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Within the first five minutes of listening to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) talk, logical people begin to scratch their heads. The first thing that comes to mind is how someone so out of touch with reality could get themselves elected to a government office.

Maybe someone could pull the wool over voters’ eyes in a small town election. But for someone as crazy as AOC to earn the privilege of being a United States Representative is mind-boggling. She’s a constant source of harebrained ideas and wild-eyed socialist belief. AOC is a kook.

She may be the biggest kook to ever sit in the House chambers. After the dreadful death of 19 elementary school students and two teachers, AOC was back at it. The crazed murderer, Salvador Ramos, is of Hispanic heritage. He is not white.

But that didn’t stop AOC from using the deaths of innocent children to try to make a bogus political statement. The representative from New York’s liberal 14th congressional district said, “White supremacists commit the vast majority of domestic terrorism.”

If you’re puzzled by this incorrect claim, you’re not alone. Conveniently, AOC skipped the 225 black-on-black killings in Chicago alone. She kept right on slinging B.S. AOC insisted that FBI statistics prove white people are “by far” the race most likely to commit domestic terrorist acts.

That’s just not true. The FBI’s statistics say that blacks commit 55 percent of all murders. That single statistic doesn’t account for any other race, be it Asian, Hispanic or otherwise. The fact is that the numbers tell a completely opposite story.

The nut job posted on her Twitter account, “White supremacists commit the vast majority of domestic terrorism. By far! By far! It’s not even close. Look at the numbers!” This lady is a whacked in the head. Why can’t voters see this woman for who she really is?

There isn’t much anyone can do when someone becomes this liberally indoctrinated. But we don’t have to elect them to run our nation. That is, unless you’re purposefully electing people to run our country into the ground. That’s exactly what the AOCs are doing.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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    • Yea, like groom some loon to kill school children. Just think about it for a while, it’ll come to you. I’ve never seen so many shooting in this short period of time. Not in my 60 years on this planet. In the US that is. They didn’t have a leg to stand on for the upcoming elections. Not until this and of course the Supreme Court leak.

      • The governments have known about these shooters. But fail to do anything about them as they use them to push their Gun Ban agenda. Where did the Uvalde shooterget the money for a $5,000 rifle and the money for the ammunition? Many people believe it was provided to him to complete the deed. He was arrested 4 years ago at the age of 14 for making a threat to shoot up a school.

        • And should have been reported to the FBI’s National Crime Index computer which would have kept him from legally buying even a pellet rifle. The police dept. and court that handled his case at age 14 are the culprits of the deaths of 19 people in Uvalde because they failed to do their sworn duty.

      • I said the same thing! Funny how whenever they are on a gun-grabbing tear, these “mass shooters” just come out of the woodwork one after the other! It sounds crazy, but they HAVE to be triggering these NUT CASES somehow to push their gun-grabbing agenda.

  • All she needs to do is look in a mirror, yep that is the ones who commit the most world wide terrorist and cowardly attacks on innocent people.

  • That Fu#&!@# communist BITCH just keeps on blaming white people for everything wrong within our country and yet the Nazi pig’s future husband is also white, ! hope that putred slut gets hit by a semi truck.. That sickening sack of shit was voted in twice, shows how stupid and brainless New Yorkers really are..

  • I have a friend in Nigeria who I talk to everyday. She said that her bosses don’t like her because of her tribe. They’re all friggin’ black, and they still have reason to dislike people due to their ethnicity. This is just the human condition. Get over it. This is still the freest country in the world, and there isn’t enough hatred or whatever to keep you from living your dreams. Yes, ten blacks were killed by a white gunman in Buffalo, and every week ten blacks are killed by other blacks in Chicago just for standing on the wrong corner.

  • You want to know how AssOleC tez got elected? She was excellent at rendering private services to her bar clients! Just like the Kamel! To get ahead, she had to give it also! Otherwise that barfly never stood a chance!

  • AOC is a certifiable IDIOT, as she proves every day, when she spews clueless LIES like this one. There is not ONE iota of truth in this little screed of hers, much less PROOF about her assertions. She just picks this stuff out of the air and throws it out there. Unfortunately, her followers are JUST as abysmally STUPID as she is, and THEY believe every word of her asinine utterances!

  • AOC needs to put her right hand on her left ear and her left hand on her right ear and pull her skinny little head out of her rectum. She is one of the dumbest people to serve in Congress,

  • Daniel, I’m curious as to just what “RACE” Hispanic is? Is there a Jewish race, a Muslim race, or a Spanish race as well? Also, not all whites are pure Aryan Nordic Anglo-Saxons.

    Granted, Salvador Ramos definitely looks like he comes from mixed racial heritage. But many Hispanics, along with many Jews and Muslims are white.

  • Ever notice when there’s say, a black guy that drives a car into a Christmas parade because he wants to kill white people the story goes down the memory hole and you never hear about it again?
    But if there’s a white guy that shoots a bunch of black people you here another tid-bit detail about the story every day for 6 months so it stays in the mind of the public?
    Funny how that works…

  • AOC might be more dumb than the President is about most things. She tells as many lies as President Joe. She tells everyone that men want her for sex, but why does she thinks this? If we knew the truth, no one wants or would want her for sex or anything else. She’s one of the most liberal members in Congress. She was one that came out want to defund the police, but look at her, she claims that her live is in danger so she mush have police protect. She and Rep Waters have more than five police officers around her, why is this necessary? It seems that all she wants to do is spend, spend, and spend more. She claims that she has two majors from a major college/university and the majors were economics and history. She needs to get her money backs, neither of the majors will help her, stupid is as stupid does. AOC, just keep your mouth shut unless the President wants a verbal race for saying the wrong things at the wrong time.

  • AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA , Yeah it was white supremacist who rioted & destroyed cities across America the past few years & not Black LIES Matter & Antifa & their supporters. Believe that & you are as Stupid as AOC PROVES WITH EVERY BREATH SHE IS !



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