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President Joe Biden has a new nickname, and it wasn’t developed after six months of research; conservatives are smarter than that.

For those who don’t know, the slur “Ultra-MAGA,” which is now being embraced by conservatives, took the White House six months of research.

It started with “bare shelves Biden,” followed by “FJB,” “Let’s Go Brandon,” and now “Slidin’ Biden.”

The new nickname is the result of an NBC poll that was hidden since it was a slap in the face to the administration. According to the new poll, Biden’s approval rating is below 40%, while Vice President Kamala Harris’ approval rating is also at an all-time low.

Biden’s approval ratings have been declining since the summer of 2021. According to NBC, Biden has a 37 percent job approval rating, while Kamala has a pitiful 31 percent. Only 17% of Americans think of Joe “very positively.”

Remember, this is after the SCOTUS leak and a week of left-wing culture war antics.

The economy, inflation, immigration, and Joe’s handling of Ukraine are all causing concern among Americans.

During a segment on NBC’s “Meet the Press” host, Chuck Todd said, “Voters views about the economy begin to harden in an election year around May. If that theory holds, Democrats are in some serious trouble right now because in our new NBC News poll, just 16 percent say the country is headed in the right direction while a whopping 75 percent say we’re on the wrong track.”

“In fact, that number has been 70 plus for the last seven months, which in the past has signaled big losses for the governing party,” he added.

“It is a flashing red light when you see a number like this,” said Republican pollster Bill McInturff of Public Opinion Strategies, who worked on the survey with Democratic pollster Jeff Horwitt of Hart Research Associates.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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      • You can sure tell the brainwashed hate this with all their fake money making schemes! You can sure tell who the Democratic whores are! LMAO! They should all be ashamed for screwing the country!

    WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THE USA ?????????????????? IT SEEMS T ME IT’S GONE !!!!!!

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  • Under Gestapo Biden, we are no longer a sovereign country due to his open borders so the entire world can just walk in AT OUR EXPENSE!! He is stealing our tax dollars to take care of illegal aliens who have NO right to be here… OUR OWN government IS the root cause of the invasion… He is pro-criminals, Refuses to enforce our laws, He is killing our fossil fuel and oil industry, inflation on the rise heading toward a recession, shelves empty, Helping to protect the borders of Ukraine while ours stand open for criminals and drugs to pour into our country, His administration is a bunch of incompetent buffoons who are ripping this country apart, He constantly lies to the American people and continues to spread his hate for anyone who don’t bow down to his agenda, He is racist and is dividing our country, is fine with the schools teaching lies and hate and damaging the minds of the young and going after parents who care about their kids and treating them like terrorists, crime is rising across the country, drugs are pouring into the country and this nightmare in our white house has turned control of of our border to the drug cartels. This administration is a danger to this country and countries around the world. God help us all before this administration totally destroys it. My nickname for him is Demolition Biden – Tearing apart the country, damaging everything he touches… HOW long before we are faced with another 9-11 (we have NO idea who is entering our country)

    • I’d love to knock the shit out of anyone who supports that senile pedophile (Whoopi and Behar) And those who actually voted for him. FJB and all you Dumb-ass-crats

    • He is a resident not a president….election stolen, fake news, 2000 mules…hell the whole country is in the sewer because of 1 incompetant fool….where are the patriots? Biden and his administration totally destroying our great country.

    • bkaur – You covered many of Bidet’s failings rather well, though as is said in some of the TV commercials, “But wait! There’s more!” It would seem that the only limitation on documenting Bidet’s Demolition of America Derby is having insufficient time and enough space for all the words!

      De Oppresso Liber

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  • I understand that Biden is on his way to Asia to further Embarrass U.S. on the World Stage! I hope he took Kamala with him and they DO NOT COME BACK!

    They are a Clear and Present Danger to America and Prove it Everyday. America cannot afford these two and the Democrat Party any longer!

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  • Sorry but those numbers can’t even be close to right. How I know this is my husband received a call during the 2016 and because he wouldn’t say he was voting for Hillary they hung up on him. I don’t know who was doing that survey, so I can’t say this is who did it. It just got the same kind of results.

  • If Biden had ANY regard for the US he would resign immediately and admit he was illegitimately elected an reinstall Trump. He obviously has been illegally installed by commie interference and Soros money finding the illegal vote schemes. Everyone knows and it’s about time to publicly admit and get the reversal done. Biden has redefined stupid and for the sake of our country he needs to be removed, forcibly if needed.

    • You got that right. Our us armed forces need to declare Marshall law and put this country back in order, and soon.

  • Biden was in trouble the day he walked in the white house.
    EVERYTHING, Biden gets involved in turns to shit.
    This man has No vision for our country. IF he is not out
    soon, he will destroy the country.
    Sad but true.


  • 17% of Americans think of Joe “very positively?
    Well, his mother is dead, so who can those people possibly be?

    • wboehmer – “No ‘Nads” Nadler is chunky enough to make up 16%. The other 1% are likely the corpses who voted for the Bidet in our Oval Office.

      De Oppresso Liber

  • He just keeps slip sliding away. Only people who are determined to fundamentally change our form of government, our economic system, and our basic culture would be expected to support Biden or this administration. Unfortunately there are far too many people who do not appreciate the liberty, freedom and opportunities that we have had in America. And attempting to make and keep America great sounds more like a complement than a slur.

  • Sorry but Biden’s numbers are way worse than they are saying because we don’t get to tell them what we think. This has been going on since 2016, because the Dems did it to my husband when they called to see if he was going to vote for Hillary and when he said NO they hung up on him so they didn’t have to record that he was voting for Trump.

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  • Look at all the Democrat whores come out with their funny money schemes! LMAO! Trying to bury the truth won’t help the WOKE JOKE! The entire planet knows you are all parasites!

  • If Chuck Todd, a raving left wing apologist, is admitting the Democrats have a problem then the Democrats have a really BIG problem.

  • “Barf biden, The Taliban Traitor”…is better. He gave millions of YOUR tax dollars, to these goons, as our marines were being murdered, & Afghan women were being beaten/buggered/murdered, in broad daylight, on the streets of Kabul. Are you still calling this brain-dead, junk-yard dog, prez?? You know d…..-well who won the election, so let’s cut the crap, & impeach this ‘beach’! El Paladin

  • Im sure before his term is over there will be lots of well justified nick names. The man is so over-the-top policy wise! He is a total embarrassment to the office of president!
    at this point only way for him to halfway save face is to quickly resign the office, but he cant because the Biden crime family is to dependent on the favors that have been sold by his family! If he thinks Trump has problems with January 6th, this guy will be lucky to get through office without getting impeached will be to resign, course their might be some bad guys looking to get even for promises made through the biden crime family that wont be met!



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