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Certain people in the U.S. keep trying to convince everyone that January 6 was a coup attempt to overthrow our government. Clowns within the leftist mainstream media keep repeating the same word over and over again. They call January 6 an insurrection, and any and every conservative American who happened to be present, an insurrectionist.

But that’s completely the opposite of the truth. The left knows this. That’s the reason they’ve had to work so feverishly to hide evidence. It took more than two years before the DOJ finally released the entire trove of surveillance video from that day. What these thousands of hours of tape prove is that what Americans have been told is a lie.

January 6 was not an insurrection. It was a determined group of angry Americans who were tricked into doing things they shouldn’t have done. Egged on by implanted, violent extremists, the whole January 6 protests turned into chaos. There were those who took advantage of the chaos and caused widespread damage. There was violence.

However, the violence and property damage were the acts of a limited few. There simply weren’t thousands of riotous supporters of President Trump trying to overthrow the government. Videos do not lie. But there are other lies and convenient facts that the left has worked to conceal. One is the number of inside plants the federal government had in the crowd.

But these “plants” weren’t only hidden among the protesters to incite violence. Long after January 6, the FBI and DOJ were still planting informants within both the arrested protesters and their legal defense teams. A bombshell report by The Gateway Pundit exposes that the DOJ embedded an informant in the legal defense team of a non-violent January 6 prisoner.

Citing a report from 100PercentFedUp, an FBI agent was unknowingly part of the defense team for former U.S. Marine Zachary Rehl. Rehl did nothing. He was essentially an innocent bystander. However, there was one problem. Zachary Rehl acknowledges that he is a member of the “Proud Boys.”

Of course, the Proud Boys are ardent supporters of former President Trump. The corrupted Biden Justice Department has targeted anyone even remotely associated with the patriotic organization. Rehl’s attorneys have filed a motion accusing the FBI of using such an informant to spy on the legal strategy of Rehl’s defense.

100PercentFedUp’s Julie Kelly has shared both the motion and other documents proving this twisted abuse of justice. Americans should be furious. In essence, the FBI is paying secret informants to rat out non-violent protesters to the Biden DOJ. This type of legal perversion bastardizes our justice system. It isn’t justice at all. This is what an insurrection really looks like!


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • So when you going to lock Up The Fucking head of the DOJ who’s responsible for this judicial corruption.
    In fact Excute him and the rest for all their treasonous acts. None of them , including the so called demented President deserve to live after all they’ve done trying to destroy our country.

  • Can you say “KGB”? We are no longer free citizens but subjects of the elite DC political class who want control over us.

  • As sad as this fact is, we are way too late to do anything about the federal corruption. Years ago, incoming administrations fired ALL opposing party government officials. Now, these democRAT swamp dwellers get to stay through republican presidencies and congress. There needs to be a complete house cleaning of DC.



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