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While people can debate on whether or not Joe Biden really fell asleep during the recent climаte chаnge conference, there is no doubting that he probably was tired.

And did you hear the speech that was going on. If I’m being perfectly honest, I’d probably fall asleep, too. I’ve fallen asleep during far more interesting speeches before.

However, there may have been an even bigger mishap during Biden’s visit with Pope Francis in Italy. Seems there may be a rather embarrassing reason behind why the meeting went so long. Biden and Pope Francis met for well over an hour.

No problem, unless you take into account previous papal meetings with world dignitaries. Rarely do they exceed an hour. While President, Barack Obama met with the leader of the Catholic Church for 50 minutes.

President Trump sat down with Pope Francis for a half-an-hour. So, did Joe and Pope Francis have a great deal more to discuss? That could be one reason. However, rumors rolling across the countryside in Rome tell a more embarrassing story.

According to the rumor, the lengthy Joe Biden and Pope Francis talks may have been less about “substantive conversation” and more about a “loss of substance”. Some close to the situation insist that Joe had a “bit of an accident”.

Now, if you’re getting along in years, this isn’t funny. We are not finding amusement at the idea that someone “had a little accident”. What we are concerned about is the continuing challenges surrounding Joe Biden’s perceived ability to be the leader of the free world.

There isn’t any direct evidence that incontinence goes hand-in-hand with incompetence. However, in this instance, the connection grows eerily more concrete. This rumored “little accident” triggered a wave on Twitter.

It triggered the fourth-highest trending tweet across the social media platform. Users were spreading the Rome rumor like wildfire. Joe’s potential potty calamity generated the #PoopyPantsBiden hashtag.

No one has come forth with any “substantive evidence” to support the rumor. However, we can’t imagine where such a crazy idea like this would come from, if it were not accurate. At some level, we have to feel sorry for poor old Joe.

It’s hard to watch the President of the United States stumble along, fumbling his way up to a podium where he will stumble through another speech. If Joe didn’t fall asleep at the COP26 Climаte Summit, he sure seemed awfully close to nodding off.

No one should begrudge anyone the embarrassment of soiling their trousers. It’s probably happened to everyone at least once. However, what is embarrassing is the ever-increasing number of Biden blunders. “Poopy pants” is just the latest in a frightening flood of Biden messes.

Photo Credit: YouTube/The George Show


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