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As the world moves ever closer toward a cashless society with the introduction of digital currencies, there are growing concerns about the possible implications of a digital dollar.

Critics argue that if implemented without proper safeguards, the digital dollar could be used as a tool for political control, denying citizens access to their own money if they do not comply with certain criteria.

One of the most alarming scenarios proposed by opponents is the potential for the digital dollar to be programmed to stop working for certain purchases under certain circumstances, effectively granting the government control over your spending habits.

For instance, if you are a frequent traveler, but are also considered a “big polluter,” your digital dollars could be banned from making purchases on flights.

Similarly, if you own a gas-powered car, the authorities could limit your gasoline purchases through the use of digital currency as a way to force you to switch to a more eco-friendly alternative.

However, it is not just environmental concerns that could lead to a loss of financial autonomy. The government could also use the digital dollar to control what you eat, with the potential for meat consumption to be limited or even banned for the sake of the planet.

Furthermore, the currency could even be weaponized against political opponents, with certain individuals or organizations being barred from receiving digital payments if they are deemed to be working against the interests of the government.

This level of political control over digital payments is unprecedented and raises significant concerns about the potential abuse of power.

If the government has the power to dictate what people can and cannot buy, then personal financial independence is lost, and individual liberties are curtailed. It is therefore crucial that safeguards are put in place to prevent the digital dollar from becoming a tool for oppressive political control.

If you think this all sounds too crazy to ever happen, don’t forget that Visa and Mastercard have already done similar things by preventing certain purchases.

Now imagine if the liberal government had control over that sort of thing. A digital US dollar is a bad idea all around. We’ve got to fight against it.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Can’t congress stop him? Digital dollar, they can’t stop getting hacked and they want to go to that.

  • Biden had better keep his corrupt filthy hands off people’s bank accounts. We earned
    it, he DID NOT. Did he ever had a paying job instead of being in the government where he wasn’t much of a contributor to anything?

  • Scary stuff! There likely will be lots of bankers getting assaulted or shot if they back some of these suggested limits to our accounts, right?

  • This is pure Communist SLAVERY!
    Who gives them the power to enslave us?

  • Lying Corrupt Quid Pro KING Joe is doing exactly what the Communist do, control ones money, with a Central Bank. One’s paycheck will be deposited in this Central Bank. One will be issued a card like a debit card from this Central Bank, giving one access to their own funds. The Democrat Peoples, Republic of America ill be in control of all one’s funds. This is straight out of the Ex-Soviet UNION. Let’s say one wants to use one’s funds to purchase Ammo or a Firearm. One puts their card in the machine and it comes back denied. I hate to say it, take it any way one wants, the only out for the citizens of America is a 2nd American Revolution. The liberal commie Democrats need to be eradicated.

  • Well put and noted, Daniel.

    It’s all part of The Great Reset as envisioned by the WEF. The thing is, there is nothing intrinsically wrong with a digital currency; it just depends on whose hands it is in. And actually, this issue highlights the need now for Humanity as a whole to move out from under the financial and monetary control system of our Wannabe Masters, and bring about a New World Order, alright. Just not the one envisioned by the totalitarian crowd pushing theirs. Which is the reverse image of The Real Thing.

  • Our US Constitution directs our government to “coin” money. One can use paper as a substitute for the coin but somewhere and on demand there has to be coin. And it has to have a stable value in Silver or Gold. A digital currency means whatever someone decides it means, no stable value. Not for me!



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