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To even insinuate that voting machines moved votes during the 2020 Presidential election is a serious crime today according to Democrats.

All the same, Dara Lindenbaum, Biden’s FEC nominee and former General Counsel for Stacey Abrams’ campaign, admitted to Senator Ted Cruz during a recent hearing before the Senate Rules and Administration Committee that she signed a legal document swearing that voting machines illegally changed votes from one candidate to another in a previous election.

Senator Ted Cruz questioned Lindenbaum during her confirmation hearing and asked the Biden nominee to the FEC: “As an officer of the court, you were willing to put your name on a legal pleading alleging that the machines used in Georgia in 2018 were switching votes illegally from one candidate to another. Is that correct?” Dara Lindenbaum replied, “Yes”.

According to the Washinton Free Beacon,

In November 2018, election lawyer Dara Lindenbaum signed on to a federal legal complaint on behalf of Abrams’s Fair Fight Action. The complaint challenged the constitutionality of Georgia’s 2018 election, which saw Abrams lose to Republican governor Brian Kemp in a race she never conceded. Warnock’s Ebenezer Baptist Church joined the suit in early 2019, just months before the Democrat entered Georgia’s 2020 Senate race.

According to the complaint, the state of Georgia “grossly mismanaged” the election by depriving “Georgia citizens, and particularly citizens of color, of their fundamental right to vote.” As a result, the complaint said, Georgia’s election “violated the First, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution.” The complaint also lamented the use of “insecure and unreliable” electronic voting machines that “lack a paper trail” and thus “cannot be audited”—those machines even “switched” votes from Abrams to Kemp, according to the complaint.

It still makes me wonder just how much evidence is needed in order for people to suck it up and admit that what happened during the 2020 Presidential election was nothing short of the “f-word”. If it supposedly happened once, it could happen again.


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