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Joe Biden has finally said the quiet part out loud and admitted that his administration is working to prevent Donald Trump from returning to the White House. Biden claimed that Trump’s 2024 run would be a “disaster” for the country and that he would do everything his power to “stop Trump from taking power again.”

Biden’s statement reveals his true authoritarian nature and his contempt for the millions of Americans who voted for Trump in 2020 and who still support him today. Biden’s not interested in uniting the country. He’s only interested in silencing his political opponents and consolidating his power.

Biden’s remarks also expose the hypocrisy and double standards of the mainstream media and the Democrats who spent four years trying to nail Trump to a cross. They never accepted his victory in 2016 as legitimate and it’s all on video. We KNOW this beyond a shadow of a doubt. They tried to delegitimize his presidency with allegations of collusion, obstruction, and impeachment.

The double standards are especially evident when it comes to holding Biden accountable for his disastrous policies on immigration, inflation, energy, foreign affairs, public health, mental fitness and ability to lead. The mainstream media has failed to report on his corruption or family’s shady dealings while promoting his lies and radical agenda. They have become complicit in Biden’s assault on democracy by acting as propagandists instead of journalists and censoring anyone expressing different views than their own. They are simply acting as his propaganda arm and cheerleaders, while demonizing and censoring anyone who dares to speak the truth or offer a different perspective. They are complicit in Biden’s assault on democracy and freedom.

We simply can’t let them get away with this. We have to do better as Americans and stop voting for people like this. Until we make a change, nothing will change.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • I wish someone would put this man (Biden) and the rest of his family in jail, where they could do no more harm to this country. They are dangerous, not Trump. It’s time the American people wake up to what is really happening and not what the Democrats/media are telling you is happening. Before it is too late.

    • I wish the same thing that the whole biden clan will be in jail. they have been
      after Trump ever since he came down from the escalator years ago. The dems
      com’t follow the constitution and have weaponized FBI DOJ and CIA against
      Americans. This is not what our forefathers wanted.

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    • Jail wouldn’t do, don’t forget how many criminals in the past still kept leading their criminal activity from prison.

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  • Ever since Trump made that phone call to the President of Ukraine, urging Burisma to be investigated, Biden has had Trump in his sights. He would/will do anything to bring him down and the last thing Biden wants is for Trump to become President, with a Republican House and a Republican Senate. If that happens, the Biden crime family will find themselves behind bars.

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  • Biden proves over and over again that he is the most corrupt and evil president this country has ever had. Biden belongs behind bars than most felons that are there.

  • It will do no good to even vote unless and until we can figure out a way to stop election cheating: 1) Get rid of corrupt voting systems 2) Use paper ballots 3) Count the ballots on election day 4) Stop illegal votes and voters and 5) Follow the laws already on the books – NO EXCEPTIONS! And that’s just for starters…

    • You nailed it. We can vote all we want, but we cannot out vote their algorithms that let them cheat and steal these elections.

    • And…….. Positive voter I.D.! I have to admit though, I retired from practicing medicine in a small town and was never carded to vote. Many of the voting volunteers were my patients and they knew I didn’t try to pull shenanigans. I did have my ID ready though if I’d been asked. The voting card was good enough.

    • Wouldn’t help much, Dr. Jill would take-over (like Woodrow Wilson’s
      wife did), then there’s Kamala Hyena before you get to McCarthy !!
      Dementia Joe does damage every day, as long as the Dems can kill babies
      they will win elections (one way or another). Right now they are fomenting mass shootings to False Flag our gun rights from us !! Better
      to take guns from Dems, druggies, gender-confused, antifa, Burn,Loot,
      Murder types. America needs to be Made (A) Great Again !!

  • While mass social media and the Democratic Party is busy distracting the American people about Trump getting arrested, Biden running to his basement in Delaware. Americans getting screwed by this presidency. Xi Jinping making friends with Russia and France. Biden calling Saudi Arabia a pariah. There is so much going on around the world and our own problems in the US. This administration and the Democratic Party is more focused on Trump so he can’t for president. Now the democrats want DC to be a state. This country has never been more divided than it has been, as Biden the Great divider not uniter. Biden is the worst president this country ever had and the democrats think is is doing a great job.

