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If Americans listen to Joe Biden and his inept administration, the U.S. southern border is secure. There’s nothing to see here. There haven’t been roughly 4 million border encounters since Biden’s first day in office. Our border communities aren’t being overwhelmed. These are all lies.

The U.S. southern border is a mess. What’s happened since Biden erased virtually every successful President Trump border policy is horrific. Some believe that the whole border mess is purposeful. For certain, “Biden’s border crisis” has put the U.S. national security at risk.

By most estimates, more than 500,000 illegal migrants have managed to avoid border patrol. These “got-aways” pose the greatest risk to national security. We have no idea who these people are and what they might be capable of.

It’s a fact that, for some bizarre reason, these people do not want to be apprehended. That’s an alarming thought, since the vast majority of the illegal migrants who do submit to border patrol agents are simply being welcomed by the Biden administration and allowed to stay.

Unless an illegal migrant has something to hide, there isn’t much reason to flee. But then there’s an even more disturbing aspect of Biden’s border ineptitude. Human beings are dying, and they’re dying unnecessarily.

This doesn’t include the thousands of Americans who are dying because of the wave of Fentanyl flooding across Biden’s open border. If these people weren’t being lured to the border, enticed by Biden’s freebie giveaways, they wouldn’t make the risky journey.

While the Biden administration continues to deny the crisis, border town morgues are providing indisputable proof. If the U.S. southern border is secure, then why is the town of Eagle Pass, Texas, running out of plots to bury those who die trying?

Illegal migrants are dying every day. Maverick County Sheriff Tom Schmerber spoke with Daily Caller field reporter Jorge Ventura. Schmerber said his office has encountered an alarming number of deceased migrants.

Recently, Maverick County Sheriff’s deputies identified three of five deceased migrants. The bodies were recovered along the Rio Grande River. Schmerber says that many migrants die from drowning. He said others die along the journey from dehydration from the sweltering heat.

The sheriff stressed how sad this whole crisis is. Schmerber told Ventura, “That’s the sad part. Not everybody makes it, including children, females that are pregnant, and I’m hoping that we don’t have to get another trailer like this with a freezer, because it’s sad.”

The funeral director in Eagle Pass told the sheriff’s office that they are at capacity. They have no more room for deceased migrants. They can’t even deal with what might be considered a normal load of deceased.

Refrigerator trucks are being requested, so that authorities can deal with the massive increase in dead bodies. Border officials just outside Eagle Pass say they discover two or three deceased migrants every day. This is a crisis within a crisis.

Close to a thousand illegal migrant deaths have been reported this year alone. Makeshift graves are necessary for many illegal migrants because they cannot be identified. The graves are marked, “John Doe,” “Jane Doe,” or regrettably, “Baby John or Jane Doe.” It’s sad.

However, many of these deaths could have been avoided. Joe Biden has enticed people to take a dangerous journey, ultimately breaking U.S. federal law. Does he care? It doesn’t appear that way. If Biden did care, he’d do something. But he refuses to, because it’s what he wants.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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    • Not hard to deal with, it’s almost a joke the people who are being hired as irs agents. Sure they are wearing body armor but there’s a dozen ways to make that as worthless as wearing nothing at all. I’m not sure the program will see the light of day of the republicans rip it up but if it actually does go into effect just wait and watch what happens.

      • It is all about buying all that equipment from their buddies at an inflated price! I am sure Jim Biden and Hunter will be involved in the money part of that! Remember Jim Biden was part of building all the houses in Iraq! And he has no idea which end of a hammer hits the nail!

  • It may seem cruel but one would think it would easier to cremate the body and have it in a canister so it would not have to be buried . But that might be more expensive to do not sure . Sad no matter what . This is one situation that really needs to be handled and not just left like the Biden administration seems to be doing

    • Agreed. The same thought crossed my mind. I hope that these who find the bodies are in protective gear so they don’t get sick and die too. Take a DNA sample, analize it and then store it. Plastic bgs are good enough. Save the urns for the American peope who are legal and died because they were infected by these illegal ALIENS.

    • Or have mass OPEN graves that are open for a week at a time so the ILLEGAL ALIENS can see how many of them are dying AFTER crossing illegally.

    • I agree Gerald 100% Biden and all his Communist Admistration are murderers and only care about the ones who made it for Communist Democrats votes.
      When we take the House and the Senate the Republicans better do what they say their going to do.
      They’ve all committed Treason.

    • The DOJ has one goal, and one goal only. To take down President Trump. They don’t want Trump in the WH because Trump does not play their evil, sick, corrupt games. President Trump is the only president in recent history who truly loves America and the American People. Biden and Company cannot tolerate this. Very sad, but very true.

      • You are RIGHT! We must fight their sick agenda every way we can and if they prevent Trump from running then we need to run DeSamtis in his place.

    • That’s what I say too Brother!

