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You would think Joe Biden would step up his campaign rallies <snicker> with President Donald Trump being laid up at Walter Reed, but don’t expect too much.

Democratic presidential nominee and former vice president Biden will continue taking tests for the CV-19, and will release the results of each one going forward, his campaign vowed Saturday night.  Does anyone believe it?  They won’t admit Biden is suffering from cognitive loss, due to some form of dementia, and it is very obvious to anyone who watches him speak, so why should we believe anything the campaign says?

The former vice president was on the debate stage with the president on Tuesday, and tested negative as recently as Friday, according to his campaign.

Does this mean the Democrats do not believe in social distancing, because the two candidates were way more than 6 feet away from each other.

However, the incubation period for the virus is five days, and tests can return negative results for newly infected individuals who aren’t yet experiencing enough symptoms of the virus to detect, experts say.

According to the Biden campaign, the Democratic nominee will get a test every time he travels, and vowed to increase transparency.

“We have adhered to strict and extensive safety practices recommended by public health experts and doctors in all of our campaigning — including social distancing, mask wearing, and additional safeguards,” campaign spokesman Andrew Bates said in a statement.

“Vice President Biden is being tested regularly, and we will be releasing the results of each test.”

He went on to say that Biden, “tested negative twice yesterday and was never in close contact with President Trump or members of his team or family during the debate,” Bates said. “When he was not on the debate stage, he wore a mask — which he has called on all Americans to do as a patriotic duty to protect one another.”

Biden also recently said he would lock the entire country down if the “scientists” said he should do it, prompting one to ponder what a Biden administration would be like for the liberties of Americans.

Biden stated on Friday that he and his wife, Jill, had tested negative for the virus, telling reporters that he plans on being tested on Sunday morning before he goes to Florida on Monday.

The debate was indoors but their podiums were spaced just over 12 feet apart, which is twice the distance that doctors say is good enough.

Biden said he will continue to campaign in person while Trump fights the virus at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.  Don’t you have to start campaigning before you can say you’re going to continue to campaign?  The former vice president has spent the overwhelming majority if his time hunkered down in his basement.  Popping out of that bunker is so rare it’s like playing a game of Whack a VP.

He campaigned in Wilmington, Delaware on Saturday.

Biden’s team said it’ll pull negative ads against the president in the meantime, although Biden has remained critical of the White House’s handling of the pandemic.  That doesn’t mean leftist groups will stop promoting ads filled with lies about the president.  Trump’s being infected with CV-19 doesn’t take away the fact that he did more for this pandemic than any past president during any pandemic, and it also doesn’t take away the fact that Joe Biden, running the Obama administration’s attack on the Swine Flu wasn’t disastrous.

“It’s time we come together,” a Biden staffer tweeted earlier Saturday.

“It’s time we see each other as fellow Americans, who don’t just live in red states and blue states, but who live in — and love — the United States of America.”  It’s a shame he doesn’t really think that way.  He attacks anyone who disagrees with him.  There are countless videos of him name calling potential voters who would ask him to respond to accusations made about his corrupt past.

Early Friday,m Trump made an announcement that he and First Lady Melania Trump had tested positive for CV-19 and that they would be quarantining at the White House.

The president was taken to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Friday night “out of an abundance of caution,” the White House said.

“Doctors, Nurses and ALL at the GREAT Walter Reed Medical Center, and others from likewise incredible institutions who have joined them, are AMAZING!!!” he tweeted Saturday. “Tremendous progress has been made over the last 6 months in fighting this PLAGUE. With their help, I am feeling well!”

Knowing this president, he will come back stronger than ever, and at his next rally he’ll say to the cheering crowd, “Coronavirus, that’s all you got?”


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