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Anyone who doesn’t admit that Joe Biden is a failing old man isn’t paying attention. We’re not saying that aging and the elderly should be belittled and made fun of. On the contrary, this is a fact of reality that will eventually happen to everyone. We’re not being insensitive.

Nevertheless, it’s the truth. As we age, our mental acuity declines. It’s a fact of nature. Additionally, most accept that such a declining condition doesn’t always provide a foundation for good judgment.

Nonetheless, most senior adults get by. However, most seniors aren’t held up as a political puppet to steal an election. Most senior adults, regardless of how fast or slow their faculties decline, do not aspire to ascend to office as the leader of the democratic free world.

That’s a job that requires an enormous amount of mental sharpness, not to mention a little stamina and persistence. This aging relic, Joe Biden, has none of the above. While we feel sympathy for Joe Biden, he’s losing it, if he hasn’t lost it already.

Biden’s proving he is not mentally up to the challenge of being president. Beyond just failed policies, every time he opens his mouth he embarrasses himself and the nation. It’s agonizing to watch. Add a deadly virus, which harshly targets the elderly, and we have a triple whammy.

Biden’s aides are scared senseless about more than just his befuddling speeches and incoherent answers to questions. Joe Biden’s “people”, and apparently Sleepy Joe as well, are petrified that he will catch COVID-19. We mean total paranoia, not just wise preventive steps.

This fear is so agonizing that there are reports that Joe Biden is so paranoid that he’s overemphasizing any and all COVID-related protocols. Instead of situating the chairs six feet apart, Joe Biden stays a full 10-foot away from anyone.

If Joe Biden needs to drop his mask to sip some water, albeit an ineffective mask, everyone within the same room cannot have their mask down. In fact, according to the Daily Mail, in a meeting with state governors, no one else was given water except for Joe Biden.

Guess they solved that problem. Be aware, this is the man who hailed that everyone would be “protected from the virus” if only they’d “get the jab”. We have to conclude that Joe Biden has been poked with every COVID-19 “jab” available to humanity. He’s vaccinated and boosted.

Biden’s probably been boosted again; you can count on it. But staffers are still keeping Joe Biden in a proverbial “COVID bubble”. It’s understandable they want to protect his health. Nevertheless, anyone with an ounce of common sense would have to appreciate the optics.

This administration still chastises every American who is reluctant to get a COVID vaccine. If the vaccines were really helpful, and worked, why are his handlers keeping him in a proverbial “cellophane bubble”? Their strategy will cause more people to say no to the vaccine.

Then, Biden’s administration screams that the most protected Americans are the ones that must remain most on guard. It’s crazy. This sends a completely contradictory message. These clowns aren’t worried about the virus; they’re petrified of having to admit they’ve been wrong.

There’s nothing wrong with getting old. Furthermore, there’s nothing wrong with looking out for your health. However, when you’re entrusted with the job of assuring Americans, you have to appreciate the optics you present.

Joe Biden is aging. His mental acuity is clearly compromised. Being in charge of American policy, and trusted with making impactful decisions, is troubling. However, for what it’s worth, we should hope Sleepy Joe stays healthy.

If he doesn’t, the alternative is even scarier! Americans better pray Kamala Harris doesn’t ascend to the throne. Talk about “jumping from the frying pan into the fire”. The thought of Harris’ smug cackling coming from the Oval Office is nauseating.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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