      I’ll say this if any voter votes for demoncrats knowing all this now I truly believe God may very well judge them with the same measuring stick as Biden for guilt by association or aiding and abetting pure diabolical evil! I believe God has allowed things to get this bad for this reason, so the truly wicked will “present themselves for damnation;” CHOICE must be allowed, they’ve screamed that in the streets for decades; now they get the full-Monty! All the innocent that suffered through all this debauchery and horror, yes they were martyred; but immediately in a flash go right to God in heaven for the best of all good and holy things forever; God bless them!

    • Biden is a WEF paid up full member so just guilt by association not to mention his bending to Schwab, Soros and the rest of the Satanic cult members makes him “Equally” as culpable as any of the worst human beings you can point at or mention, even in all of history! They’re signed up permanent residents of hell for eternity; and so their picnic here is very short!


    • True and the totally illegitimate BUTTOCK OBLABBER if there had been any justice in this Republic would have been hung already; he is a supporter of ISIS, Iran and all enemies of America!

  • The only way to stop this is to have the Democrats pay every dime to send them home! Take every dime biden has and the rest of the democrats and the media that backs them! If nothing happens to these criminals . They will just do it again! Make them pay for what they did with their money and we will put a stop to it! Rent tain and send them all back and give the Democrats the bill! Then pass a law that states if they do it again the people can beat the crap out of them! And sue them direct!

  • just let the dead lay where you find them. that might send a message to the next ones comes. let the animals have a feast, who really cares.

  • We need just one event in which first we warn would-be invaders, in multiple, relevant languages–that we WILL shoot to kill to protect the rightful inhabitants of our country. Trust me, I lived in the borderlands in Tex and N. Mex: this will END all further invasions. Shoot to kill–we have an enshrined right to protect ourselves!

    • Unfortunately our out of control criminal government isn’t doing a damned thing about it so it might come to that!

  • 1,000 death toll and climbing! Yessir! Not to mention the rest of the blood Biden has on his evil hands. He is likewise the Cartel King Pin of human smugglers and is directly responsible for any and EVERY bad thing happening to the migrants being sold, raped, and used as mules for drugs into America! There’s GOT to be a very specially stoked hole waiting in hell for him and his veep.

    • There absolutely is and it’s for Eternity; as his suffering will be exponentially worse and more than all the suffering and death he has caused combined, I am positive of this!

  • shut down the border and make it known if you come in illegally, there are armed guards waiting and they will shoot. this would cut down on quite a few crossings.

  • Remember early on during Trump’s term of office when it was reported there were up to 12 million illegal immigrants in the US which had occurred over a number of years? Since Biden took office 15 months ago that number has increased by 4 million. Think about it, and think about the impact on government services, “under the table” payments, health care availability, etc.

    • Since the 90’s they’ve told us 11 million illegals in the country, never goes up (gov’t math ?) . Instead of 87,000 new IRS agents (armed) maybe
      O’Biden should put Border Patrol on, to replace all those he turned into
      baby-sitters !!

  • Biden has screwed up everything he’s touched and you can thank the Demonrat party for all of it since they put the incompetent fool in office.

  • There should be some kind of ‘checks and balance’ agency within our government who’s duty is to arrest and imprison ANY politicion the second they committ an act against our Constitution. The satanic dems are running amock with unconstitutional policies and breaking most other laws of this land. The Trump witch hunt should have NEVER happened and Hitlery should have been in prison. However, there is no one in our government who has ANY authority to arrest these evil locusts who are enslaving our citizens with “laws for thee, but NOT for me” crap!!! All we have, apparently, is the insane and incessant “committee hearings” that go absolutely nowhere!!! The really bad thing is, these communist fascist morons KNOW they can get away with it just because THEY happen to be the majority. Wholly and immorally UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!!

  • I seriously feel that Joe Biden doesn’t have a clue as to what is really going on in America.
    I feel as though they sort if wind him up and let him run until he runs out and then the next time they need him, they just wind him up again and let him run again. Someone else is in charge up there; Obama or Susan Rice maybe.
    They just point him toward the cameras, put the words on the teleprompter and tell him to read what he sees there. He is a pathetic excuse that the radical democrats lies and stoked to put in office and now even they are tired of him. He is incapable of doing anything to actually help Americans.

  • Yes! Border crossings by illegal aliens, foreign terrorists and drug cartels will continue, ……………………..IF YOU LET THEM IN!

    Xidens and Obama’s past immigration E.O.’s are NOT law and can be ignored!

    The FED’s, TSA, DHS, US Marshall’s, Border Patrol and ICE, have been following ILLEGAL E.O.’s for over 13 years instead of enforcing “”existing”” immigration laws.

    Arizona/Texas citizens continue to suffer the deadly consequences.

    The Fed’s are cowards and traitors protecting their pensions instead of doing their sworn job and Congress lets it happen!

    Arizona/Texas. Forget the lawsuits. That will take years.

    Arizona/Texas Rangers, Police and their National Guards must kick all the Feds out, take over and seal the border!

    That is better than changing diapers and getting shot at!

