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Fox News is at least moderately decent to watch for real news. They do not make smug attempts to genuflect to the radical agenda of the liberal Democrat Party. Anchors and contributors refuse to have their American right to free speech smothered by the left.

Fox News does not follow the propaganda playbook used by the mainstream media. Of course, the Joe Biden administration, and virtually every radical Democrat, hates it when their outrageous appetite to carve away at American freedoms is exposed.

The left hates Fox News because Fox News speaks to the truth. They refuse to mimic the talking clones from other Fake News broadcasts. It is refreshing. Well, good old bumbling Joe Biden opened his mouth again, trying to bash the voice of conservatism.

While at a speaking engagement in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, Biden whispered to a reporter that, “Fox News, Fox News requires vaccinations for all their employees”. Even the giant of Fake News, CNN, couldn’t avoid fact-checking this whopper.

Daniel Dale from CNN tweeted, “This isn’t true”. Fox News doesn’t require vaccinations for all employees”. Joe Biden can’t even play the game smart enough to fool fact-checkers from the propaganda spewing fake news media source that lauds all over his every word.

The story revealed the true vaccine policy at Fox News. Some call them the anti-vaxxers’ news source. They simply are not. Calling Fox News anti-vaccination is a lie. They do not require employees to be vaccinated, but they urge them to weigh the option seriously.

If an employee of Fox News chooses not to take the COVID jab, they are not dismissed. They do, however, need to accept daily responsibility for supplying a negative COVID test to remain an active contributing part of the Fox News community.

No one who has followed Joe Biden’s political career should be the least bit surprised at this senseless, bogus claim. Joe Biden has mastered the art of the untruth. He lies so much; we think he begins to believe what he says is true.

Back in 1987, then-Senate candidate Joe Biden insisted his scholarly records were outstanding. Joe said he went to school on a full academic scholarship, plus finished in the top 50 percent of his class. If you listened to Joe Biden, he was an intelligent top-level student.

Joe couldn’t stop there. He had to boast of three degrees, and that he was, “the outstanding student in the political science department”. Joe Biden was none of the above. All Joe Biden ever had was a partial scholarship, and he finished near the bottom of his class.

It appears Joe Biden was a lying buffoon in college, and little has changed over the course of decades peddling his B.S. as a politician. There are endless lists of situations where Joe Biden conveniently bundles multiple stories into one big fabricated lie.

When Joe Biden isn’t speaking flat out falsehoods, he is artfully trying to embellish the truth. Then-candidate Joe Biden told everyone in the nation last fall that he would never issue vaccine mandates. Well, there you have it, yet another Joe Biden lie.

Last Thursday, Joe Biden tried to whisper another whopper about Fox News. However, this time his own liberal fact-checkers busted him out. Joe Biden’s ratings are plummeting. His performance is a large part of his fall from grace, but he’s also being exposed for constantly lying to the American people, and they’re beginning to grow weary of Joe Biden the liar.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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