U.S. Attorney Robert Hur has been appointed as the special counsel to investigate whether any person or entity had violated the law in connection with the documents found at the residence of Joe Biden.

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The documents were reportedly placed in folders that were transferred by a small team led by one of Biden’s executive assistants, Ting-Yi Chung, at the end of the Obama administration and eventually made their way to a transition office, then to a temporary location in Chinatown leased by the Penn Biden Center before they arrived there. On January 4th of this year, federal agents interviewed her regarding her involvement with the documents.

According to The Washington Post, Chung expressed surprise upon learning that classified records might have been left in the vice-presidential office since it was standard procedure to immediately return such materials following a briefing from national security or intelligence aides. She also stated that she did not check the folders prior to packing them up since she had a top-secret security clearance at the time.

Chung admitted that she got her job working for Biden thanks to Hunter Biden who she worked with at the U.S. Department of Commerce in the 1990s and contacted her about an opportunity when she was working as scheduling director for Sen. Mark Udall.

Before long, on June 13, Chung sent an email confirming that his father offered her a job as an assistant which she accepted with great enthusiasm and gratitude.

“Thanks for calling and thinking of me,” Chung said in an email addressed to Hunter Biden on May 14 of that year, according to Fox News. “After the initial shock of taking in what you said … how could I pass up an opportunity to work for the Vice President of the United State [sic]!!!!”

Hunter Biden is currently under investigation due to several suspicious business dealings including his foreign business connections which raised concerns regarding influence peddling and potential access he may have had to areas where classified documents were located.

Furthermore, emails discovered on an abandoned laptop believed to belong to Hunter reveal he kept communication with Chung ever since she began working for his father, which includes messages about attending a State Department luncheon honoring Chinese President Xi Jinping and even suggesting Chung join him and his business partners in February 2017.

When asked if he takes any blame for mishandling of documents, Joe Biden simply replied “No.” Despite this statement, however, it remains unclear how such sensitive materials ended up being stored outside the White House premises without proper authorization or knowledge from higher authorities.


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  • The mob links do work together to make the crimes and treason go away.America sure is run like a Mafia syndicate all are Democrats/Communists.

  • Ain’t nothin’ gonna happen to these corrupt treasonous dimoKKKrats. They’re above the laws that apply only to us serfs and peasants.

  • Seriously, how hard is it to figure out that Biden and his Crack Baby were selling access to classified documents to “China”!
    Biden’s Penn Biden center had almost 2000 boxes of documents stashed in it, “China” gave the Penn Biden center over 50 Million dollars when the building was being built and at least three other “anonymous” donations from “China”totaling over a Hundred Million after it was built. Crack head was selling who knows how many drug induced crayon drawings for 5 Hundred Thousand & up to anonymous buyers Plus He was Just Given at least One Three Caret Diamond and Two Million a Year From A “business partner” in “China”!

    Now we have this Ting Chung moving Documents Back and Forth from the Penn Biden center to a Location they Own In “Chinatown”!

    If all that crap doesn’t Tattoo Treason on the Biden’s big ass Foreheads There’s an awful lot of crack smoking going on.

    • It doesn’t SMACK of treason as the SCOTUS has ruled that treason can only occur during a time of constitutionally DECLARED war. (Darn it!) However, I say we should look at both the espionage and sedition laws.

      Remember, the Rosenbergs were executed for espionage, not treason over giving the Soviets our atomic secrets.

  • Chung’s explanation would be laughable if it wasn’t so serious.

    She seems to be trying to say on one hand it’s okay if she packed classified and top secret materials because she had high enough clearance to handle such material. On the other hand she is saying she wasn’t expecting classified material to be there so she didn’t notice when she packed it.

    That’s NOT how it works!

    Such a high clearance level comes with A LOT of training! Some of the basics are how to recognize classified material and THE MARKINGS ARE NOT SUBTLE! Not only are the materials unmistakably marked but the materials are in special folders that are unmistakable.

    Chung’s claim that she wasn’t looking for classified material because they never retained such material but always promptly returned it is just another lie. The very presence of this material in what was in Biden’s office proves that was not the case!

    • You’re so right. When moving material from an area that possibly contains classified material, it’s the RESPONSIBILITY of those doing the packing to make sure classified documents don’t go to the wrong place.

      Inspect, and then have someone else reinspect. Saying one doesn’t have to is what got my CP busted when I was out of country and thus unable to make sure the rules were followed.

      A former Command Post Security Chief

  • I doubt it because the crooked government now sitting will come up with some flimsy/fake excuse to ignore it and that’s both sides of the aisle like McCarthy and his lying justification of the Ashli Babbit shooting. There is zero ways to justify the shooting of an unarmed woman…or man.

  • Biden and his whole family has lived off the American taxpayers for decades. They have sold out the country for years and years. Joe, his brothers, his son, Jill, you name it. Why is it just now coming to the public’s notice?

  • Ankle Deep in Hunters treason ? No, Joe”Brandon”Biden is so far over his head in this selling out of America for His personal and family gain, He can’t open his mouth for fear of drowning in the facies He has let loose in America.

  • With the DNC so much for security clearance. Who knows how many spy’s we have working in our government and working as aides or sleeping partners to our government. This country will be taken over without a shot being fired. Take a course in Chinese in Babble!!!!

  • Everywhere you look there’s more ties from the dems to the Chinese Communist Party!!!! They shouldn’t use the Ass as their symbol no matter how appropriate, they should use the Chinese Communist Flag and only serve Chinese food at State dinners!!!!!

  • If we didn’t have such a corrupt, hand-picked, Democrat-owned FBI and DOJ maybe Biden would be treated the same way they treated Trump. Nothing like a two-tiered Justice system.



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