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As an American citizen, we should all be furious about Joe Biden’s recent decision to ban troops from displaying giant American flags at major events. The flag is a symbol of our nation’s unity and strength, and it is disheartening to see it being stripped away from our military.

The decision was made through a memorandum issued to service members on February 10th, stating that large displays of the American flag at sporting events are no longer appropriate. This move has been met with widespread criticism from many Americans who view this as an attack on our country’s values.

The American flag represents the sacrifices made by countless men and women who have fought for our freedom and democracy. It is a symbol of hope, courage, and patriotism that unites us all as Americans. To ban its display is to deny the very essence of what makes us proud citizens of this great nation.

Furthermore, this decision sends a message to our enemies that we are weak and divided. It undermines the morale of our troops who have dedicated their lives to serving this country. It also disrespects the families of those who have lost loved ones in service to our nation.

It is not just about displaying a flag; it is about honoring those who have served and sacrificed for our country. Our military should be allowed to display the American flag proudly at all times, especially during major events where they represent our nation’s strength and unity.

I don’t even understand why this  has even become a thing other than for creating a population that is anti-American. The American flag represents everything that makes us proud citizens of this great nation, and we should never forget its importance in honoring those who have served and sacrificed for us. We must stand together as Americans and demand that this decision be reversed immediately.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • I find Biden banning American Flags absolutely wrong. There is no logical reason for degrading the American flag.
    My husband served 20 years in the Air Force and I taught US History for many years. I think Biden is evil and doesn”t respect our country and patriotism.

    • Who the hell does this not only senile but EVIL creep think he is? Somehow he got the idea that he’s “The Man Who Thought He Would Be King” who now passes edicts off on America like all the ass gas he blows out both ends every minute of every day!!!

      This spineless coward dried out corpse of a man which is waiting to be finally buried in the landfill that leads directly to hell, which is where he is going without a doubt; is only serving Satan and the Slimy Commie CCP that provided millions of criminal dollars to him over the years through his backdoor deals and espionage; along with their assistance with putting this TRAITOR into the White House!

      He should have been executed already along with all the traitors that voted for him and still support him, who made him our Fraud POTUS! Where the hell is the CIA, DOD and any actual people with balls in our government who so far apparently love siting on their hands and watching this destruction of our beloved Nation under God by outright evil devils??? Get her done!

      Enough is Enough!

      • AMEN! and AMEN! You have spoken what almost sane citizen.
        thinks. Because of his stupidity, senility and dangerous ignorance

    • So true. Biden is more then crazy
      He is demented and evil. Our flag is the symbol of our nation. We fly our flag everyday and proud of it. God bless ???????? America.

  • Doesn’t matter. Biden lacks the legal authority to make this demand and has no power to enforce it. If I owned a sports venue, I’d buy ten flags big enough wrap a school bus and hang ’em up, take pictures, post ’em on social media and dare Biden to come take them down.

  • Grab a flag with the largest pole you can find and shove it up his ass until he dies. How could anyone support and vote for this traitorous demented Fuck.
    Just shows how damn ignorant every Democratic asshole is!!

  • War is truly coming to the leftist liberals, and they will be forever banished from the American shores forever!

  • I urge all Patriotic Americans to Fly The American Flag Upside-down to show we are in duress/distress with a strong denial of a Tyrannical Communist government.
    All the Communist Democrats and Rinos should and need to be Executed immediately.
    They don’t hide the fact that they are Anti-American, Anti-Constitution enemies of the United States and should be treated as domestic terrorists that should be shot on site.
    We The People will have the final say and We The People should know by now that the RNC will do nothing but show their cowardice and cave to the Communist Democrats and Rinos.

    • Been flying my “Stars and Stripes” upside down for quite a while ,,, People ask, “Are;nt you flying the flag wrong” ????
      P.S. Am former military,,,,,Vietnam 1968-60-70

      • Thank you for your service Jerry, Most people don’t understand the flag being flown upside down.
        I’ll continue to fly mine upside down until the Communist Democrats are ousted.
        United States Army 1978-1982

      • Thanks for the tip. I have 2 flags outside. I reg US American flag. Another Flag in background with Christ figure in front: God Bless America.

  • All Patriotic Americans should fly The American Flag right in the face of this dimwitted, poop filled, ice cream eating, brain dead, commie controlled criminal.

  • Brandon is the worst of everything this country had to offer. Ignorance, stupidity and brain dead all in one. The saddest thing are the fools that put this p.o.s. into office.

  • Biden needs to be Banned and EXILED along with the Kenyan

    I’ll go buy another and it will never be BANNED in MY HOUSE or on my house

  • Biden needs to be Banned and EXILED along with the Kenyan

    I’ll go buy another and it will never be BANNED in MY HOUSE or on my house


    • You’re right; which proves he is not our president; not by a long shot! This devil is serving the CCP and Satan; so when do the persons with real authority act to stop this! Hurry up and stick this demonically controlled corpse in GITMO!!!

      I can’t believe this is America anymore!

  • Hey, Senile Joe’s reasonable. Nothing wrong with flying flags that are max 1’X1′, is there? See, Joey’s generous to a fault.

  • OK, I’ll play devils advocate. There are codes for flying the US Flag. One of those is;

    The flag should never be carried flat or horizontally, but always aloft and free.

    I know this has been going on for a long time and no one has said anything. I personally disagree with this memorandum, but it is correct.

    Just my two cents on this article.

  • You dummies might wanna try reading the memo. Exerpt explains it’s about preventing FLAG DESECRATION, not ‘banning’ American flags. Try considering the source. ‘Daniel’ who the fuck is ‘daniel’. Same goes for theis ‘rag’. Try googling America Frist report to try to find out who/what is behind it before you go losing your shit over something made outta nothing. #JustSaying.

    From the memo: ‘DoD told members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and National Guard that they need to abide by two codes — that the flag should never be carried flat or horizontally, but “always aloft and free,” and that the flag should never touch anything beneath it, “such as the ground, the floor, water, or merchandise.”

  • just because this sti& for brains a$$ hole is pres and thinks he is respected he and his hole clan need to be put away , if the normal person pulled the crap they have you or I would be in jail SO PLEASE THINK BEFORE YOU VOTE

  • I understand not wanting to have the flag touch the ground. but I have two words for jumping Joe. sieg heil!

  • Actually the Pentagon has put out this order forbidding servicemen from displaying huge American flags. Says they going by some rule. Still under Biden’s presidency!!! Not right

  • I guess the next thing this fraud is going to do is ban our National Anthem? That, plus the banning of our flag might bring a few thousand of pissed off Veterans protesting outside of the white house. (How about all the truckers, Taxi cabs and private cars totting the American Flag …. or a troup of Boy Scouts parading past, each with a flag.

  • Biden is worthless and doesn’t care about America or Americans!!! He definitely needs to be removed ASAP!!!

  • This ought to tell us everything we thought about this administration. Thier goal is for the U. S. to become a communist country. Just think about all the things that have happened the last two years. In two more years, he will have advanced us so far into socialism, there will be no turning back. Wake up America!

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  • Get Biden/Kamala ur of our White House yesterday! They are destroying America day by day. Lasso them and drag them out if necessary. Get them gone so America can thrive again like we did during the Trump years.
    I am so angry that these two were allowed to steal an election.

  • Why doesn’t he just take his sorry butt to China and live with his buddies there who have been funding his families lifestyle for years. He ought to be impeached and charged with treason for all his anti American activity and decisions. He is really a piece of crap!



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