  • How Eisenhower solved illegal border crossings from Mexico
    July 6, 2006 By John Dillin > > > Note the archive date!

    csmonitor. com/2006/0706/p09s01-coop.html

    George W. Bush isn’t the first Republican president to face a full-blown immigration crisis on the US-Mexican border.

    Fifty-three years ago, when newly elected Dwight Eisenhower moved into the White House, America’s southern frontier was as porous as a spaghetti sieve. As many as 3 million illegal migrants had walked and waded northward over a period of several years for jobs in California, Arizona, Texas, and points beyond.

    President Eisenhower cut off this illegal traffic. He did it quickly and decisively with only 1,075 United States Border Patrol agents – less than one-tenth of today’s force. The operation is still highly praised among veterans of the Border Patrol.

  • Did’ja ever wonder …why Congress, Texas and Arizona caved the next 68 years to the ranchers and farmers …after President Eisenhower ran all the illegal aliens out in Operation Wetback? ……..Bribes perhaps?? Ya, that was it.

  • Use the illegals for moving target practice, move the troops to the border when it’s time to qualify.

  • Well have the new congress pass a law stating the Democrats can pay to send them all back and round them up! Including Biden Pelosi, Schiff, Dubin and the rest of the swamp pack! Don’t forget the judges as well! If you don’t make them pay for what they did! They will just do it again. At the peoples expense . They need a law holding them accountable for all the missing money!

  • Come January if the R’s take the House and Senate, they should IMEDIATLY IMPEACH biden, harris, pelosi, schumer for violation of oath of office, and any other charges that have led to harm of American citizen’s THROW THE BOOK AT THEM ! And after that go after all the feckless cabinet members.

    • Absolutely but I would like to see them all in custody at GITMO with a Military Tribunal Trial, the hardcore appropriate way to deal with these evil Traitors!

  • Citizens who have lost family members due to the activities of illegal immigrants should, at a minimum, be able to bring civil suits against Biden and other miscreants in his administration.

  • Do everybody a selves a favor and message, send the bodies back across the border to Mexico. Mexican authorities can identify the bodies and their families can bury them. Also send the message that there is a price to pay to come to the United States illegally. Most of them are sooooo stupid.

  • Biden’s handlers are not retarded, but they (swamp) are using the president, who is. Their goal IS to ‘break the bank’, any way they can. If it looks like slo-joe is helping the people on SS, he is really NOT, there are other ‘take-aways’ on this; he is breaking the bank on the SS account for future retirees also. No matter what the reason for more spending is, the end goal IS to collapse the economy, period!

    From draining our strategic oil reserves (going to our enemies), which is another ‘bank asset, to depleting our military equipment, another ‘bank’ asset, (going to Ukraine), to ‘the jab’ required of all our military personnel, which WILL deplete our fighting forces, yet another bank ‘asset’. The Republic is being attacked from numerous, potentially dangerous directions, with one, obvious goal, our defeat.

    The traitorous politicians at all levels of government, from the very top to the lowly liberal socialist school board member, have their marching orders. The Republic IS their target.

    • Yup that is their goal and I said for a few years Venezuela here we come; I knew if the Demoncrats got control that would be the plan!

  • Hey Joe. I hope I am present when a true Patriotic citizen takes you out for your treasonous acts against our country so I can yell “It’s about time… Nothing lost”
    What a worth piece of shit!!?

    • The only thing this jackass will go down in history for is to be the biggest asswipe this country has ever seen !

  • At some point basement joe is going to kill some body from the wrong family! And they will be coming after him and his family! And no amount of secret service will be enough to protect him or his family. But these people are so brainwashed they will all wonder why or even how this could happen to them!

  • I do not see how anybody that ILLEGALLY crashes our border and then gets arrested is entitled to ANYTHING but a 6 month jail sentence followed to a quick deportation to the Southern most city of Argentina. (Just take a landing craft up on the beach and boot them out and run like hell for the 3-mile limit. We can take Argentina in a stand up fight if they get too POd at us)

  • Biden sold his soul to the devil years ago. Don’t expect to see him change. He knows he will join the devil and will be there for eternity. So he is making hay while he can.

    • He’s Owned and “doesn’t give a rat’s ass” about it now!
      That is how absolute evil thinks!
      What is surreal is that here in “America the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave” we actually have something like him as POTUS and that all of this madness is actually taking place! What once was America is no more!

  • well if anyone dies I’m glad it some of those illegal POS moochers. Lets hope that the prick joebamma joins their ranks very soon. FJB

  • Leave the dead bodies where they die. That could be a warning that MIGHT lead to a smaller numbers of ILLEGAL ALIENS trying to make it to OUR border to come here.

  • The Biden administration is most inept that I have experienced in my lifetime, Biden and his people tell blatant lies that only an idiot would believe. The border is secure? Come on man. Tell another one. And senile Joe calling trump senile? That is a hot one. Their arrogance and depravity is endless.



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