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Joe Biden’s recent pledge to use American taxpayer money to guarantee pensions and welfare for people in Ukraine is coming under scrutiny from many Americans, especially given his inaction on the recent toxic chemical spill in Ohio. This incident has stoked outrage among many who are questioning why the President is prioritizing foreign aid over addressing domestic issues such as pollution and poverty.

As you know, the chemical spill has polluted the sky, the water, and the land in East Palestine with deadly chemicals that can cause serious health risks if ingested or inhaled. And this is in their water! Despite the gravity of this event, the Biden regime has been slow to respond and provide assistance to those affected by it.

In stark contrast, Biden recently reaffirmed his commitment to using US money to fund pensions and benefits for Ukrainian citizens. While this may seem like a generous gesture on its face, it has left many Americans wondering why their tax dollars are being sent abroad instead of being used to address problems closer to home. They argue that these funds could be put towards tackling major issues such as poverty, homelessness, and environmental destruction here in America. This is just another way of putting America last once again.

Biden’s decision also raises questions about fairness and equity; why should struggling communities in Ohio not receive the same level of attention as those in Ukraine? Furthermore, there are concerns about accountability. What measures are being put in place to ensure that American aid money is being properly managed and allocated and not p*ssed away like last time when the Ukrainian elite bought houses and vacations?

Ultimately, Biden’s decision has stirred up controversy due to its questionable timing and implications for domestic policy versus foreign policy spending. Much more needs to done by the Biden regime when it comes to protecting public welfare at home and less abroad.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • @Daniel, #Daniel

    The media (you) need to start telling Americans the truth so they CAN complain!

    What they did in Ohio was release the biggest DIOXIN plume in the history of the world…
    DIOXIN has a half-life of 80 years – so this isn’t the end of this.
    People are going to DIE, children are going to be born with serious birth defects that will cost them their lives…
    Everybody has heard of the millions of Veterans and Vietnamese who died from exposure to agent orange – and agent orange is a DIOXIN… just like this….
    Only now, instead of a sparsely inhabited Jungle with few people – tens of millions are affected…

    We desperately need the media to SPEAK UP

  • Why would it surprise anyone in the USA who pays taxes. If you are angry about Biden paying the retirement funds and pensions of Ukrainians, wishing to spend a trillion dollars of taxpayer fund to repay loans that college students made, to know that Obama when he put General Motors into bankruptcy for 90 days personally stole all of the corporate Bonds of G.M , personally sold them and then gave the money to the UAW to repay the loan for his presidential campaign the loan the UAW had given him. It was the first time in the history of the USA the promise to bond owners had ever been broken. Those bonds were held by pensioners and small town pension departments for the employees pensions. Obama is now wort 150 million yet he stole and got away with it the STEALING OF CORPORATE BONDS from the elderly,. from American citizens

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  • Zelensky is extorting money from Biden (the American tax payers) to stay silent about the money that Hunter and the “Big Guy” received from Ukraine. Biden will continue to give him whatever he wants to keep his corrupt family out of prison.


    From the so-called ‘republican’ leeduhrship we get another ho-hum….


    Biden because he is ‘inept’ at best.

    and harris because NEITHER PARENT EVER BECAME A US CITIZEN, and DOES NOT have one drop of African American blood in her body!

  • Perv hair sniffing Biden is more worried about the people in Ukraine than he is about the people in our own country , especially the people in Ohio who need major help now and many years in the future !!

  • Fantastic, talks of more money to illegal immigrants, you know food, phones and 5 star lodging. Now we are paying foreign governments money to fund their pensions and social services. WOW, and Biden’s mind is ok?, does he even know what country he was elected to serve, whose roads are crumbling, bridges that are in need of critical repair, no he does not. We no longer have money to piss away, he and the democratic party have already done that, open borders, no border wall, veteran’s going without, our own poor slipping further and further behind.
    2024 should be a sweep for change, a full and total destruction of the socialist Democrat party. Time is now, start by removing the RINO class of career politicians, load up the tickets with real conservative canadatates, law makers with a focus of AMERICA FIRST and always.



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