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You’re not going to believe this, but Joe Biden made a claim that “MAGA Republicans” are calling for defunding the police. However, this claim is untrue, and Republicans have never called for defunding the police. In fact, it was the radical left who has always called for defunding the police. They’re just trying to backtrack now that they see that it’s not a good idea and doesn’t work.

Take a look:

The idea of defunding the police gained momentum during the Black Lives Matter protests in 2020. The radical left argued that police departments were inherently racist and that their funding should be redirected towards social programs. However, this idea was met with widespread criticism from both sides of the political spectrum.

Republicans have always been strong supporters of law enforcement and have never advocated for defunding the police. In fact, they have consistently pushed for increased funding for law enforcement agencies to ensure public safety.

Joe Biden’s claim that “MAGA Republicans” are calling for defunding the police is simply an attempt to shift blame away from his own party’s failed policies. The Democrats’ calls to defund the police have led to a rise in crime rates across the country, particularly in cities like Chicago and New York.

The truth is that defunding the police does not work. It only leads to more crime and chaos in our communities. Law enforcement agencies need adequate funding to hire more officers, provide better training, and purchase necessary equipment.

Republicans understand this reality and have consistently advocated for increased funding for law enforcement agencies. They know that public safety should be a top priority for any government.

If you don’t believe or don’t remember who said what, just watch this video which is nine minutes worth of Democrats saying that they need to defund the police.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Yeah, we know that politicians spin stories. Usually, Republicans tell the truth and dems call it lies because it hurts them, their stupid policies and their privileged groups. Dems take spinning to a new level. Is “liar” and “hypocrite” in the Dems’ job description?

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  • all democrats are a commie marxist fascist racist woke pedophile cult. and the proof is in the pudding in the diaper that dementia jo wears , puppet jo brought to you by the commie democrat cult party.

  • Before I read the article, I was wondering what you could have chosen as the biggest. There are so many. But I must agree with your choice. I nearly fell out of my chair when I heard that demented old fool spew that garbage.

  • A lie is a lie no matter how many times you repeat it — and no matter how many people pick it up and continually repeat it. Freedom of Speech should not allow politicians to lie to those who elected them. There have been countless autocratic (those with ultimate authority and power over others) world leaders who have lied to the public including Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Putin, just to name a few. The results of those leaders resulted in tremendous harm to their citizens. Biden is now consolidating his control over all three branches of government with the help of the “fifth estate” (mass media) and apparently answers to no one. Our country is on a horrible path.

  • Joe Biden is the Most Disgusting Despicable Liar ever to occupy the White House since the Clintons, He has NO Redeeming Qualities……None. Sadly he is a Typical Democrat Politician and unfortunately there are a Lot More Just Like Him! America deserves better than the Democrat Party.



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