destruction, chaos and mayhem that’s going on in blue cities.  So, either Yellin only exposes herself to #FakeNews outlets and never watches YouTube, or she’s lying.

Here’s a prime example of that, where a CNN reporter is in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and there is a raging fire in the background, and the one-the-scene reporter has a chyron at the bottom of the screen that says “Fiery But Mostly Peaceful Protests After Police Shooting.”  That’s gaslighting.


“If you look at Portland, it’s two square blocks!” Yellin insisted. After she made that ridiculous statement, Maher went in for the kill.

“There is a view, it is in the media,” he told her. “Please. I know you’ve seen it. Don’t look at me like I am making this up, that somehow this is a justifiable approach.”  There are times like this when Maher is actually reasonable and makes sense.  For example, when the topic is Islamic extremism, there is no better source to get the straight dope on what that ideology is all about than Bill Maher.  Now, the host is being honest about the property destruction and violence against innocent people in riots raging for over a hundred nights straight in Democrat-run cities across the country.  It makes me wonder if he can be this honest and this spot on with the two topics discussed, then how could he be so wrong on just about everything else?  He’s clearly not stupid, so how can he be so wrong about Donald Trump and the good his administration has done for the country?  How could he dismiss all the distractions the Democrats have thrown at the president since even before he was elected?

Yellin refused to back down from her leftist talking points, and clumsily replied, “Isn’t pain part of protest? I mean, isn’t that what … ”

“So you’re part of this,” he answered. “You believe it!”

He later added, “I saw this guy at a Papa John’s yelling through his broken glass, ‘You are going to elect Trump and I’m just trying to feed my family.’ I don’t think his view is just, like, ‘C’est la vie, it’s just property.’”

According to Deadline, “Real Time with Bill Maher” is believed to be the very first talk show to bring back live audiences following the Chinese virus pandemic (CV-19) production shutdown earlier in the year.

Apparently, the show allows no more than 25 people in the audience at a time during a live taping.


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