  • The real threat to our Constitutional Republic are the Democrats. It is high time that the TRUE Republicans and Conservatives STOP playing nice with the left, STOP negotiating with them. It is time to treat them as the threat they are. They area cancer on society and they are lower than a snake in the grass. They NEED to be eradicated for good.

  • We already know what this is about ,, Biden is trying to change the subject because he and his family along with Pelosi ,and many others are in bed with communist China ,Russia <ukraine and many other countries ,, They want us to focus on Trump while they continue their dirty business . THE AMERICAN PEOPLE SEE THIS AND THEY WILL VOTE FOR WHOEVER THEY WANT,, Just get out of the way . Trumps only crime as I see it that he wants the Best for AMERICA , And has exposed the wrong doing going on .

    • Follow The MONEY !! We pay Dementia Joe more than $400k/year, the
      Chi- Comms pay him $Millions, Ukraine paid Hunter $millions, Russia paid Hunter $Millions. half going to “the BIG GUY” !! We were OUTBID,
      so you can see who they work for. Time for a CHANGE !!

  • As sad as I am to say it, Trump may be the only hope America has at this point in time. Biden has taken a wrecking ball to our Constitution and the Rule of Law. This incompetent, corrupt and very clearly senile old man is intentionally killing this nation. He doesn’t care about America or Americans. He represents a party that promotes lawlessness, open racism, tyranny and the mutilation of tender age children. Biden actually stated that “transgenders are the soul of our nation”. What kind of monster is this man? That was a rhetorical question.

  • You know, everyone blames Xiden for every disaster perpetrated on this county. It’s those behind Xiden who are pulling the strings, making decisions and writing speeches and executive orders. THEY are the ones who should be jailed. Biden needs to be in memory care and his family jailed.

  • How is this statement made by Biden not treasonous? Allowing a sitting president to make this kind of statement is outrageous. To me, this is a danger to our Constitution and to America and its citizens.

    Please help me out on this one. I am boiling mad that someone is not jumping on this and calling it what it is. Treason!!!

  • You give Biden too much credit. He may have once been a “savvy” politician but now he is senile and the mindless puppet of backroom WH activists who feed him the lines to say.

  • He belongs in Gitmo, hanging would be to good for this devil in our Whitehouse! His whole family is corrupt and Jill was baby sitter when his wife & daughter were killed in car accident and I’ve always felt she & Bitme were having an affair and she caused the accident. She’s as evil as rest of the Biden’s!

  • This is NOT an authoritarian country. The guy in the White House and all of his “buddies” are so afraid of Trump that President Trump lives rent free in all of theirs mini-brains.

    President Trump will beat their illegal and misguided attempts because the American people WILL overwhelm their attempts to stop good, real people from being in leadership roles in this country.

    The democRAT party is not a political party, it is a gang of thugs, perverts, pedos who want to “change” this country into a third world garbage country where they can preside over everyone and everything.

    This is what Obama started and now he presides from the background in his so-called “lead from the rear.”

    Our country and it’s citizens deserve much, much better.

  • “Until we make a change, nothing will change.” Excuse me but the Dumocraps have gotten cheating down to a science. Until the Repubs start doing the same things the Dems are doing, we will contiue on the road to a one party, leftist, socialist society.

    • Two wrongs don’t make a right. Conservatives need to put a fire in their state legislators to clean up the electoral systems in their states; not succumb to all the corruption going on. And show up en masse to help operate the process on Election Day. Either it becomes the sacred rite that it is supposed to be. Or this nation is done for.

  • Biden is the worlds biggest idiot! Or he is really sick and has taken out a life insurance policy in case he gets himself martyred! Along with his entire party. And all his hiders in the government! Of course the Democrats will Clintoncide most of them so it can’t get back to them. You really have to feel for those stupid people! Some how I really don’t think that will save them. Americans hate cheaters and in the end they will get them. And soon as it starts the leaders will squeal on the rest!

  • We all know that Joe is not all there, it is time for an impeachment, his brain is gone.
    We have all seen how senile his is, the simple way to put it is he is an idiot and does’nt
    know what he is doing, he is following directions. Joe does not have the smarts enough to run a lawn mower, much less run the country. We the American people can not allow an imbecile run this country. IMPEACH.

  • Wish I could put here what I really feel like saying about biden.

    President Trump is the best president we’ve had in a very long time and he loves
    America and did his best to make it better. Then along came biden and it ruing it.



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