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Many medical experts strongly suggest that Joe Biden is losing his mind. The only issue with that diagnosis may be the tense of the verb “losing”. Losing indicates something that is happening now, “and ongoing.” All of that is true.

However, using the past participle of the verb “lose” would be more accurate. Joe Biden began to “lose” his cognitive awareness a long time ago. Experts now believe he’s “lost it.” Only evidence from private medical and psychological evaluations could prove when.

But there are other ways to expose how long ago Biden’s cognitive decline began. No one wants to harshly condemn Joe Biden for getting old and losing his mental faculties. However, he has been anointed the leader of the free world. His job requires him to be sharp. He’s not.

Democrats used Biden as a puppet to stuff a bunch of former Obama bureaucrats back into the White House. They had to cheat to do it. But they had to do something else to pull off their scheme. They had to figure out a way to hide “the real Joe Biden” from the American people.

The first step they took was to take full advantage of the COVID-19 virus. The timing of this deadly pandemic seems very suspicious. During the entire presidential campaign, mandatory lockdowns and stay-at-home orders allowed Joe Biden to avoid public appearances.

Essentially, he was able to campaign for the highest office in the world from his basement. Camera angles could be manipulated, and every word he said was carefully scripted. Joe Biden’s complete persona was staged. But that wasn’t even enough.

Despite the media coddling up “softball questions” for Biden to answer, he was still growing increasingly more prone to slips of the tongue. The complicit media will call them gaffes. Some insist that Joe Biden is prone to such verbal blunders, and always has been.

But that’s simply not true. If you look back over the years at Joe Biden the Senator, you’ll see something completely different. Sure, he was prone to the occasional verbal spoof. However, what’s been happening for the last three or four years is something completely different.

Joe Biden is gradually losing his cognitive abilities. It’s a reality for many as they age. It’s sad. But when you’re stuffed into the White House as the leader of the free world, it’s dangerous. In an interview on Sunday Morning Futures, Dr. Ronnie Jackson questioned who’s in control.

Dr. Jackson spoke with host Maria Bartiromo at great length about Biden’s cognitive failure. He was the physician to the White House for three presidents, including Biden’s boss, Barack Obama. Dr. Jackson insists that something is very different with Joe Biden, very, very different.

New reports have surfaced that this rapidly worsening cognitive decline started to escalate during the 2020 presidential campaign. Dr. Jackson mentioned multiple times during the campaign that he had serious concerns about then-candidate Biden.

It turns out he was correct. According to a recent report on The Tucker Carlson Show on FOX, Biden’s staff jacked him up with pep pills to help maintain his cognitive awareness. Biden’s wife, Jill, supervised the pill popping regimen.

During the report, Carlson asked, “How did he manage to get through the campaign? Well, it turned out; we learned later his staff, supervised by Dr. Jill, his wife, was giving him pills before every public appearance.”

The source of Carlson’s startling report said Biden was “Like a small child. You could not communicate with him. He changed completely because he was on drugs, and he clearly still is on drugs.” Watching a few minutes of Biden trying to fumble through a speech is alarming.

He clearly cannot maintain his mental composure for any length of time. During his interview with Maria Bartiromo, Dr. Jackson insisted, “Biden won’t finish his term. Everyone knows he’s unfit for the job. His mind is too far gone. This can’t go on any longer. He needs to resign!”

While the alternative, Kamala Harris, may not be much more appealing, we cannot have an obviously feeble man in the midst of cognitive decline running the country. Many do not believe Biden has been at the wheel since the day he was inaugurated.

Experts think someone is pulling the strings in Washington, D.C., and it’s not Joe Biden. There are growing rumors that a host of bureaucrats, supervised by Barack Obama, are making policy decisions. Whoever’s leading our nation, it’s not Joe Biden. He’s clearly unable.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Age is not the problem. There are a lot of older people in leadership in our Republic that are clear minded and doing great leadership. Brandon just isn’t one of them.

  • If Lying Corrupt Quid Pro KING Joe is being fed pills, they are feeding corrupt Quid pro the wrong pills. The pills Corrupt Quid Pro needs are the ones loaded up w/arsenic.

  • Those Communist Democrats should be investigated, including the Anti-American, Anti-Police and Anti-Constitution illegal Barack Hussein Obama, it’s Oblowma and Sorros behind alot of this and all involved should be tried for Treason, but don’t hold your breath, the gutless, spineless Republicans won’t pursue this even with evidence.

