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There aren’t too many good comedians around anymore. They’ve either been silenced by the Cancel Culture or they’re too liberal that they’re not even funny.

We’ve seen the attempts from the left to try and be funny by making fun of President Trump and Republicans and it’s honestly just not funny at all. In fact, it’s ruined Saturday Night Live. They’re all liberal scumbags who typically only amuse radical leftists anyway.

But, if you’re not familiar with comedian JP Sears, you need to get acquainted with him because he’s absolutely hilarious…and he’s not a braindead liberal.

JP Sears is a YouTuber whose channel is called AwakenWithJP. He’s known for creating funny and satirical videos.

Lately, he’s been doing more politically centered videos that expose the idiocy of the woke movement, and the vaccine pushers.

In the most recent video, he parodies the vaccine mandates with mandatory life jackets and it is rich!

The parallels that he makes to the vaccine mandates and the logic…actually the lack of logic from the left on the issue is spot on.

Take a look at the video:

You may actually remember JP from a video earlier this year when he did a parody of John Cena’s apology video to China in which Cena actually took the time to make a video apologizing to China for calling Taiwan a country.

Here’s what JP said:

Hi everyone, I’d like to sincerely apologize to the CCP for calling the country of Taiwan a country. I couldn’t be more sorry, have smaller testicles, or have less bravery. I strive to be a shining example of soulless Hollywood who is happy to pledge my allegiance to the communist party who is currently committing genocide so that I may receive more money for staring in films void of creativity yet rich in propaganda. I also fully support the CCP’s efforts to completely strip their citizen’s freedoms from them. I’m excited for the US government to do the same to its citizens. I also apologize to all the kids who look up to me because, for a moment, I was accidentally not a complete coward. I’m sorry for my momentary lapse of judgment. Taiwan is not a country. All hail communism. I am currently happily bent over with my soulless butt cheeks spread for anything the genocidal CCP wants me to say. Stay tuned. Fearfully yours, John Cena

Photo Credit: YouTube/AwakenWithJP


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