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Joe Biden has been a constant source of embarrassment for himself and the country. Is it any wonder his handlers coddle him, feverishly working to keep him out of the public spotlight?

Biden wanders aimlessly away from podiums, seemingly forgetting where he is or what he’s doing. Allowing him to speak impromptu would certainly prove disastrous.

Nonetheless, through all their valiant efforts to prevent “the old man” from having embarrassing moments, there are those unavoidable ones.

Each incident reconfirms what most Americans see as obvious. Joe Biden is a grouchy old man. Beyond the idea that his lack of cognitive awareness is compromising his ability to function, Biden frequently snaps at people.

These abrupt changes in mood are signals of larger issues. Mood swings in elderly adults signify potential emotional struggles. They’re nothing to laugh it.

Nevertheless, they’re part of the aging process. But when we’re talking about the person gifted with the monumental job of leading the most powerful nation in the free world, it’s dangerously problematic.

What’s to stop Joe Biden from snapping at a fellow world leader during a heated negotiation? Wars have been triggered by less.

During a recent event at the White House, Biden reconfirmed everyone’s darkest worry. What will this man do next to embarrass our nation? During Eid al-Fitr, an event celebrating the end of the Islamic holiday Ramadan, clueless Joe snapped.

While Biden was muttering away at the podium, one young boy inadvertently interrupted him. This wasn’t a rude, insensitive White Press correspondent. This was a child. Children are spurred by the moment. Likewise, crotchety old men do the same things. Our idiot-in-chief started his comments with an awkward joke.

Biden promised to make his comments short so as not to affect the 6:00 PM prayers of those in attendance. That was one of those “crawl under the rug” moments. But Biden wasn’t done. Instead of politely acknowledging that the little boy might have interrupted him, Biden snapped. “Hush up, Boy!” he spouted.

When the audience member continued to talk over him, Biden took the level of embarrassment to the next level. “Do you want to come and make a speech?” Biden asked rudely. This man is a dunderhead. But worst of all, he’s a crotchety, snappy, rude old man. This is just another in a trove of examples proving that Joe Biden is not fit for the job of president. The list is endless!


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Joe Biden was never fit to be a representative of the people.
    Always, rude, strident, nasty and a compulsive liar You had to be the same kind of creep as he was to listen to him. He was also a biggot. He complained loudly during the Bill for School Buses, that he didn’t want his kids going to a school that looked like a jungle. He is also a plagiarist. Kicked out of the campaign against Mike Dukakis. George H. Bush won that contest. Sniffing little girls hair and stroking girls arms were another of his breaches of moral manners recorded in pictures of press conferences.Obviously his loss of memory hasn’t blurred the meaness ore the lies.

  • No, it’s not funny, because in the process of his dementia and perversion, he’s destroying the country! I have NO sympathy for him; NONE! He can’t assume room temperature fast enough, but unfortunately, it’s already too late for the nation!

  • If this is a POTUS, the woods are full of them!!!!! The people that voted for him are already there!!!!!

  • So we all have known this for quite a while and when is Biden going to be gone? Get the impeachment done but it has to include Kamala also or nothing is gained. I guess McCarthy is next in line as speaker until we have a new election and hopefully get a Trump /DeSantis ticket if the two of them can stop this childish attacking each other.Someone wake the two of them up please!!!

  • tell sloppy Joe that he should withdraw from the 2024 election now. he’s worthless to this country and really needs to be impeached and indicted

  • And this senile old fossil wants to run for President again? He is really off his rocker.
    He has done enough damage to our country and no telling now much more damage he
    will do before him term is up. I hope the people that voted for him are sorry now!!!!!

  • Wonder if the people who voted for biden realizes that biden has made our country
    the laughing stock of the world?

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