    • Sleepy drugged up Joe is definitely not running this country. He has no idea what is going on at the border, the failing economy, gas prices, all his failed policies including Ukraine, Afghanistan, baby formula, supply lines, drilling for oil, fracking, Keystone Pipeline and everything else that has failed in this country since 1 / 20 / 21. HE IS NOT CALLING THE SHOTS. That’s why they will not let him have news conferences. If asked a “real” question he could not answer it and you would clearly see his failing mind at work. With all this and how Liar – In – Chief Obummmma drove us into the poor house in 8 years, the past 18 months has his signature on it along with the “Squad ” and Susan Rice. If the Republicans can’t figure this out by what has happened over the past 18 months, then they don’t deserve to win the mid terms !

  • I always said that Joe was hopped up on a cabal of anti dementia medications that got him close to acting half ass normal. You can tell by looking at his eyes and his actions that he is not normal and high on medication. It reminds me of the movie Weekend at Bernies, where Biden is Bernie .

  • I always said that Biden was Obama’s third time. Obama hungers for power. No doubt Biden is on medication. I read he was medicated during the debates for the nominations. Let’s not forget that these politicians work for us. If we’re unhappy with what they are doing, that affect us and not them, you’d better come to realize that the Democrats spread lies. They make things up to look like the GOP is out to take all your rights away. The realize a small portion of Americans get their news from the biased media. I urge you to do your research. If Blacks had done their research before putting a demented Democrat into our highest office by simply Googling Biden, they would have found out that he is a racist. He was against desegregation of schools saying, “I don’t want my children going to school in a racial jungle.” This man has been in politics for many years and has done nothing! Even Obama called him an idiot.

  • More evidence that voters were tricked by the fake news media and DC Swamp dwellers to vote for senile Biden and incompetent Harris while rejecting cognizant and engaged Trump. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

  • Why do you think “O”- didn’t go to Chicago when he was out of office but bought a place in DC and then put a big gate around it? He never left office. This is his third term and he is continuing to socilaize this country.

  • Woq did all of you forget the Dr report on Trump. He said trump was 6″ 3 and weight was 238.
    That’s a joke. He is 6 foot and 260.
    So when you caught a lier you can never believe them again.

    • How do you know he is 6′ and weight was 260? When did you weigh and measure Pres. Trump? I don’t think you ever did! Like you said, when you catch a liar, you can never believe them again.

  • Joe is the perfect patsy for his handlers to have in the white house. Certainly people world wide know that joe doesn’t have it altogether and perhaps it has garnered him some sympathy. The broadcast of Putin grinning when he was talking to Joe on the phone says a thousand words. Usually a man running to become our president doesn’t spend his time in his basement rather than speaking to large crowds of people while he is out campaigning. Read Dinesh d’ Souza’s book “2,000 Mules.” So what is going to happen now that everyone knows that Joe has dementia? Is he going to continue as our Commander in Chief for two more years or will Camala replace him?

  • Having the Mad Cackler of word salad as President is a scary thought, but having decrepit Joe Biden sitting there while Obama flunkies run the country is no better.

  • If he is getting drugged up it isn’t helping but of course it is hard to cover up for a person who had a low IQ to start with and then add in dementia. When Trump was elected the democrats screamed for mental testing. With Biden elected and it is obvious he has mental problems but hardly hear anything from our great GOP crowd. That has been the problem with the GOP for decades and that is why we are in the mess we are in today.

    • I agree that Republicans share much of the blame for Biden even being in the White House BUT exactly what can they do without control of both the House and Senate? Americans are frustrated to the point of revolution BUT again how do we free ourselves of Biden, Obama, Rice, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, the squad, Cheney (daughter AND father) etc. and all the FAKE NEWS MEDIA. There are times when I feel as though I am sitting in a deck chair on the Titanic with no life rafts or even an inner tube in sight

  • Who would have thought that some fourteen years ago we would have installed a person in the White House who was not Constitutionally qualified to be president, who absolutely refused to prove that he was born in the USA. Who would have thought that he would have been reelected after spending four years proving that he despised the country and the Constitution he swore to defend. And then after four years of a president who actually had the interests of the country and its citizens at heart, President Trump would be ousted by someone with oatmeal for brains, thus giving obama the third term he openly discussed.
    The left has turned us in to a banana republic. If they continue to fradulently maintain their strangle hold on our government the only option, after “a long train of abuses and usurpations” will be revolution.



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