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Millions upon millions of young adults have worked in the food service industry. Being a waiter or waitress can teach someone a number of useful life skills. Many develop such a strong affinity for the job that they decide to make it their career. However, most in the food service industry are young people, or people who, financially, must secure additional employment.

A lot of waiters and waitresses pick up a server job to “make ends meet.” But anyone who’s worked as a server appreciates how challenging the job can be. One of the biggest issues is the economic challenges. Restaurants are permitted to pay their servers “less than the minimum wage.” That’s because customers leave a tip according to the server’s performance.

Sure, there’s an “understood percentage for gratuity” that most people adhere to, but that still doesn’t change the facts. Waiters and waitresses invariably survive on their tips. Often, they barely make the arduous job of waiting tables worth the time and effort. Typically, these aren’t Americans trying to cheat on their taxes.

But that’s not what Joe Biden thinks. Biden claims his push to hire 87,000 new IRS agents was to target tax abuse by the wealthiest Americans. It’s not. You can bet that these newly hired tax guns won’t be knocking on the doors of wealthy Democrat donors. This has been a sham to target hardworking Americans from the very outset.

House Republicans, led by new Speaker Kevin McCarthy, have vowed to shut down Biden’s IRS henchmen before they even get started. The House passed legislation to repeal funding for Biden’s band of tax hounds. But that isn’t stopping Biden from pushing policies that would target the most financially vulnerable in the U.S. workforce.

The Biden administration has instructed the IRS to formulate a new “tip reporting compliance” procedure. The IRS statement claims this isn’t a new set of policies to target servers. But like most statements from government officials, it’s purposefully ambiguous. An IRS official said, “This proposal is not in effect and is intended to welcome further conversation from all interested parties before any rule is put into place.”

In summary, that usually means that D.C. bureaucrats are going to act as if they’re engaging in a conversation about a policy, but soon the policy will be enacted. It makes no difference what “the people” think. One feature clearly shows the reasoning behind this push to target servers. It reads: “monitoring of employer compliance based on actual annual tip revenue and charge tip data from an employer’s point-of-sale system.”

In other words, Joe Biden is ordering the IRS to dog waiters and waitresses over the tips that many rely on just to survive. Mike Palicz is federal affairs manager at Americans for Tax Reform. Palicz sees through this charade. He notes, “There’s no reason they’d be issuing guidance on how to crack down on this if it was only going to end up being voluntary.”

Palicz continues by noting that Biden said that no one making less than $400,000 a year will be the target of his new IRS agenda. We’re not sure, but the list of wait staff making over $400,000 a year, including tips, is probably a pretty small number. This is a joke. Biden’s new IRS plan to target waiters and waitresses is another “big brother power grab.”

But when the Republican-controlled House voted to yank $70 billion from Biden’s $80 billion fund to beef up the IRS, any new agents may have to work like waiters and waitresses. We wonder how many of these Biden tax hounds will go ahead and harass hardworking Americans if the way they get paid will be from tips or generous gratuities from the White House?


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • People need TO pull their heads out of their “ASS” and learn something about their “Constitution”.

    “WAGES” for “MONEY” are consider a “BARTER TRADE” two things that are of “EQUAL VALUE”, …..”NO CAPITAL GAINS”.

    which is all the “CONSTITUTION” allows to be taxed.

    If “YOU” refuse to sign that “TAX RETURN” you are “refusing” to abide by tax laws which the Constitution does not require of you.

    There are “NO LAWS” that can force/penalize you for refusing to sign any “AGREEMENT”.

    Mail it in, tell them you’re not going to sign it,

    All “income taxes” will be sent back to you, how do I know, because I do it.

  • Hey all you hard working people that work hard for tips by giving service above and beyond what is expected. Now, the people who voted for Biden and the democrat’s are going to get paid back for their votes. Wake up all young young workers and Biden for taking away from your tips because now you will have to pay taxes on that. Biden said he would never raise taxes on the middle and bottom of citizens. Just another broken promise. Maybe next time you will vote for the right people.

  • Back in the mid 80’s they did this taking a % of the servers tip. And if they got stiffed they lost money on the deal. Can’t remember if it was at the federal or just the state level though. Whatever the check totaled they assume a 15% tip is 100% always given on the amount. California. I believe it was 6% or 7% they started to steal. So this would chew up the rest of the 15%.

    • Yep. It was jimmie Carter who got the tip law passed andthe percentage is on the sales recorded by the wait person whether they make that much in tips or not. Credit card payments of tips are recorded also. So when I do go out to eat and tip the weait person I tip with cas only so there is no record of how much Remember people that Democrats totally believe that ALL monies are owned by the government and only lent to civilians. Exactly why Biden is trying to make ownership of US currency unlawful and purchasing and bill paying to be done ONLY with government issued plastic cards. Reason…. The Democrats believe that all citizens are criminals

      • And they are the Rulers who do no wrong in their own eyes but must Control all of us underlings! We need an in like kind Bastille French Revolution; “Bastille Day celebrates the rebellion that ignited the French Revolution Jul 14, 1789,” (national geographic) because we are now where that nation and its people were in terms of governance and tyrants!

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  • This dirtier than dirt greedy traitor for decades has illegal invaders pouring through our southern border getting massive freebies and handouts for breaking our immigration laws, while Chinese manufactured fentanyl pours into our country via the drug cartels, which is killing massive numbers of our young American citizens! All of which is serving the CCP’s agenda to help destroy America from within! While this demonic Biden hires 87,000 IRS agents costing nearly 80 $billion to hunt down hardworking and struggling to survive waitresses to squeeze every dime he can out of them!?! But thank God that the Republican controlled House seems to have nixed that funding for now!!! This is all an absolute atrocity the way things are being handled and ran into the ground, and Biden with his entire family should be tried and executed for Treason!

  • Why doesn’t the IRS get off their A S $ and GO after Hiding Biden that has a OUTSTANDING of Owed TAXES of the AMOUNT of $ 500,000.00 in Back And Delinquent TAXES. Hidin Biden needs to take Care himself before Bothering the AMERICAN TAXPAYER’S ..

  • I understood this from the very beginning. The wealthiest Americans will find the very best tax attorneys and accountants that will follow the very letter of the law that Congress has passed. These people know more than the stupid IRS agents and will never be targeted. Can someone making less than 100 grand a year afford these people? The answer is no and they’ll pay whatever the IRS tell them they have to pay. If you think that the Biden administration is for the little guy,….there is a bridge in NY I would be happy to sell you.

  • “Biden said that no one making less than $400,000 a year will be the target of his new IRS agenda.” FLJB : Fuck Lyin’ Joe Biden !

  • The “get the billionaires” line was a LIE from the very beginning and everyone with a brain knows it!!!!! They intend to subjugate We the People of very modest means!!!!! I am retired, live on a very small socialist security income after paying high FICA taxes for most of the 50 years I was in the work force and they confiscate $2500 per year from me still, at age 73!!!!! Devildemocommiecrats only care about personal wealth and power, and are doing everything they can to subjugate WE “Serfs” under their greedy, evil thumbs!!!!!!!!!!



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