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There’s a lot of talk about how America is divided. Experts and political pundits point to a number of things that they say are dividing our country. Many of these things are ideological disagreements.

While the debate is often contentious, these differences probably won’t undermine national security or our democracy as a whole. However, there’s one difference that could destroy the nation quicker than any other. It’s the debate over national sovereignty.

U.S. sovereignty is at odds with the push for a global world order. One part of U.S. sovereignty is through diplomacy. There are also countless policy decisions that are designed to help protect it. National sovereignty matters to America.

But there is one immediate threat that could undermine U.S. national sovereignty faster than anything else. It’s the key reason the “Make America Great Again” ideology became so popular. We must take care of ourselves first, before we can take care of anyone else.

“America First” is critical to making Make America Great a reality. The recent energy crisis caused by Joe Biden’s attacks on the fossil fuel industry is a glaring example of how the global elites want to undermine and destroy the America First concept.

A country that cannot provide for its own energy needs is highly vulnerable. That vulnerability is even more dangerous when that energy reliance is handed over to governments that would do the U.S. harm.

Venezuela is one of those countries. As Americans watched our short-lived period of energy independence evaporates, we’ve also watched as Joe Biden begs other countries to increase their fossil fuel production.

This is possibly one of the single-most destructive policies ever adopted by a presidential administration. Some believe Biden is doing it on purpose. Joe Biden has sucked the U.S. national petroleum reserves down to dangerous levels.

He’s begged Saudi Arabia to ramp up petroleum production. They laughed in his face. Now, Biden has turned south to Venezuela. Venezuela is a dictatorship. They do not like the United States. Venezuela has grown ever closer to Communist China.

These are dangerous bed partners. Why would an administration entrust our energy needs to such a country? It’s because it meets their globalist agenda. The Biden administration’s policies are not designed to Make America First.

They’re focused on making America last. Biden’s recent greenlight to Chevron is a stark example. The Biden administration just reversed restrictions used by the Trump administration to oust socialist dictator Nicolás Maduro.

Instead of opening up the wealth of U.S. energy reserves within our borders, Biden is allowing expanded drilling in an adversarial nation. He’s helping fill the piggybank of a third-world dictator. This isn’t how a president makes his country great again.

This recent decision will continue to push the nation farther away from energy independence. Worst of all, it increases U.S. energy reliance on countries that we shouldn’t be doing business with. It’s a horrible policy.

As with everything else Joe Biden does, he’s not trying to put America First. Joe Biden and the radical left are putting America last. It’s not an accident, either. If you can destroy national sovereignty, you will eventually destroy the nation.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • I don’t like giving money to Venezuela. But even Eisenhower recognized the logic of depleting the oil resource in other countries rather than our own.

    • I sure don’t recall Eisenhower saying that (and I voted for him — would do so again). But to your point. The proven oil reserves in Venezuela are recognized as some of the largest in the world. The 2019 edition of the British Petroleum Statistical Review of World Energy reports the total PROVEN reserves of 303. 3 billion barrels for Venezuela (slightly more than Saudi Arabia’s 297. 7 billion barrels). So, following your advice, won’t many many years will pass before we could use up all their oil?

      You must have an electric car?

  • The simple truth is if We The People want to save our country and it’s completely up to us, no great white knight will ride to DC and eliminate the corruption and election fraud & those are just two of the MANY problems we face. We MUST get involved with one or more of the many election integrity organizations now so we can make plans to effectively clean up voter rolls in the states we live in, that’s possibly the most important thing we could do and we need to start immediately not in 2024. We need to volunteer whatever time we can to make sure 2024 isn’t a massive Constitutional Threat like the last two elections were. We need to work with these election integrity organizations to see what they have been working on and if any of us can come up with a better plan or something that would help our cause Speak Up! Working with an organization in the state we live is ideal because we can actually work together face to face to make a difference. Unfortunately not every state has an organization based in our state, not as nice but not a problem because many of these organizations do have contacts in almost every state that need as many volunteers as possible to get things done now and get ready for 2024.
    If you don’t think the democrats thousands of corrupt nonprofits that work directly for democrats and RINOS aren’t already preparing to steal 2024 your mistaken, this is what they do, they are well funded by corruption are well trained criminals and greatly outnumber Americans that want actual Fair Elections before they do so much damage to our Constitutional Republic the only option left would be an armed Revolution, something no Patriotic American wants to see.
    I urge you to look up and contact some of the Organizations working to clean up the voter rolls and fight against election fraud now, the more Patriots we have the better chance we will make a difference and pull the rug right out from under the corrupt election fraudsters, put the right people in office and blow the minds of leftist progressive democrats.

  • This is nothing new. Joe Biden sold out the USA long ago and is still making deals for kickbacks into Hunters and his accounts. The old fool cannot come to light that he cannot take it with him and all these actions will ultimately label him as the worst POTUS in American History if not a Traitor to the Nation.

    • He already has been labeled as such. Sad to say, the Almighty God will judge all of us just as harshly because all those on the right have done is pay lip-service. We became complacent, years ago, and failed to do what was actually needed to stop the leftists. We have allowed the GOP to get into bed with the left on so many issues of importance. The RINOs on the right called it “REACHING ACROSS THE ISLE TO COMPROMISE” and by our failure to act to stop it, made us ALL AIDERS and ABETTORS in the destruction of our Constitutional Republic.

  • The Jackal Joe Biden is NO “leader”, not even a lame duck leader brought on by fraudulent means, who would dare to stand up and say and do the things this Treasonous Traitor has done to try to destroy our republic should have EVER been allowed within spitting distance of The People’s WH! He is a Treasonous Traitor, a liar, a thief, a Hypocrite, a TWO-HEADED POISONOUS VIPER filled with demonic demons who thinks he’s more powerful than the God who created his sorry buttox! I can’t wait to see God Take Him OUT.

