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Biden’s promises about electric cars have gone up in smoke as reality collides with California policy.

While in South Korea, Biden advised Americans to buy an electric car if they don’t enjoy paying high gas prices.

First, even MSM fact-checkers have refuted the figures Joe cited. Second, even if you can buy an electric vehicle, you will have challenges, particularly if you live in California.

California’s electrical grid operators have issued a warning that the state’s electricity grid is experiencing capacity issues.

Officials say the state is facing a 1,700-megawatt power shortage, which has been worsened by fire damage to existing power lines.

The number of electric cars is also becoming a problem for the electrical system.

“Let’s say we were to have a substantial number of [electric] vehicles charging at home as everybody dreams,” Ram Rajagopal, an associate professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Stanford University said. “Today’s grid may not be able to support it. It all boils down to: Are you charging during the time solar power is on?”

California wants to eliminate all gas-powered automobiles by 2035, but it lacks the necessary electric infrastructure.

“The use of an electric vehicle is like adding one or two air conditioners to your residence in terms of its energy increase,” Mike Jacobs, Senior Energy Analyst at Union of Concerned Scientists, told Yahoo Finance. “So when the local utility engineer looks at this, he thinks of that air conditioning in the afternoon and the electric vehicle coming home at the same time.”

Oh, and get this: electric vehicle owners are already being regulated/advised on when they can charge their vehicles.

Yahoo Finance reported,

In Concord, Massachusetts, where Jacobs lives, his local utility has already asked that he set a timer on his electric vehicle so he is not charging until after 10 pm at night in exchange for a discounted rate. Technology that allows the grid and cars to communicate directly is likely to follow, he said.

“If you can charge the vehicles in the middle of the day or in the middle of night, it is almost not a worry because our system is built to meet that evening demand, that peak,” he added. “So spreading it out a little bit more, especially shifting it to sunshine hours when the solar is strong, makes it less of a concern.

What if you had to be told when you could go to the gas station?

So, according to Biden, Americans must purchase a $55,000 or more automobile in order to avoid paying $5 per gallon of gas, but they will be unable to drive the vehicle because the electrical infrastructure lacks the ability to charge it.

Welcome to Biden’s America.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • This problem of Tesla EV’s everywhere in Kalifornia. I saw at least nine of them when I drove to work this morning. Nine all in a general close proximity although some people figure that they can recharge them every night giving them 300+ miles a day to use them no problem if you can charge them each night accordingly. But multiply that number in communities around Kalifornia where we already are told that using your air conditioners should only be done in off peak hours at no higher than 72 degrees. Now all these electric cars charging daily must be a big drain on community power grids. People are going to be prone to what the powers that be will allow you to just plug and play, just wait.

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  • Now is not the time in our nation to switch to electric cars and lose fuel electric cars are not for us yet you don’t force people to do what you want to for kickbacks as in vaccinations. Let us live we are not your people Biden gods people only don’t be so much retard like you are!

  • gasoline , desal ,and other oil related fuels will never be able to full electric vehicle just imagine trucks that have to go from coast to coast a trip that now takes about 3 days with electric and having to stop every 400 miles to recharge for 24 hours the same trip would take a week maybe longer and if you think the supply shortage is bad now then imagine where we would be at this rate of delivery people would for sure be starving and going necked because they would not have stuff in stores to buy in a timely manner

  • Hmmmm…. remember when ‘the rush hour’ was between 7:30 AM and 9 AM and then 4:30 PM to 6PM? I no longer participate in ‘the rush hour’ so I don’t know, but some folks I know talk about the 12+-hour day due to the commute…. how soon is that going to play out with EVs??

  • The first thing the dummies always get wrong about “alternative energy” is the SCALE required. They don’t have a clue.

  • Biden regime totally business clueless.
    Plus the most incompetent Cabinet and staff ever assembled in the US.

  • The American people suffer from a media that has given up reporting facts and the truth. Instead, they have adopted a radical political perspective and propaganda. Some people actually believe the misinformation they see and hear from the media and it is leading to chaos.

  • The real agenda: Taking away our mobility so we can be enslaved. Electric cars now cost twice as much as gas ones. The spread will widen as the toxic and scarce metals mostly mined in communist and unstable non-democratic countries skyrocket. When our gas cars eventually go to the dump, we will have to use public transportation. The bus driver will ask “Papers please”. Do you have your vaccine passport? Your Democratic party membership card?
    This election may be our last opportunity to exterminate the globalist Democrat and Rino whores. Let’s get off our asses and go to and WATCH the polls. The Democrats are right about one thing: voter suppression. We can only reduce them from voting 10 times each to one time each by crowding every precinct in the country.



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