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Radical liberals enjoy painting everything as racist. They play the race card at every opportunity. Most of the time, what they’re talking about has absolutely nothing to do with race. They’re clueless to what racism really means.

But this constant shift to a racist narrative isn’t a coincidence. It’s their strategy. Democrats and liberal progressives thirst for a racially divided America. Every time they push their racial narrative, it grows more nauseating. Millions of Americans are tired of it. It’s not true.

When Joe Biden watched his failed legislative attempt to take over federal elections get squashed, Scranton Joe went all racially nuts. Biden actually had the audacity to accuse anyone who disagreed with the liberal agenda to uproot constitutional state election laws as being racist.

In a feverish speech in Atlanta, Georgia, Biden referred to anyone advocating for election integrity as being like a “Bull Connor” or a “George Wallace”. His comments were low-blows, even for Joe. He embarrassed himself and the nation.

However, he’s at it again. Biden was in New York City recently, supposedly to address a horrific crime wave that is engulfing NYC and dozens of other cities across the nation. Like clockwork, Biden managed to infiltrate race into a situation that has nothing to do with race.

What’s even more disturbing about Joe’s racially loaded comments is that most of them are either not logical or not true. During his New York speech, Biden moaned, “I said, Mom, why are all those kids, it was then called colored, why are all those COLORED KIDS in that bus?”

Here we go again. Sleepy Joe is a never-ending bombardment of boneheaded clips and spoken blunders. Sometimes we have to wonder if Joe is lying or if he is just so far out of touch that he can’t help it.

These fiasco happen invariably when he doesn’t have a teleprompter to use as a crutch or swerves off script. Both are ill-advised for this clown. So, what can we make of Joe’s cute little “colored kids” reference? Number one, it more than likely never actually happened.

Joe’s good at making up things that never really happen. He’s an expert fabricator of the truth. To clarify his odd reference, Joe talked about “Section 8 housing”. Let’s be clear. He waxed poetically about colored kids on a bus who lived in Section 8 Housing in Scranton, PA.

There’s only one problem with that analogy. When good old Scranton Joe lived in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Section 8 housing didn’t exist. It didn’t materialize until 1974, long after Scranton Joe became the “Delaware Dunce”. Biden is either a habitual liar, or he’s totally lost it.

Sometimes we’re not sure which. Nevertheless, these feeble attempts to make himself appear somehow all racially conscious are pitiful. Remember, please, that this man has a documented history of being more racist than any of those he’s accusing of being “Jim Crows”.

Even his chosen running mate gut-punched him on the Democrat primary debate stage. Kamala Harris fired off a barrage of racial accusations against her eventual boss. Harris nailed Biden’s history of support for segregation and school busing. It was a bad look for Joe.

But those aren’t the only incidents of Biden’s true “colors”. Biden once shrieked that he didn’t want his children to “grow up in a jungle, the jungle being a racial jungle.” When it fit his narrative, Joe insisted his home state of Delaware supported the South during the Civil War.

Joe Biden has no clue what he stands for. His racial comments are tiresome and boorish. In fact, this constant racial narrative, one used by virtually every spoiled liberal, is like a broken record. We hear it over and over again. Everything is racist for them. It’s nauseating.

Don’t they realize the incessant repetitiveness makes the underlying lie even more obvious? These self-entitled elites scream for racial justice. But their policies create violent crime waves in minority communities. They stand on a soapbox and cry racism while making racism worse.

These blowhards insist that they support minority communities while they make the lives of these people worse. Joe Biden is really nothing but a racist old coot. Worst of all, like the constant racial narrative, he’s a tired old coot who America is growing wearier of by the day.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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