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Congressman James Comer is leading an investigation into the financial dealings of Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden. In a letter to Hunter Biden’s New York art dealer, George Berges, Congressman Comer has raised concerns about potentially suspicious and unexplained funds that may have been received from anonymous foreign buyers. Despite these concerns, Congressman Comer has no plans to bring Hunter before the Oversight Committee to testify at this time.

At the National Press Club on Wednesday, Congressman Comer expressed his disappointment that the Treasury had failed to comply with his committee’s request for information concerning the suspicious activity reports relating to the Biden family. He asked: “If they’re no big deal, then why won’t they let us have access to them?” He further suggested that it would be highly unlikely for banks to file a suspicious activity report on the son of a then-sitting Vice President without any major violations having taken place.

The congressman also highlighted the remarkable amount of money that was made by family members due to their business dealings in China and other foreign countries, asking “If China or anyone pays you billions of dollars, they expect to get a return on that investment.” To ensure transparency with respect to such transactions going forward, he suggested that Congress work together in a bipartisan way towards creating a legislative fix prior to this administration leaving office so that all documents are properly checked before being placed into boxes and loaded onto trucks.

Congressman Comer is planning on holding an initial hearing related to this investigation as early as February 8th. It remains important now more than ever for investigators like Congressman Comer and other interested parties, both domestic and international, to gain access to records regarding potential illegal activities so as not only bring those responsible for wrongdoing under scrutiny but also ensure greater financial integrity amongst foreign entities conducting business or providing investments within the United States.


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  • Comer needs to wait until the REPUBLICANS win the White House. Joe Biden, as President, will not hesitate to order executive clemency to protect both Hunter and himself from criminal prosecution and prison. Wait until Joe is no longer president and has no executive clemency powers. Cumala Harris has no love for the Biden’s, but if in the White House as president, she would issue executive clemency for both Joe and Hunter for the right price… as would any other Demoncrap president…

  • The problem with our Republican Congressman is itself all talk. Stop the Bullshit already and take action. Lock up the Fucking Federal Reserve traitors for not replying to your Subpoenas and go take the records by force just like the Corrupt FBI.
    Start abusing your power… Follow the Democratic corrupt standards. Do as the Dems do ..Fuck all the traitors in Government agencies and Fuck the Democrats. Lock them all up just like they illegally did to the non violent J6th protestors, who still have not had a trial.
    Lock them up now or assassinate every one of the pricks.
    Get up off your asses and do something, and shut the Fuck up.

  • Joe and Hunter are not worried. Dems and the MSM are just waiting for Hunter to do an art sale in the WH Rose Garden. There will be a detailed access price list on the back of each painting! When Hunter puts up the 30’x40′ sign with access prices on it, they’ll gush about how transparent he is.

  • Given the tremendous response to Hunter’s artwork and the enormous sums they were purchased for, you would find him at home painting your fool ass off.
    He is not…………..That should tell you just what a bunch of phony baloney stuff this is. He could only make more money playing shady games with all the wrong people. Given the absurd amount he got for his work, why would you not paint for a living?
    Semper Fi

  • We need to go through the Bidens’ finances with a fine toothed comb; they are getting monies from foreign agencies that are not accounted for properly!

  • The Communist Democrats won’t give information on the Foreign buyers because there wasn’t any, why would anyone pay for something that looks like a 2 year old painted those so called art.
    My belief is that the Communist in Washington, used tax payer money to give Hunter and his dipshit Dad and lied about Foreign buyers.

  • Why are they under fire? Isn’t the sale of paintings legal? Aren’t the profit declared on the taxes? What is the problem? Are profit from stocks claimed?

  • Beginning to look like Conner isn’t really interested in bringing the Biden’s to justice and as usual nothing will get done by our great GOP.



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