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On Sunday, Joe Biden visited Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia to deliver remarks honoring the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. This is the same church that Sen. Raphael Warnock is supposedly a pastor of. His views do not reflect Christian values at all. As part of Biden’s speech, he recalled his experiences attending a Black church as a teenager. “I used to go to 7:30 mass every morning in high school and then in college, before I went to the Black church. Not a joke,” Biden said.

However, this statement is yet another lie. During his teen years and early adulthood, Biden’s religious upbringing was Catholic and there is no record of him ever attending a Black church before college. These are just things that Joe Biden says in order to try and trick people into thinking that he’s like them. Haven’t you ever noticed that no matter what the occasion, Biden always seems to have a story about how he identifies with them? He lied about going to a Black church the same way that he lied about his son dying in Afghanistan.

He also made statements about his involvement with the civil rights movement, which are lies, also. He was not an active participant in those efforts during that time period.

As if these inaccuracies weren’t already cringe-worthy enough, Biden proceeded to make another unfortunate mistake while speaking at Ebenezer Baptist Church in his usual creepy Joe fashion. He creeped on a girl sitting in the audience. “What’s your name honey? It’s good to see you. Maybe I can have a picture with you before I leave, ok? Is that alright?” Biden said awkwardly.

The president’s comments drew criticism from many viewers who expressed shock at how unprofessional and inappropriate his remarks were for such a solemn occasion dedicated to paying tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy of peace and justice for all people regardless of race or background. This incident only added fuel to the mounting controversy surrounding Biden’s false claims about his past affiliations with Black churches and civil rights efforts.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • For many years, I had ONE liberal friend that I could talk with, primarily because we avoided the subject of politics. That was before the last Presidential election. Quite simply, I have nothing in common with any democrat or RINO that would support and vote for this old creepy pervert, and at 85 years old, I have neither the patience nor the desire to have any kind of relationship with someone who is diametrically opposed to everything I believe in.

    • I was precocious, I guess… I reached that point, before I reached “antique” status (75yrs old). I have 1 “leftover” I kept contact with& but we mostly talk about our cats & kin.

  • The lies grow like mold on a dead tree Biden was racist to his core during his first years in the senate. Stating in public during a hearing on segregation.

    ” I don’t want my kids going to a school that looks like a jungle.”

    The man is a crook colluding with his brother Jim and lobbyists to make deals. He accepted money from China for introductions to American Universities. He and his son Hunter received thousands from Ukraine gas company and the list of the Biden Family Crimes goes on. Money laundering is not the least of his crimes But aside from that Biden is a mean, nasty man with a foul mouth. The whole Biden family accepted a $10,000 shopping spree in China from the Chinese. His handling of little girls and women in publiccaressing their arms and sniffing their hair during photo ops is well known and embarrassing. The Democrats aught to be ashamed of themselves touting this liar and train wreck as their mascot.

  • Biden is a sick person who should be locked up somewhere. It is not age that causes this, I am 86 and I sure as hell do not act like him. I am a vet, I still honor the oath I took when I joined in the 50’s. They have done their best to destroy what we believe in, but it will never happen as long as we stay united. Wake up America!

    • The left refuses to use proper terms from all the sexual perversities & their other behavioral sins (infanticide/feticide, theft, discrimination, etc); that’s why. He is a pedophile, & as a survivor of 3 of those, I have NO desire to be within 1K yds of him, ever.

  • Biden is a liar and he thinks all Americans are stupid and don’t see through his bull s##t. Black people aren’t stupid and they see thru the lies.

  • Joe Biden has no respect for the American people. Nore does anyone else who will constantly lie to your face and assume you are stupid enough to believe them. How has he been able to get away with the lies and stroking little girls arms and sniffing women’s hair for so long? The man is a plagiarizing, perverteed, liar. He wasn’t even a good Senator. Not to the voters anyway. The only bills of notice he passed were to tax social security. The bill failed the first year so he brought it back again the following year and the Democrats passed it

  • IT’S None of Ur business PERVERT Hidin Biden ???? !! What don’t U keep Ur hands to Ur self and Ur BRAIN DEAD Mind on Ur Job of being pretending president.

  • Pedophiles never change,they are always looking out for more young children.The bad thing is that he represents our country and makes it look like he people here condone it.In reality it is the Democrats that are condoning it.



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