  • Every single day we read or hear reports about how the United States is going down the drain due to what can only be described as treasonous actions by people both within our own government and those in civilian positions, both Democrats and RINO Republicans. Our rights and freedoms are disappearing as our Constitution is being violated and shredded at an amazing rate, and NOTHING is being done about. We fed BS, being told that this, that and the other thing are being investigated and that Senate and House “committee” hearings are being or will be held. Over the years, Congress (House and Senate) have spent millions, if not billions of taxpayer money holding “hearings”, and for what? No one is ever found guilty, held accountable or punished. We are told over and over again by such “EXPERTS” as Juan O Savin, the GHOST, David “Nino” Rodriguez and others who tell us that we should not rise because “That is what the left wants us to do, and besides, the so called “White Hats” (the military and other secret government individuals) have everything under control and have already begun arresting various individuals and are bringing them to GITMO to stand trial before military tribunals on charges of TREASON and CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. They also tell us that the military is waiting for the “RIGHT TIME” to launch full actions to take out ALL of the “Deep State” rats. Until I see actual proof of this, I say that it is all BS. WHY HAVEN’T they made their move by now? NOTHING is going to happen because EVERY aspect of our Government, including the Military and ALL of our courts, including the US Supreme Court are CAPTURED OPERATIONS controlled totally by the ONE WORLD GLOBAL ELITES, and NO ONE, not hear or anywhere else is going to come riding in to help us. Either we help ourselves by rising up in all out rebellion or we bow down, get on our knees and grovel, lick the hands and kiss the butts of our overlords and slave masters. The choice is ours, the ball is in our court.

  • “Lord” Biden will NOT let the US be energy independent. He would rather destroy 400 million lives and the country than admit that Trump was right.

  • This man of perdition is truly diabolical!

    Any other time in American history he would have been tried by a military tribunal to face execution!
    Proving we are in an upside-down and inside-out insane derelict degenerate America!

    Isaiah 5:20 “They say that what is right is wrong and what is wrong is right; that black is white and white is black; bitter is sweet and sweet is bitter.”

    This man of perdition is truly diabolical! There is absolutely no doubt that he serves Satan and is infiltrated by demons; making him “America’s Own Man of Perdition!” Think about it; this creature is in charge of the “nuclear football and all of its codes!!!”

    This is the same vile man who in his first “100 days” in office became the “Abortion King” of all time appropriating $468 Billion exceeding Obama’s eight years in such funding by 20 times which he said he is very proud of; and this executive action directed by him is exclusively for the “murdering of the unborn” on demand up to and including day of delivery; no doubt an atrocity directly linked to hell! I shouldn’t have to explain to you what God Almighty thinks of America now! The viper is out of the crate and being allowed to bring to fruition just what America and mankind deserve, because of its own extensive lack of morality, virtue and justice!

    Over the years, actually 50+ years, while this diabolical man was being groomed for this calamitous time, far too many crony criminally negligent politicians were going along to get along, so that now the result is that our entire government has not only allowed this atrocity to develop, but they have all been complicit in the destruction of America and very likely the human race!

    God forgive the truly sorrowful. Amen.

  • Biden is fulfilling campaign promises to shut down America’s fossil fuel production, and expect as Venezuela ramps up oil production, the Biden and subsequent Democratic Party Administrations will shut down and likely completely eliminate America’s fossil fuel industry, because it worked for him in the election and it will likely work for him and the Democratic Party in future elections.

  • You have to understand what motivates a career government failure in order to understand his purpose.

    Though joe sets in the Presidential chair, he did not acquire it legally. It was by corruption, fraudulent ballots, subversive activities of outsiders, W.E.F., shadow government (Deep State).

    All the above are in place to destroy America, the Democracy it represents.

    Place your trust and faith in GOD not politicians.

  • For OUR BUFFOON and his criminal Obama re-treaded regime is all systems go to bring down the USA and it greatness and the lefts power base works day and night to the goal. The only thing really stopping all out blatant destruction is our Constitution and Bill if Rights which daily these miscreants are chipping away at because they hinder their final Goal of total power over our freedoms.

  • he is a lowlife crooked nutcase child molestor biden who belongs in front of a firing squad..he is a traitor..we didnot vote this crook into the whitehouse..he stole his way into the whitehouse…..anyone with any kind of brains wouldnot put this child molester into the whitehouse…bad enough racist obama another low life was robbing the american people and america…that crooked nutcase child molester biden is more corrupt then crooked hilary..that is pretty messed up…the cesspool will be drained with the republicians taking over the house,,the republicians also won the senate..these democrooks stole and rigged that election..when is the military going to protect the american people and america from these crooked lowlife democrooks?? the military fights wars over other countries to stop that kind of corruption..but yet they dont do anything to these scumbags that are doing corruption here in america…that is why other countries have no respect for that crooked nutcase child molester biden or racist obama..they all know those 2 are crooks…GOD will take care of them..that you can bank on..HELL is where they are going..GOD doesnot want parasites like them in the new world when GOD does wipe out all the wicked..all in due time..they will be where they all belong…burning in HELL..

  • Isn’t plain by now that the Biden Presidency does not have America’s best interests and well-being at heart?

    Ol’ Joe is a barely coherent tool and frontman for those who wish to turn America into a 3rd World toilet bowl.

    Congratulations, America! Our run-amok masochism is best personified by a drooling twit in the Oval Office, as it took a tidal wave of self-loathing on the part of America’s voting public to put him there!



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