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When you botch everything from the moment you’re sworn in as President of the United States, you can expect that eventually Americans will take notice. Joe Biden hasn’t done a single thing right since stealing his way into the White House.

Every Biden policy has been a train wreck. Some insist his administration’s decisions have all been on purpose. There is an ulterior motive to everything the liberal-controlled Washington, D.C. machine is doing. Regardless of the motives, the American public is not happy.

Joe Biden’s abysmal performance is reflective of recent approval polls. His numbers have been tanking since the moment he put his lying right hand on the Bible. It hasn’t stopped his penchant for making poor decisions or flat out lying to the American people.

Approval numbers for Biden, and liberal Democrats in general, are brutal. One poll asked registered voters which party they would vote for if the midterm elections were held today. Over half insisted they would cast a vote for the Republicans on their ticket.

Barely 40 percent said they would vote for a Democrat. This is the largest margin for the GOP in such a poll in history. There are strong indications the numbers will grow increasingly worse for Democrats.

The off-year election on November 2, 2021, showed how disappointed Americans are with Joe Biden. In statistically blue states, Democrats were either swept out of power, or narrowly won races in which they were heavily favored.

In New Jersey, a 25-year truck driver unseated the sitting NJ Senate President. Radical liberal ballot initiatives were struck down all across the country. Americans spoke with their votes, and they spoke loudly.

The biggest reason for this dramatic shift is because of Joe Biden. His overall approval has sunk below 40 percent in some polls. His disapproval rating is one of the worst in history. Nearly every national poll has Joe Biden’s disapproval numbers well over 50 percent.

If it’s “all about the economy, stupid”, Joe Biden is in even worse shape than any President in decades. Over 70 percent of Americans feel the economy is in bad shape because of Biden’s boneheaded policies.

It is a clear case of “buyer’s remorse”. Americans are witnessing the fruits of a very bad decision. The 2020 election was rigged. Media coverage was rigged, and votes were stolen. Because of a mainstream media driven hatred for President Trump, Biden was able to steal the election.

The degree of disappointment in America is extremely strong among independents. Moderate Americans, who were coerced by lies insisting Joe Biden would be a moderate president, are kicking themselves for being duped by the fake news.

They are mostly responsible for Biden’s horrific approval ratings. Conservatives knew what we were getting. Moderate independents were fooled into thinking the Biden/Harris ticket would be a welcome change. They were wrong. We are all paying for this ignorant decision.

While individual Americans must be held responsible for their voting behavior, the blame for our nation’s problems falls at the feet of the mainstream media. Their bitter hatred of President Trump has driven the United States to the edge of the cliff.

Americans were tricked into voting for a dunderheaded old fool. They are witnessing the error of their ways. However, the polls indicate voters are mad about what’s going on. They realize they have elected a corrupt career politician who lies virtually every time he opens his mouth.

Furthermore, his second-in-command is a weak and ineffective cackling hyena. Americans are even angrier over Kamala Harris’ abominable performance. She is an abject failure, just like her boss. Too bad the midterm elections aren’t being held today. Liberals would lose, and lose big.

Unfortunately, America must survive another whole year of Joe Biden and Democrat control of Capitol Hill. The first year has been a fiasco. We can only hope that a handful of moderate liberals in Congress will show some common sense; keeping us afloat until a massive red wave sweeps the GOP back into control in 2022. Let’s hold our breath.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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